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Bella Sara TCG 5: Native Lights
   Hidden City Games - 2008

Notes: This release had purple borders. Cards can be used for online play at 
Further information and scans are posted at the ModelEquus website.

  No.    Title                  Icon           Rarity         Artist

 1/55    Abenaki                Heart 1        Common         Lykke Bianca Petersen
 2/55    Absaroke               Horseshoe 1    Common         Jennifer L. Meyer
 3/55    Akama                  Horseshoe 3    Common         Fie Tholander
 4/55    Apache                 Flower 3       Common         Rikke Lindskov Loft
 5/55    Arapaho                Horseshoe 2    Common         Heather Kreiter
 6/55    Chiricahua             Heart 2        Common         Thomas Mikkelsen
 7/55    Cochiti                Moon 1         Common         Fie Tholander
 8/55    Comanche               Heart 3        Common         Rikke Lindskov Loft
 9/55    Hidatsa                Flower 2       Common         Nanna Ernst
10/55    Huron                  Moon 2         Common         Rikke Lindskov Loft
11/55    Inuit                  Flower 3       Common         Fie Tholander
12/55    Kiowa                  Moon 1         Common         Rikke Lindskov Loft
13/55    Lenape                 Horseshoe 2    Common         Lykke Bianca Petersen
14/55    Lumbee                 Moon 3         Common         Anne Poulsen
15/55    Menominee              Heart 2        Common         Anita Laustsen
16/55    Mohawk                 Horseshoe 4    Common         Anne Poulsen
17/55    Paiute                 Horseshoe 3    Common         Nanna Ernst
18/55    Pawnee                 Heart 1        Common         Thomas Mikkelsen
19/55    Pima                   Moon 4         Common         John Shroades
20/55    Ponca                  Flower 2       Common         Lykke Bianca Petersen
21/55    Seneca                 Horseshoe 1    Common         Spoops
22/55    Shawnee                Horseshoe 1    Common         Anita Laustsen
23/55    Shoshone               Heart 3        Common         Thomas Mikkelsen
24/55    Tewa                   Flower 1       Common         Fie Tholander
25/55    Tlingit                Moon 3         Common         Spoops
26/55    Wasco                  Heart 4        Common         Anita Laustsen
27/55    Wichita                Flower 4       Common         Spoops
28/55    Yakama                 Moon 2         Common         Thomas Mikkelsen
29/55    Anisinabe              Moon 4         Rare           Rebecca Guay
30/55    Bella                  Horseshoe 3    Rare           Spoops
31/55    Blackfeet              Moon 1         Rare           Anne Poulsen
32/55    Cheyenne               Flower 4       Rare           Spoops
33/55    Chumash                Horseshoe 2    Rare           Spoops
34/55    Fiona                  Heart 1        Rare           Spoops
35/55    Jewel                  Flower 2       Rare           Tanja Kreutzfeld
36/55    Laguna                 Horseshoe 4    Rare           Spoops
37/55    Lakota                 Moon 2         Rare           John Shroades
38/55    Navajo                 Heart 3        Rare           Spoops
39/55    Nimiipuu               Flower 1       Rare           Jennifer L. Meyer
40/55    Osage                  Flower 1       Rare           Spoops
41/55    Santee                 Moon 3         Rare           Nanna Ernst
42/55    Seminole               Flower 3       Rare           Fie Tholander
43/55    Thunder                Heart 4        Rare           Spoops
44/55    Tsimshian              Heart 1        Rare           Nanna Ernst
45/55    Zuni                   Heart 2        Rare           Anita Laustsen
46/55    Doll                                  Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo
47/55    Dreamcatcher                          Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo
48/55    Drum                                  Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo
49/55    Headdress                             Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo
50/55    Horse Blanket                         Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo
51/55    Mandala                               Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo
52/55    Moccasins                             Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo
53/55    Soapstone Carving                     Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo
54/55    Turquoise Necklace                    Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo
55/55    Water Jug                             Rare Energy    Phil Trumbo

  S1     Anisinabe [shiny]      Moon 4         Shiny          Rebecca Guay
  S2     Bella [shiny]          Horseshoe 3    Shiny          Spoops
  S3     Blackfeet [shiny]      Moon 1         Shiny          Anne Poulsen
  S4     Cheyenne [shiny]       Flower 4       Shiny          Spoops
  S5     Chumash [shiny]        Horseshoe 2    Shiny          Spoops
  S6     Fiona [shiny]          Heart 1        Shiny          Spoops
  S7     Jewel [shiny]          Flower 2       Shiny          Tanja Kreutzfeld
  S8     Laguna [shiny]         Horseshoe 4    Shiny          Spoops
  S9     Lakota [shiny]         Moon 2         Shiny          John Shroades
  S10    Navajo [shiny]         Heart 3        Shiny          Spoops
  S11    Nimiipuu [shiny]       Flower 1       Shiny          Jennifer L. Meyer
  S12    Osage [shiny]          Flower 1       Shiny          Spoops
  S13    Santee [shiny]         Moon 3         Shiny          Nanna Ernst
  S14    Seminole [shiny]       Flower 3       Shiny          Fie Tholander
  S15    Thunder [shiny]        Heart 4        Shiny          Spoops
  S16    Tsimshian [shiny]      Heart 1        Shiny          Nanna Ernst
  S17    Zuni [shiny]           Heart 2        Shiny          Anita Laustsen

P1/11    Aleut                  Moon 1         Promo          Jennifer L. Meyer
P2/11    Chitimacha             Flower 2       Promo          Christine Kerrick
P3/11    Inupiat                Heart 3        Promo          Jennifer L. Meyer
P4/11    Isleta                 Moon 2         Promo          Heather Thearer
P5/11    Jicarilla              Horseshoe 2    Promo          Rebecca Guay
P6/11    Miccosukee             Flower 1       Promo          Spoops
P7/11    Morongo                Horseshoe 3    Promo          Christine Kerrick
P8/11    Muskogee               Heart 2        Promo          Heather Thearer
P9/11    Nisqually              Flower 3       Promo          Rebecca A. Wrigley
P10/11   Pauma                  Horseshoe 1    Promo          Rebecca Guay
P11/11   Potawatomi             Moon 3         Promo          John Shroades
PS1/1    Keetoowah              Heart 1        Promo Shiny    Jennifer L. Meyer
   --    200 Horseshoes                        Promo
   --    Giant Stuffed Bunny                   Promo eCard
   --    Flower Basket                         Promo eCard

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