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Bella Sara TCG 10: Bella's Ball
   Hidden City Games - 2009

Notes: This release had pale lavender borders. Cards can be used for online play at 
With this series, temporary tattoos were discontinued and rare lenticular cards were introduced. 
"Version 2" was found in the Classic Box Set, 55 base cards only with the Bella Sara logo on each 
card. The Version 2 cards did not have individual online codes. Further information and scans are 
posted at the ModelEquus website.

  No.    Title                         Herd           Dance Partner / Role                          Rarity                 Artist

 1/55    Allegra                       Airistos       Husband Rodrigo                               Common                 Josefine Blom
 2/55    Amor                          Pantheon       Wife Venus                                    Common                 Heather Theurer
 3/55    Apollo                        Pantheon       Wife Athena                                   Common                 Melinda Beavers
 4/55    Athena                        Pantheon       Husband Apollo                                Common                 Melinda Beavers
 5/55    Bella                         Bellasara      Husband Bello                                 Common                 Spoops
 6/55    Bello                         Bellasara      Wife Bella                                    Common                 Spoops
 7/55    Bryda                         Bellasara      Debutante                                     Common                 Melinda Beavers
 8/55    Celinda                       Pantheon       Sweetheart Hyperion                           Common                 Spoops
 9/55    Coral                         Islandar       Friend Kona                                   Common                 Lonnie T. Brandt
10/55    Cosima                        Airistos       Sweetheart Zephyros                           Common                 Luise A. Eriksen
11/55    Derik                         Valeryk        Wife Misa                                     Common                 Josefine Blom
12/55    Diamond                       Elemyn         Friend Garnet                                 Common                 Luise A. Eriksen
13/55    Farah                         Shahazar       Sweetheart Shamal                             Common                 Jennifer L. Meyer
14/55    Fiona                         Shahazar       Friend Thunder                                Common                 Anita Soelver
15/55    Flame                         Airistos       Wife Nike                                     Common                 Heather Theurer
16/55    Flipper                       Moonfairy      Wife Ondine                                   Common                 Anita Soelver
17/55    Flora                         Sunflower      Husband Skipper                               Common                 Kevin Lai
18/55    Garnet                        Elemyn         Friend Diamond                                Common                 Luise A. Eriksen
19/55    Hyperion                      Pantheon       Sweetheart Celinda                            Common                 Spoops
20/55    Iceking                       Valeryk        Wife Nyx                                      Common                 Fie Tholander
21/55    Jewel                         Islandar       Husband Rodin                                 Common                 Spoops
22/55    Jikin                         Elemyn         Friend Lien                                   Common                 Fie Tholander
23/55    Jordanna                      Islandar       Friend Resauro                                Common                 Lonnie T. Brandt
24/55    Kona                          Islandar       Friend Coral                                  Common                 Lonnie T. Brandt
25/55    Lien                          Elemyn         Friend Jikin                                  Common                 Fie Tholander
26/55    Misa                          Valeryk        Husband Derik                                 Common                 Josefine Blom
27/55    Nike                          Airistos       Husband Flame                                 Common                 Spoops
28/55    Nyx                           Valeryk        Husband Iceking                               Common                 Fie Tholander
29/55    Ondine                        Moonfairy      Husband Flipper                               Common                 Anita Soelver
30/55    Resauro                       Islandar       Friend Jordanna                               Common                 L. Brandt, E. Zanforlini
31/55    Rodin                         Islandar       Wife Jewel                                    Common                 Heather Theurer
32/55    Rodrigo                       Airistos       Wife Allegra                                  Common                 Josefine Blom
33/55    Seraphia                      Bellasara      Tyri's Steed                                  Common                 Anita Soelver
34/55    Shamal                        Shahazar       Sweetheart Farah                              Common                 Kevin Lai
35/55    Silvia                        Sunflower      Sweetheart Valentino                          Common                 Anita Soelver
36/55    Skipper                       Sunflower      Wife Flora                                    Common                 Kevin Lai
37/55    Sleetmane                     Valeryk        Wife Snowdreamer                              Common                 Anita Soelver
38/55    Snowdreamer                   Valeryk        Husband Sleetmane                             Common                 Anita Soelver
39/55    Soot                          Elemyn         Colm's Steed                                  Common                 Jeff Laubenstein
40/55    Thunder                       Valeryk        Friend Fiona                                  Common                 Anita Soelver
41/55    Twig                          Moonfairy      Deru's Steed                                  Common                 Joel Biske
42/55    Valentino                     Sunflower      Sweetheart Silvia                             Common                 Anita Soelver
43/55    Venus                         Pantheon       Husband Amor                                  Common                 Heather Theurer
44/55    Wings                         Bellasara      Emma's Steed                                  Common                 Spoops
45/55    Zephyros                      Airistos       Sweetheart Cosima                             Common                 Luise A. Eriksen
46/55    Colm                                         Emma's Cousin, Soot's Rider                   Common Character       Joel Biske
47/55    Deru                                         Dryad of Drasilmare, Twig's Rider             Common Character       Jennifer L. Meyer
48/55    Emma                                         Sigga's Heir, Wings's Rider                   Common Character       Spoops
49/55    Fountain Ballroom                                                                          Common Energy          P. Trumbo, K. Lai
50/55    Garden Ballroom                                                                            Common Energy          P. Trumbo, K. Lai
51/55    Grand Entrance                                                                             Common Energy          P. Trumbo, K. Lai
52/55    Midnight Finale                                                                            Common Energy          Phil Trumbo
53/55    Royal Ballroom                                                                             Common Energy          P. Trumbo, K. Lai
54/55    Sara                                         Goddess of Horses, Bella's Rider              Common Character       Jennifer L. Meyer
55/55    Tyri                                         Valkyrie, Seraphia's Rider                    Common Character       Anita Soelver

S1/55    Allegra [shiny]               Airistos       Husband Rodrigo                               Shiny                  Josefine Blom
S2/55    Amor [shiny]                  Pantheon       Wife Venus                                    Shiny                  Heather Theurer
S3/55    Apollo [shiny]                Pantheon       Wife Athena                                   Shiny                  Melinda Beavers
S4/55    Athena [shiny]                Pantheon       Husband Apollo                                Shiny                  Melinda Beavers
S5/55    Bella [shiny]                 Bellasara      Husband Bello                                 Shiny                  Spoops
S6/55    Bello [shiny]                 Bellasara      Wife Bella                                    Shiny                  Spoops
S7/55    Bryda [shiny]                 Bellasara      Debutante                                     Shiny                  Melinda Beavers
S8/55    Celinda [shiny]               Pantheon       Sweetheart Hyperion                           Shiny                  Spoops
S9/55    Coral [shiny]                 Islandar       Friend Kona                                   Shiny                  Lonnie T. Brandt
S10/55   Cosima [shiny]                Airistos       Sweetheart Zephyros                           Shiny                  Luise A. Eriksen
S11/55   Derik [shiny]                 Valeryk        Wife Misa                                     Shiny                  Josefine Blom
S12/55   Diamond [shiny]               Elemyn         Friend Garnet                                 Shiny                  Luise A. Eriksen
S13/55   Farah [shiny]                 Shahazar       Sweetheart Shamal                             Shiny                  Jennifer L. Meyer
S14/55   Fiona [shiny]                 Shahazar       Friend Thunder                                Shiny                  Anita Soelver
S15/55   Flame [shiny]                 Airistos       Wife Nike                                     Shiny                  Heather Theurer
S16/55   Flipper [shiny]               Moonfairy      Wife Ondine                                   Shiny                  Anita Soelver
S17/55   Flora [shiny]                 Sunflower      Husband Skipper                               Shiny                  Kevin Lai
S18/55   Garnet [shiny]                Elemyn         Friend Diamond                                Shiny                  Luise A. Eriksen
S19/55   Hyperion [shiny]              Pantheon       Sweetheart Celinda                            Shiny                  Spoops
S20/55   Iceking [shiny]               Valeryk        Wife Nyx                                      Shiny                  Fie Tholander
S21/55   Jewel [shiny]                 Islandar       Husband Rodin                                 Shiny                  Spoops
S22/55   Jikin [shiny]                 Elemyn         Friend Lien                                   Shiny                  Fie Tholander
S23/55   Jordanna [shiny]              Islandar       Friend Resauro                                Shiny                  Lonnie T. Brandt
S24/55   Kona [shiny]                  Islandar       Friend Coral                                  Shiny                  Lonnie T. Brandt
S25/55   Lien [shiny]                  Elemyn         Friend Jikin                                  Shiny                  Fie Tholander
S26/55   Misa [shiny]                  Valeryk        Husband Derik                                 Shiny                  Josefine Blom
S27/55   Nike [shiny]                  Airistos       Husband Flame                                 Shiny                  Spoops
S28/55   Nyx [shiny]                   Valeryk        Husband Iceking                               Shiny                  Fie Tholander
S29/55   Ondine [shiny]                Moonfairy      Husband Flipper                               Shiny                  Anita Soelver
S30/55   Resauro [shiny]               Islandar       Friend Jordanna                               Shiny                  L. Brandt, E. Zanforlini
S31/55   Rodin [shiny]                 Islandar       Wife Jewel                                    Shiny                  Heather Theurer
S32/55   Rodrigo [shiny]               Airistos       Wife Allegra                                  Shiny                  Josefine Blom
S33/55   Seraphia [shiny]              Bellasara      Tyri's Steed                                  Shiny                  Anita Soelver
S34/55   Shamal [shiny]                Shahazar       Sweetheart Farah                              Shiny                  Kevin Lai
S35/55   Silvia [shiny]                Sunflower      Sweetheart Valentino                          Shiny                  Anita Soelver
S36/55   Skipper [shiny]               Sunflower      Wife Flora                                    Shiny                  Kevin Lai
S37/55   Sleetmane [shiny]             Valeryk        Wife Snowdreamer                              Shiny                  Anita Soelver
S38/55   Snowdreamer [shiny]           Valeryk        Husband Sleetmane                             Shiny                  Anita Soelver
S39/55   Soot [shiny]                  Elemyn         Colm's Steed                                  Shiny                  Jeff Laubenstein
S40/55   Thunder [shiny]               Valeryk        Friend Fiona                                  Shiny                  Anita Soelver
S41/55   Twig [shiny]                  Moonfairy      Deru's Steed                                  Shiny                  Joel Biske
S42/55   Valentino [shiny]             Sunflower      Sweetheart Silvia                             Shiny                  Anita Soelver
S43/55   Venus [shiny]                 Pantheon       Husband Amor                                  Shiny                  Heather Theurer
S44/55   Wings [shiny]                 Bellasara      Emma's Steed                                  Shiny                  Spoops
S45/55   Zephyros [shiny]              Airistos       Sweetheart Cosima                             Shiny                  Luise A. Eriksen
S46/55   Colm [shiny]                                 Emma's Cousin, Soot's Rider                   Shiny                  Joel Biske
S47/55   Deru [shiny]                                 Dryad of Drasilmare, Twig's Rider             Shiny                  Jennifer L. Meyer
S48/55   Emma [shiny]                                 Sigga's Heir, Wings's Rider                   Shiny                  Spoops
S49/55   Fountain Ballroom [shiny]                                                                  Shiny                  P. Trumbo, K. Lai
S50/55   Garden Ballroom [shiny]                                                                    Shiny                  P. Trumbo, K. Lai
S51/55   Grand Entrance [shiny]                                                                     Shiny                  P. Trumbo, K. Lai
S52/55   Midnight Finale [shiny]                                                                    Shiny                  Phil Trumbo
S53/55   Royal Ballroom [shiny]                                                                     Shiny                  P. Trumbo, K. Lai
S54/55   Sara [shiny]                                 Goddess of Horses, Bella's Rider              Shiny                  Jennifer L. Meyer
S55/55   Tyri [shiny]                                 Valkyrie, Seraphia's Rider                    Shiny                  Anita Soelver

 1/10    Bella Sara                    Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet
 2/10    S                             Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet
 3/10    Sticker Sheet                 Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet
 4/10    Sticker Sheet                 Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet
 5/10    Islandar                      Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet
 6/10    Sticker Sheet                 Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet
 7/10    Sticker Sheet                 Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet
 8/10    Sticker Sheet                 Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet
 9/10    Sticker Sheet                 Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet
10/10    Sticker Sheet                 Bella's Ball                                                 Sticker Sheet

 n.n.    Ticket (Copper)               250                                                          Ticket                 Spoops
 n.n.    Ticket (Silver)               350                                                          Ticket                 Spoops
 n.n.    Ticket (Gold)                 500                                                          Ticket                 Spoops

 L1/4    Bella                         Bellasara      High Queen of Herd Bellasara, Sara's Steed    Lenticular             Spoops
 L2/4    Emma                          Elemyn         Sigga's Heir, Wings's Rider                   Lenticular             Spoops
 L3/4    Sara                          Sara           Goddess of Horses, Bella's Rider              Lenticular             Jennifer L. Meyer
 L4/4    Wings                         Bellasara      Valkyrie Steed, Emma's Steed                  Lenticular             Spoops

 S1/5    Bella [jumbo]                 Bellasara                                                    Jumbo (Classic Box)    Spoops
 S2/5    Fiona [jumbo]                 Shahazar                                                     Jumbo (Classic Box)    Anita Soelver
 S3/5    Jewel [jumbo]                 Islandar                                                     Jumbo (Classic Box)    Jennifer L. Meyer
 S4/5    Nike [jumbo]                  Airistos                                                     Jumbo (Classic Box)    Spoops
 S5/5    Thunder [jumbo]               Valeryk                                                      Jumbo (Classic Box)    Anita Soelver
  --     (Checklist, Series 8-9-10)                                                                 Jumbo (Classic Box)

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