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Bella Sara TCG: Valentines
   Hidden City Games - 2011

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the ModelEquus

    Title       Caption

    Anemone     Be My Friend and My Valentine!
    Bella       You Always Make Me Smile, Valentine!
    Fiona       Together We Can Do Anything. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Flame       Valentine, You Light Up My Day!
    Kona        Hope Your Valentine's Day Is Full of Fun!
    Soot        You and I Make a Great Team. Be My Valentine?
    Thunder     I'm Glad You're My Friend. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Trumbeau    Valentine, Every Day with You Is Like a Song!
    Twig        You and I Are Two of a Kind. Be My Valentine?
    Wings       Thanks for Being Such a Good Friend. Happy Valentine's Day!

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