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Bench Warmer 2011 Bubble Gum Series
   Bench Warmer - 2011

Notes: This list is based on the list provided by Bench Warmer. High-level 
chase cards from other 'modern' Bench Warmer series are occasionally found 
distributed in packs or boxes for a different series. A tag of "+" tags shows 
extra items that have been found in the product, "r" shows items that were 
renumbered;  and "*" is used when there is more than one card with the indicated 
numbering. Further information and scans are posted at the Bench Warmer website.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards + gum. 24 boxes/case.
Base sets (100): approximately 1.41 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Jennifer Walcott
  2   Lisa Gleave
  3   April Scott
  4   Mary Riley
  5   Carrie Stroup
  6   Jessica Burciaga
  7   Cassandra Lynn
  8   Sara Jean Underwood
  9   Sandra Taylor
 10   Rachel Bernstein
 11   Bambi Lashell
 12   Jessica Hall
 13   Charity Hodges
 14   Alison Waite
 15   Athena Lundberg
 16   Brandy Grace
 17   Torrie Wilson
 18   Shay Lyn Veasy
 19   Victoria Fuller
 20   Miriam Gonzalez
 21   Michelle Baena
 22   Nicole Bennett
 23   Leigh Ann Spence
 24   Jaime Bergman
 25   Brooke Morales
 26   Jaimarie Cherie
 27   Krisi Ballentine
 28   Alana Curry
 29   Buffy Tyler
 30   Traci Bingham
 31   Wrenna Monet
 32   Melissa Hunter
 33   Yvette Nelson
 34   Brande Roderick
 35   Enya Flack
 36   Nikki Ziering
 37   Sarah Coggin
 38   Tamara Witmer
 39   Tiffany Granath
 40   Lindsey Roeper
 41   Alika Ray
 42   Jennifer England
 43   Katie Lohmann
 44   Amber Hay
 45   Brittany Herrera
 46   Brandie Moses
 47   Holley Dorrough
 48   Alice Bradley
 49   Colleen Shannon
 50   Simona Fusco
 51   Tiffany Selby
 52   Paige Peterson
 53   Tiffany Toth
 54   Megan Hauserman
 55   Lena Yada
 56   Kitana Baker
 57   Jo Garcia
 58   Cecille Gahr
 59   Bobbi Billard
 60   Denyce Lawton
 61   Lisa Lakotos
 62   Melissa Taylor
 63   Nikki Zeno
 64   Renee Stone
 65   Spencer Scott
 66   Xi Xi Yang
 67   Bridget Marquardt
 68   Kayla Collins
 69   Jennifer Korbin
 70   Flo Jalin
 71   Claudia Jordan
 72   Jessica Rockwell
 73   Martina Andrews
 74   Traci Brooks
 75   Mia St. John
 76   Louise Glover
 77   Holly Madison
 78   Gail Kim
 79   Cat Miller
 80   Catherine Kluthe
 81   Brittany McGraw
 82   Aubrie Lemon
 83   Alix Agar
 84   Alejandra Gutierrez
 85   Katarina Van Derham
 86   Candace Kita
 87   Holly Huddleston
 88   Molly Shea
 89   Camille Anderson
 90   Masuimi Max
 91   Amanda Paige
 92   Leilene Joy
 93   Jenae Alt
 94   Kendra Wilkinson
 95   Aiko Tanaka
 96   Candice Michelle
 97   Christy Hemme
 98   Lisa Ligon
 99   Talor Marion
100   Yvette Nelson


Authentic Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

A-1   Deanna Brooks
A-2   Andrea Lowell
A-3   Maria Kanellis
A-4   Torrie Wilson
A-5   Patrice Hollis
A-6   Bambi Lashell
A-7   Syd Wilder
A-8   Kara Monaco
A-9   Shay Lyn Veasy
A-10  Ryan Shamrock
A-11  Sara Jean Underwood
A-12  Jennifer Walcott
A-13  Nikki Ziering
A-14  Heather Rene Smith
A-15  Heather Rae Young
A-16  Brittany Herrera
A-17  Holley Dorrough
A-18  Ramona Michelle
A-19  April Scott
A-20  Buffy Tyler
A-21  Caitlin O'Connor
A-22  Tiffany Selby
A-23  Sandra Taylor
A-24  Jennifer Korbin
A-25  Rachel Bernstein
A-26  Cassandra Lynn
A-27  Jessica Hall
A-28  Katie Lohmann
A-29  Kyara Tyler
A-30  Katarina Van Derham
A-31  Carrie Stroup
A-32  Miriam Gonzalez
A-33  Lisa Gleave
A-34  Mary Riley
A-35  Jasmine Dustin
A-36  Brandy Grace

Authentic Swatch Cards (1:288 packs)

  1   Christy Hemme
  2   Jennifer Walcott
  3   Torrie Wilson
  4   Spencer Scott
  5   Kayla Collins
  6   Mary Riley
  7   Aubrie Lemon
  8   Claudia Jordan
  9   Jessica Burciaga
 10   Lisa Gleave
 11   Brandie Moses
 12   Jessica Hall
 13   Traci Bingham
 14   Sara Jean Underwood
 15   Michelle McLaughlin

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©2011, 2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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