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Bench Warmer 2012 School Girls
   Bench Warmer - 2012

Notes: This website-exclusive set includes 7 previously released School Girl 
autographs plus four new items. The original series where the 7 were released 
are shown with card numbers below. Further information and scans are posted 
at the Bench Warmer website.

No.   Title                   Original Series

 3 of  8   Jennifer Walcott   [2009 Limited]
 1 of 16   Mary Riley         [2006 Series 1]
 5 of  8   Tiffany Toth       [2007 Series 1]
 6 of 16   Flo Jalin          [2006 Series 1]
24 of 24   Carrie Stroup      [2006 Series 2]
 6 of  8   Michelle Baena     [2007 Series 1]
18 of 24   Molly Shea         [2006 Series 2]

      Kimmie Anderson         [new]
      Jessica Pribanic        [new]
      Cassandra Salvagio      [new]
      Jennifer Johnson        [new]

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