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Bench Warmer Collectors Club
   Bench Warmer - 2015/2016

Notes: The promo cards were first seen in boxes of the 2015 Signature Series and 
other cards also appeared in the 2015 Hollywood Edition. A club subscription gains 
access to monthly Limited Edition items. Further club information is posted at the 
Bench Warmer website.

Box: 5 cards.

   No.   Model                  Month       Inscription

2016 Card of the Month

   --    Dessie Mitcheson       January     Happy New Year
   --    Ryan Shamrock          February    Will You Be Mine?
   --    Jennifer England       March       Happy St. Patrick's Day
   --    Sara Underwood         April       Happy Easter
   --    Dani Mathers           May         (flowers)
   --    Tiffany toth           June        (beach)

2015 Card of the Month

   --    Jessa Hinton           January     Happy New Year
   --    Cassie Cardelle        February    Will You Be Mine?
   --    Hiromi Oshima          March       Happy St. Patrick's Day
   --    April Scott            April       Happy Easter
   --    Ciara Price            May         (flowers)
   --    Shelby Chesnes         June        (beach)
   --    Sandra Taylor          July        (fireworks)
   --    Lisa Gleave            August      (tropical)
   --    Raquel Pomplun         September   Back to School
   --    Nikki Ziering          October     Trick or Treat
   --    Anna Sophia Berglund   November    (autumn leaves)
   --    Carly Lauren           December    (Christmas)

Collectors Club Promos

  1/12   Lisa Gleave
  2/12   Jennifer Walcott
  3/12   Brande Roderick
  4/12   Raquel Pomplun
  5/12   Jessa Hinton
  6/12   Sara Underwood
  7/12   Jessica Hall
  8/12   Hiromi Oshima
  9/12   Shelby Chesnes
 10/12   Michelle McLaughlin
 11/12   Cassie Cardelle
 12/12   Ciara Price

   13    Anna Sophia Berglund
   14    Val Keil
   15    Tiffany Taylor
   16    Brandie Moses
   17    April Scott
   18    Billie Jo Powers
   19    Carly Lauren
   20    Michelle Baena
   21    Jessica Burciaga
   22    Nikki Leigh
   23    Scarlett Keegan
   24    Maria Kanellis

   2015 Treasure Chest series (first appearance)

   25    Brandy Grace
   26    Sandra Taylor
   27    Heather Rae Young
   28    Nikki Ziering
   29    Angela Fong
   30    Gemma Lee Farrell
   31    Dani Mathers
   32    Miriam Gonzalez
   33    Kennedy Summers
   34    Tiffany Selby
   35    Tiffany Toth
   36    Bryiana Noelle

Membership Items

   --   Collectors Club Certificate
   --   Signed 8" x 10" photograph of a selected model
   --   Collectors Club T-Shirt

Quad Autograph (exclusive for first 100 Club members; also in boxes)

   --   Miriam Gonzalez / Shelby Chesnes / Pennelope Jimenez / Hiromi Oshima

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©2015, 2016, 2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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