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Beverly Hillbillies
   Topps - 1963

Note: Card backs feature "Hillbilly Gags."

No.   Caption

  1   People in Californy sure dress funny.
  2   Officer, Granny meant no harm climbing up the telephone pole.
  3   Don't fret, we'll get you a new slingshot for Christmas.
  4   There ain't a possum in all of Beverly Hills!
  5   Granny.
  6   You stop beating up Jethro, hear?
  7   "It's great for cracking walnuts".
  8   Strangest looking prison bars I ever saw.
  9   Now, no more rassling, you two.
 10   Granny, I'm growing my own leopard coat.
 11   That telephone pole makes good fire wood.
 12   But Granny, you're too old to slide down the bannister.
 13   Home Sweet Home
 14   Let's shoot something for breakfast
 15   Ow, I hit the wrong nail!!
 16   Elly May and Jethro.
 17   We give up - Where is the water pump?
 18   I gave him a bath and he just wrinkled all up.
 19   Got any spare parts for a 1921 touring car?
 20   The folks at this drive-in ain't watching the movie.
 21   Why can't I take my pet for a walk?
 22   I don't care if it is your job, just touch our garbage & I'll shoot.
 23   These Californy bathtubs are a bit snug.
 24   I'd be a good executive - if I knew what "executive" meant.
 25   Elly May, stop putting the wash in the television machine.
 26   This car's been in our family for 40 years!
 27   Why'd they put a harp in this wood box?
 28   We get 10 gallons per mile.
 29   We use this for washing & the outside pool for rinsing.
 30   That picture is by Rembrandt - Mebbe he can paint one of you.
 31   I got fine antiques - my furniture and Granny
 32   So that's a bikini bathing suit!!
 33   You can get pretty thirsty, sunning yourself.
 34   If I knew you two were dressing up, I'd have put on my new dungarees.
 35   They're fun, but not much for hunting bears.
 36   Ain't they ever seen a convertible before?
 37   Aw Granny, that's not a giant bug - That's a hely-copter.
 38   Elly May, it's easier to iron my coat after I take it off.
 39   It musta been a pretty sick chicken for such a bandage.
 40   Who says my coat ain't in style - It has been for the past 25 years.
 41   Jethro
 42   Magazines are great for swatting flies.
 43   Jethro, you're going to get in trouble bathing in the park fountain.
 44   Everybody got Cadillacs, but we got something special.
 45   This new house is bigger'n our old farm
 46   Jethro and Jed.
 47   Get fresh with me, will ya!
 48   Race you up one of them palm trees.
 49   Maybe we could get jobs as models.
 50   We can always throw darts at it.
 51   This'll go great in my possum stew.
 52   Today I bagged 2 squirrels and a mink coat.
 53   Spread-out, you two you're scrunching me!
 54   The letter would make more sense if you could read
 55   We're going to a fancy nightclub.
 56   Elly May, Jed, Granny and Jethro.
 57   Jed, you look fine in sports clothes.
 58   I don't know what a parking attendant is, but you just stay away from our car
 59   That "One Way" sign is wrong - It's pointing the other way.
 60   When my date's car stopped, I fixed the motor.
 61   Jed Clampett.
 62   We've been posing for 2 hours - You sure paint slow.
 63   When that ice melts we're in for a flood!
 64   Elly May.
 65   You mean some people play games with these pot holders?
 66   There's someone in this thing - I can hear him talking.

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