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Leesley Trading Cards - 1988

Box: 48 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.40 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text                                        Featuring

001   Bob Chandler                                     Bigfoot
002   Bigfoot 1 began as a 1974 Ford F-250 equipped    Bigfoot 1
003   How big is it? Bigfoot 1 is shown here on top    Bigfoot 1
004   Bigfoot 3 was built in a record sixty-six (66)   Bigfoot 3
005   Bigfoot 1 takes on the mud pit during the 1983   Bigfoot 1
006   Bigfoot 1, The original Monster Truck. Having    Bigfoot 1
007   February, 1983, St. Louis, Missouri, marked th   Bigfoot
008   In the beginning of Bigfoot's touring history,   Bigfoot 1
009   With the roar of the engine and spin of the ma   Bigfoot 1
010   Halfway down...Almost to the end...Will he do    Bigfoot 1
011   What is it that thrills the fans so much seein   Bigfoot 1
012   Bigfoot 2 challenged the Mud Bog in the Pontia   Bigfoot 2
013   Bigfoot 1 on a leisurely cruise in the Missour   Bigfoot 1
014   Bigfoot 2 crushing several cards in front of o   Bigfoot 2
015   Racing Bigfoot 1 through the mud and throwing    Bigfoot 1
016   The Black River in Lesterville, Missouri is on   Bigfoot 2
017   Bigfoot 2, the car crunching sequel to The Ori   Bigfoot 2
018   Bigfoot 2 shown with the American flag waving.   Bigfoot 2
019   Bigfoot 2 performs a wheel standing car crush    Bigfoot 2
020   Creative sessions and ideas are discussed, tes   Bigfoot 2
021   The Bigfoot Fleet travels over one-half millio   Bigfoot
022   Bigfoot 3 sits on top of the cars it has crush   Bigfoot 3
023   Bigfoot 4 hooks up to the pull sled of 50,000    Bigfoot 4
024   Bigfoot 4 pulling the sled down the track at B   Bigfoot 4
025   Ever since the birth of Bigfoot, Bob and Maril   Bigfoot 1
026   Bigfoot 3 floating in Lake Pontchartrain near    Bigfoot 3
027   Bigfoot 3 on a winter vacation in Pontiac, Mic   Bigfoot 3
028   Bigfoot, a true four wheel drive, four wheel s   Bigfoot
029   Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Bigfoot 3
030   One of the many stunts and exhibitions involvi   Bigfoot
031   Bigfoot 3 has made many appearances, crushed h   Bigfoot 3
032   Watching Monster Trucks like Bigfoot lunge int   Bigfoot
033   During all the car-crushing performances that    Bigfoot
034   Crunch!! Ever wonder where all the junk cars c   Bigfoot
035   Bogfoot performances continue to entertain cro   Bigfoot
036   Bigfoot, the amazing flying as   Bigfoot
037   Up, up and away! Jim Kramer is in great form,    Bigfoot
038   Owners: Bibfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Bigfoot 4
039   You won't see the 10 foot tires mounted like t   Bigfoot Tundra
040   St. James, Missouri, the home of Boystown, was   Bigfoot 3
041   Bigfoot with 10 foot Tundra tires is the world   Bigfoot Tundra
042   To further the project Bob Chandler, Jim Krame   Bigfoot Tundra
043   First, we had to locate two junk pickup trucks   Bigfoot Tundra
044   Did You Know? the origin of the 10 foot tall T   Bigfoot Tundra
045   The 1988 Bigfoot 5 sports brand new sheet meta   Bigfoot Tundra
046   Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Bigfoot Tundra
047   Bob Chandler eases his way down from the cab o   Bigfoot Tundra
048   Bigfoot 5 making his first run in the mud with   Bigfoot Tundra
049   Bigfoot 3 was the first to receive a cosmetic    Bigfoot 3
050   Totally Airborne!! The Bigfoot driver launches   Bigfoot 4
051   Bigfoot 6, jumping over a number of automobile   Bigfoot 6
052   Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Bigfoot 2
053   Bigfoot 6, shown here perched on top of cars f   Bigfoot 6
054   Bigfoot 6 rises to the occasion during a "Just   Bigfoot 6
055   It is always enjoyable talking with the fans,    Bigfoot 6
056   I would like to take this opportunity to thank   Bigfoot
057   Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Ms Bigfoot
058   Ms Bigfoot flies!! the strength and power that   Ms Bigfoot
059   One of the pleassures of being in the Monster    Ms Bigfoot
060   Groups like the United Four Wheel Drive Associ   Ms Bigfoot
061   How would you like to have the job of cleaning   Ms Bigfoot
062   Ms Bigfoot made a number of appearances crushi   Ms Bigfoot
063   The announcers would often encourage the ladie   Ms Bigfoot
064   Changes, Changes, Changes. One thing for sure,   Bigfoot Ranger
065   Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Bigfoot Ranger
066   The Bigfoot Shuttle practices going over cars    Bigfoot Shuttle
067   Springfield, Illinois was the site of the 1st    Bigfoot Shuttle
068   For a second run, Bob mounted the "Matterhorn,   Bigfoot Shuttle
069   Bob and Marilyn Chandler really know how to co   Bigfoot Shuttle
070   Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Bigfoot Shuttle
071   Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Bigfoot Shuttle
072   The Bigfoot Shuttle first introduced in 1986,    Bigfoot Shuttle
073   Since Bigfoot is not "street legal" it is tran   Bigfoot
074   August 12, 1979. The original Bigfoot is seldo   Bigfoot 1
075   Crusing down the river in Bigfoot !?! Bigfoot    Bigfoot 2
076   Gravelrama is the historical site of the pea g   Ms Bigfoot
077   Double your pleasure. Bigfoot 5 with dual 10 f   Bigfoot Tundra
078   With Duals - Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob &    Bigfoot Tundra
079   The Bigfoot Ranger (formerly Ms Bigfoot) and t   Bigfoot Ranger
080   Bigfoot 1 standing next to his "BIG" brother B   Bigfoot
081   Bigfoot 4 and Ms Bigfoot posed for photographs   Bigfoot
082   This powe we are showing here, nose to nose, h   Bigfoot
083   Bigfoot 1 and Bigfoot 2 racing through the Bla   Bigfoot
084   Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Bigfoot 6
085   This photo session was set up in Brooks Park b   Bigfoot
086   Bob Chandler, owner and creator of the Bigfoot   Bigfoot
087   1988 introduction of Bigfoot 7. Bob Chandler s   Bigfoot 7
088   Owners: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. (Bob & Marilyn Chand   Bigfoot 7
089   Bigfoot 3 is in action with driver Andy Brass    Bigfoot 3
090   Included in our over 600 appearance days per y   Bigfoot 2
091   This October 1987 issue of "Petersen's 4 Wheel   Bigfoot
092   Four Wheeler magazine is read by more than 3     Bigfoot
093   The July 1983 issue of "Argus Off-Road" magazi   Bigfoot
094   Power Wheels has captured the essence of "The    Bigfoot
095   Trucks: Bigfoot 1 - Bigfoot 2 - Bigfoot 3 - Bi   Bigfoot
096   Bigfoot Headquarters located in Hazelwood, Mis   Bigfoot
097   Introducing the newest member of the Bigfoot f   Bigfoot Fastrax
098   The Bigfoot Fastrax was originally designed fr   Bigfoot Fastrax
099   The Bigfoot Fastrax has a 1988 Ford van body,    Bigfoot Fastrax
100   Bigfoot 1, driven by Bob Chandler, crashes thr   Bigfoot 1


Wrapper Send-In Offer

 --   Bigfoot Giant Poster                             Bigfoot

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