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Big Thrill Booklets
   Goudy Gum - 1934

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-5/16" x 2-7/8" and feature color 
illustrations on fronts and descriptive text on backs. American Card 
Catalog reference is R24. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.

No.   Title

   Buck Jones

  1   A Timely Arrival
  2   A Murder Mystery
  3   Shot from Ambush
  4   Hand to Hand Struggle
  5   A Den of Wolves
  6   Avenging the Secret Service

   Buck Rogers

  1   Thwarting Ancient Demons
  2   A One-Man Army
  3   An Aerial Derelict
  4   The Fight beneath the Sea
  5   A Handful of Trouble
  6   Collecting Human Specimens

   Dick Tracy

  1   Saved in the Nick of Time
  2   Valuable Information
  3   Vault of Death
  4   Cross-Country Race
  5   Uncovers the Dope Ring
  6   Smashes the Bombing Racket

   Tailspin Tommy

  1   The Smuggler's Last Flight
  2   The Jump into Mystery
  3   Trailing the Bank Bandits
  4   The Woman in Black
  5   The Doomed Express
  6   The Battle in the Air

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