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Biosphere - Set of 32 Promos
Acorn - 1991

Notes:  Regular cards were never issued for the set, and the 32 promo cards shown 
below were distributed as samples of the planned 150-card set. Advance orders 
were accepted for the series but the product was never delivered. Thanks to Nerissa 
Morgan for the original checklist and to John McElyea and Michael Beam for updates!

No.   Title

  1   The Biosphere
  5   Gopher Tortoise
 10   Blue-spotted Salamander
 15   Pine Rock Crowned Snake
 20   Spotted Turtle
 25   Florida Bog Frog [very scarce]
 30   Marbled Salamander
 35   Florida Softshell
 40   American Coral Snake
 45   Cuban Treefrog
 50   Northern Snapping Turtle
 55   Alligator and Crocodile
 55   Alligator and Crocodile [error: with white "Alpha" box]
 60   Scarlet King Snake
 60   Scarlet "Milk" Snake [variation]
 65   Florida Snapping Turtle
 70   Eastern Box Turtle: Adult Male
 75   Canebrake Rattle Snake
 80   Deimatic Behavior in the Smooth Green Snake
 85   Red-spottted Newt
 90   Red Imp stage of the Red-spotted Newt
 95   American Rat Snake
100   Florida Box Turtle
105   Eastern Garter Snake
110   Northern Snapping Turtle: Baby
115   Bald Eagle
120   Eastern Box Turtle: Baby
125   George Bush on Turtle Protection
130   Black-tailed Prairie Dog
130   Black-tailed Prairie Dog [rare variant: # in light green circle]
135   Bill Bradley on Turtle Protection
140   Florida Manatee
145   Mario Cuomo on Turtle Protection
150   Nassau Coliseum Destroys Prairie Acreage of the Hempstead Plains
 --   (checklist card; unnumbered; 31 cards listed)

 --   (panels: 2 cards glued to promotional ad sheet)

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