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Birds & Flowers (of the States)
Bon Air - 1991

Note:  Originally distributed only in boxed set.

No.  State           Bird                      Flower

 1   Alabama         Yellowhammer              Camellia
 2   Alaska          Willow Ptarmigan          Forget-Me-Not
 3   Arizona         Cactus Wren               Saguaro Cactus Blossom
 4   Arkansas        Mockingbird               Apple Blossom
 5   California      California Quail          California Poppy
 6   Colorado        Lark Bunting              Rocky Mountain Columbine
 7   Connecticut     Robin                     Mountain Laurel
 8   Delaware        Blue Hen Chicken          Peach Blossom
 9   Florida         Mockingbird               Orange Blossom
10   Georgia         Brown Thrasher            Cherokee Rose
11   Hawaii          Hawaiian goose            Hibiscus
12   Idaho           Mountain Bluebird         Syringa
13   Illinois        Cardinal                  Violet
14   Indiana         Cardinal                  Peony
15   Iowa            Eastern Goldfinch         Wild Rose
16   Kansas          Western Meadowlark        Sunflower
17   Kentucky        Cardinal                  Goldenrod
18   Louisians       Brown Pelican             Magnolia
19   Maine           Chickadee                 White Pine Cone and Tassel
20   Maryland        Baltimore Oriole          Black-Eyed Susan
21   Massachusetts   Black-Capped Chickadee    Mayflower
22   Michigan        Robin                     Apple Blossom
23   Minnesota       Common Loon               Showy Lady Slipper
24   Mississippi     Mockingbird               Magnolia
25   Missouri        Eastern Bluebird          Red Hawthorn
26   Montana         Western Meadowlark        Bitterroot
27   Nebraska        Western Meadowlark        Goldenrod
28   Nevada          Mountain Bluebird         Sagebrush
29   New Hampshire   Purple Finch              Lilac
30   New Jersey      American Goldfinch        Violet
31   New Mexico      Roadrunner                Yucca Flower
32   New York        Eastern Bluebird          Rose
33   North Carolina  Cardinal                  Flowering Dogwood
34   North Dakota    Western Meadowlark        Wild Prairie Rose
35   Ohio            Cardinal                  Red Carnation
36   Oklahoma        Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Mistletoe
37   Oregon          Western Meadowlark        Oregon Grape
38   Pennsylvania    Ruffed Grouse             Mountain Laurel
39   Rhode Island    Rhode Island Red          Violet
40   South Carolina  Carolina Wren             Carolina Jasmine
41   South Dakota    Ring-Necked Pheasant      Pasqueflower
42   Tennessee       Mockingbird               Iris
43   Texas           Mockingbird               Bluebonnet
44   Utah            California Gull           Sego Lily
45   Vermont         Hermit Thrush             Red Clover
46   Virginia        Cardinal                  Flowering Dogwood
47   Washington      American Goldfinch        Rododendron
48   West Virginia   Cardinal                  Rhododendron Maximum
49   Wisconsin       Robin                     Wood Violet
50   Wyoming         Western Meadowlark        Indian Paintbrush

--  (Promo Cards, unnumbered, 11 different)

©1997-2000 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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