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Bizarro Trading Cards - Series 1
Sun King - 2008

Notes:  This series features scenes from the popular syndicated comic series
by Dan Piraro, with occasional unpublished artwork. The 105 base cards are
color-coded for front borders to match five 21-card puzzles on card backs. The
cards are not numbered, so I have arranged them in order of the puzzle piece
locations. (Please feel free to link to this checklist for card identification for
trading!) Further information and scans are posted at the Bizarro website.

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets (105): approx. 1.59 per box if collation were perfect.

     Title / Card Text                                 Card-Back Puzzle Location

Gray (Dynamite Stick)

     I don't have my homework because my dog delete    Top Row 1
     Super Market                                      Top Row 2
     We'd better get back to Earth. One of our own     Top Row 3
     Time travelers in search of cheaper gas           Top Row 4
     As time went on, Curious George became less so    Top Row 5
     This is why the ramp says 5mph, Jerry.            Top Row 6
     My mother used to puke in my mouth.               Top Row 7
     Paper or Plastic?                                 Center Row 1
     I'm telling you, those big, clunky things are     Center Row 2
     Ruff Translation                                  Center Row 3
     I don't understand why they'd rather talk to t    Center Row 4
     My time machine broke and I cannot return to t    Center Row 5
     Okay. What was that number again?                 Center Row 6
     You gotta love evolution. Since I becam lookin    Center Row 7
     Don't pick your nose, dear.                       Bottom Row 1
     Kids Can Be Cruel, 2005                           Bottom Row 2
     Can you get wine stains out of a parrot?          Bottom Row 3
     No, it is not a "collectible figure from the v    Bottom Row 4
     Oh, no! He's in trouble! Oh, no! I don't know     Bottom Row 5
     I still can't believe I fell for that "pot of     Bottom Row 6
     It's much easier to give them the shot after t    Bottom Row 7

Yellow (girl)

     What this? Me try to invent Palm Pilot but it     Top Row 1
     You Bet Your Life!                                Top Row 2
     The Awesome Dane                                  Top Row 3
     MetroVideo Dating Service                         Top Row 4
     Would anyone in the group care to comment on t    Top Row 5
     Forget it. That place has already been nearly     Top Row 6
     Great tattoo. I almost hate to eat it.            Top Row 7
     (Commuter beetles)                                Center Row 1
     Just dropping off my kid's Little League team.    Center Row 2
     Batman Is Captured by the Evil Dr. Literal        Center Row 3
     By the time we found out the neighbor's Chihua    Center Row 4
     May I Take Your Order                             Center Row 5
     Suddenly ... Captain America has finally had e    Center Row 6
     Optical Illusions $1                              Center Row 7
     What's with the lunchbox? My dad sells Hummers    Bottom Row 1
     Hey, pal - name's Polly. I just busted out. Kn    Bottom Row 2
     Yep. There's amn Awful lot of Spam in here. Ho    Bottom Row 3
     Gratuitous Product Placement in New Pirates of    Bottom Row 4
     The Devil's Rebellious Teen                       Bottom Row 5
     Shouldn't I be reading that?                      Bottom Row 6
     In the Goody Bags of Hell                         Bottom Row 7

Purple (chimp)

     Of Course they're Fake! I saw her at the Snow     Top Row 1
     Superman's Super Breath                           Top Row 2
     Some kids may make fun of your tail, Justin, b    Top Row 3
     The Principle of Light aRefraction as Demonstr    Top Row 4
     (Delivery Room cel)                               Top Row 5
     They say a lot of people look like their pets.    Top Row 6
     In death, as in life, he remains among NASCAR'    Top Row 7
     Once the Star Wars Program is in full swing, g    Center Row 1
     Could I trouble you folks to fill out this que    Center Row 2
     The 5tgh of 4 out of 5 Dentists                   Center Row 3
     How's this sound? "Man of steel seeks woman of    Center Row 4
     I've called this press conference to announce     Center Row 5
     Look, kids! It's a skydiver!                      Center Row 6
     The first song is about how hard it is to play    Center Row 7
     Yes, the cat hates you. But he loves hating yo    Bottom Row 1
     They call it "Caller I.D." - it's sort of an e    Bottom Row 2
     The cat called me a "bitch."                      Bottom Row 3
     Zen Crossword Puzzle                              Bottom Row 4
     Dude! I can't believe you're dating the mudfla    Bottom Row 5
     Long John Silver on Wheel of Fortune              Bottom Row 6
     The Joker Strikes Again                           Bottom Row 7

Blue (The Flying Saucer of Possibility)

     Why can't you get it through your thick head?     Top Row 1
     When the Skateboard Generation Retires            Top Row 2
     Accidental Suicide                                Top Row 3
     What you see before you, students, is a very r    Top Row 4
     Air.                                              Top Row 5
     The X-rays indicate that your injuries are fak    Top Row 6
     Medical School Penmanship Class                   Top Row 7
     After the first meeting of the Federation of S    Center Row 1
     Mouse Traffic Report                              Center Row 2
     Robin, look! Someone in that store is in troub    Center Row 3
     This is the animal that's been depleting our f    Center Row 4
     Hello? ... Nah, he ain't here. Call back later    Center Row 5
     I want to have enough money to last the rest o    Center Row 6
     (Pigeon pilates)                                  Center Row 7
     Xtreme Strollering                                Bottom Row 1
     If you'd prefer it in a different color, I can    Bottom Row 2
     My brother once dated a real dog. He heard she    Bottom Row 3
     Driving for Dummies                               Bottom Row 4
     Blind Date with Barbie                            Bottom Row 5
     Too much?                                         Bottom Row 6
     Olsen's Grooming                                  Bottom Row 7

Green (pirate)

     I'm so bad they don't trust me with sharp obje    Top Row 1
     The Supermodel Hotline                            Top Row 2
     Would you mind signing this petition to help s    Top Row 3
     I knew animal experimentation would come back     Top Row 4
     But I'm not a Nut, I tell you! I'm a Legume!      Top Row 5
     I tell you, they're going to ruin everything w    Top Row 6
     Early Skateboard Punk                             Top Row 7
     Dude - chill. I brought parachutes.               Center Row 1
     Read that back. Buffalo, buffalo, stickman. An    Center Row 2
     I need a giant candy cane & a couple of ginger    Center Row 3
     How's the new security system working out?        Center Row 4
     Clown Christening                                 Center Row 5
     Give me the songs on your iPod!                   Center Row 6
     You ordered wall-to-wall carpeting?               Center Row 7
     This should give future anthropologists someth    Bottom Row 1
     Hey, it's me. I can't find the ball you sent m    Bottom Row 2
     This is the first known evolutionary response     Bottom Row 3
     Look, I'd like to let you in, but you were ver    Bottom Row 4
     First Man To Have a Nice Day                      Bottom Row 5
     Stop complaining - as most men get older, thei    Bottom Row 6
     When Cats Decorate                                Bottom Row 7


Golden Secret Symbol Icon Cards (1:24 packs)

     The Arrow of Vulnerability
     The Bunny of Exuberance
     The Crown of Power
     The Eyeball of Observation
     The Fish of Humility
     The Flying Saucer of Possibility
     The Inverted Bird
     The Lost Loafer
     The Mysteries of K2
     The Pie of Opportunity

Case-Topper Oversized Sketch Card

     (Dan Piraro)

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©2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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