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Bizarre Boobs
Mother Productions - 1993

Note: Cards are oversized, approximately 2-3/4" x 3-3/4". Distributed as
a boxed factory set. "Based on fact and fiction."

  Front Title                  Back Title

  Bizarre Boobs - Boob Bazaar [Title Card]

  Duo Dittos                   Cup Cakes
  Pancakes                     Bee Stings
  Heinous Hooters              Water Wings
  Cleavage Queen               Under Chinners
  Tit-In-Ringer                You Dreamer
  Multi-Directional            Heavy Artillery
  Snake Rib Wrappers           High Buttons
  Unbalanced Load              Loaded '38's
  5 Gallon Paint Cans          Smörgasbord
  Torpedoes                    Cranberries
  50-50?                       120 Watts (60 each)
  Grand Canyon                 Hot Water Bottles
  Tit Butt                     Pumpernickel
  Twisted Sister               Sweet Potatoes
  Silicone Valley              Ukeleles
  Tonge & Tit                  Sunnyside Up
  Real Double Ds               Rock in Sock
  Triplets                     Full Moons
  Shifted Load                 Falsies
  Self Indulgence              Spaniel Ears
  Nipples Delux                Glossary
  Nipple Head                  Glossary
  Outta Wack                   Glossary
  Six Pack                     Glossary
  Double Dittos                Glossary
  Celebrity Tits               Glossary
  Double Breasted              Glossary
  Breast Belly                 Glossary
  Anchors                      A flimsy wisp of gossamer ...
  Nipplettes                   Fact
  Spare                        Midwest Barnyard Tit Sayings
  Inline Set                   Keep Abreast
  4 x 4                        Breastypes!
  Tiny Triplets                Dedicated To.
  Tit Fruit                    Photo Chest
  Twin Peaks                   (Slap)
  Equestrial Tits              Keep Abreast
  Dream Land                   (Kiss)
  Six nipples two tits and     (French maid)
  Breast Assortment            Behind the Uplift

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