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Blackstone's Magic Tricks
   Philadelphia Gum - 1963

Notes: Packs had a folder containing either the card or another item needed to 
perform the trick. American Card Catalog reference is R788-8. Scans are posted 
at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Card Title                     Implement

  1   Broken Toothpick Restored      Toothpicks
  2   Handkerchief Restored          Handkerchief Piece
  3   5 Cards Change into 2          Playing Cards (5)
  4   Traveling Cards                Playing Card (7/8 Hearts)
  5   Card Changes to Matchbox       Playing Card (Q Spades)
  6   Candle Vanishes                Waxed Paper Piece
  7   Hindoo Magic Hook              Cardboard Hook
  8   Jumping Card                   Blank Cards with Punch-Out Dots
  9   Spirit Writing                 Envelope
 10   Chinese Laundry Ticket         Paper Tickets
 11   Chinese Magic Paddle           Paddle
 12   Great Ball of Wool Trick       Paper Card, Bending
 13   Vanishing Coin                 Tissue Piece, White
 14   Wine to Water Mystery          Red Card
 15   Great Mind Reading Mystery     7-Card Perforated, Matrix
 16   Cigarettes from Thin Air       Metal Attachment
 17   Magic Square Puzzle            Magic Square Cardboard Pieces
 18   Diminishing Card               Folding Card (10 Clubs)
 19   Crazy Money!                   Folding Play Money/Card (8 Hearts)
 20   Magic Animal Wheel             Animal Wheel Disc
 21   S-t-r-e-t-c-h It!              Cardboard Color Punch-Out Sheet
 22   Water Defies Gravity           Tissue Piece, Blue
 23   Vanishing Card                 Tissue Pieces, Blue/White
 24   The Telephone Message          Telephone Code Card

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