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Blakes 7 - Series 1
   Unstoppable Cards - 2013

Notes: A few items that were produced for Series 2, in particular printing plate 
cards, were inserted in Series 1 packs. Much of the design and content was under 
development for a 2005 set that would have been released by Strictly Ink. Thanks 
much to John Biogioni and sittin9duck for updates! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Unstoppable website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets (54): approx. 2.07 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                        Episode / Total by Sketch Artist

    1   Blakes 7
    2   Federation Guards            The Way Back
    3   Accused                      The Way Back
    4   Sabotage...                  Space Fall
    5   Avon and Jenna               Space Fall
    6   Gan kneels                   Cygnus Alphastyle 1, style 2
    7   Gan on Cygnus Alpha          Cygnus Alpha
    8   Meet Cally...                Time Squad
    9   Hiding                       Time Squad
   10   Decimas                      The Web
   11   Friend... or Foe?            The Web
   12   Guardian                     Seek-Locate-Destroy
   13   Captured Cally               Seek-Locate-Destroy
   14   Avon                         Mission to Destiny
   15   Teleport                     Mission to Destiny
   16   Sinofar                      Duel
   17   Travis and mutoid            Duel
   18   Avalon                       Project Avalon
   19   Virus                        Project Avalon
   20   Where to?                    Breakdown
   21   Pursuit                      Breakdown
   22   Sarkoff                      Bounty
   23   Tarvin and Jenna             Bounty
   24   Planet Cephlon               Deliverance
   25   Blake                        Deliverance
   26   Security                     Orac
   27   Scientist Ensor              Orac
   28   Crew captive                 Redemption
   29   The Altas                    Redemption
   30   Inside Orac                  Shadow
   31   Space City                   Shadow
   32   Rashel and Coser             Weapon
   33   Servalan and Travis          Weapon
   34   Ro Interrogates              Horizon
   35   Avon ponders                 Horizon
   36   Kasabi                       Pressure Point
   37   Blake and Gan                Pressure Point
   38   Zil                          Trial
   39   Travis escapes               Trial
   40   Dr Bellfriar and Blake       Killr
   41   Problem...                   Killr
   42   Avon, Cally and Vila         Hostage
   43   Molok the Crimo              Hostage
   44   Federation base on Albian    Countdown
   45   Avon and Del Grant           Countdown
   46   Mystery...                   Voice from the Past
   47   Blake and Ven Glynd          Voice from the Past
   48   Krantor and Vila             Gambit
   49   Servalan                     Gambit
   50   Gola - Goth chief            The Keeper
   51   Soothsayer                   The Keeper
   52   Trapped                      Star One
   53   Liberator                    Star One
   54   Checklist


Gold Foil Chase Set

  F1    The Crew
  F2    The Crew with Orac
  F3    The Liberator
  F4    Avon, Blake and Vila
  F5    Blake
  F6    Servalan
  F7    Avon
  F8    Vila
  F9    Jenna

Autograph Cards (1:8 packs together with sketches, costumes, plates)

S1BC    Brian Croucher as Travis [looking R, eye patch]
S1DB    David Bailie as Chevner
S1GB    Glynis Barber as Mutoid
S1GT    Gareth Thomas as Blake
S1IB    Isla Blair as Sinofar
S1IC    Ian Cullen as Escon
S1JC    Jan Chappell as Cally
S1JG    Julian Glover as Kayn
S1JL    John Leeson as Pasco
S1JL2   John Leeson as Toise
S1MK    Michael Keating as Vila
S1PD    Paul Darrow as Avon
S1SG    Stephen Greif as Travis
S1SK    Sally Knyvette as Jenna

     Dual Autograph (1:2 cases)

S1TK    Gareth Thomas as Blake / Sally Knyvette as Jenna

Printing Plate Cards

  --    (base x cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Signed Printing Plates

  --    (autograph cards)

Sketch Cards (SERIES 1-SK; occasional items SERIES 2-SK)

1-SK    Angelina Benedetti           20
1-SK    Bob Stevlic                  10
1-SK    Carolyn Edwards               4
1-SK    Chris Henderson              12
1-SK    David Day                    30
1-SK    Françle;ois Chartier             4
1-SK    Gavin Hunt                   18
1-SK    Huy Trong
1-SK    Jay Pangan III                4
1-SK    j(ay) Tracy                  25
1-SK    J.D. Seeber                  10
1-SK    James Honey Simon
1-SK    Jason "Fletch" Fletcher
1-SK    Jay Pangan III
1-SK    Lee Lightfoot                60
1, 2    M. Jason Reed                70
1-SK    Marcia Dye                   30
1-SK    Matthew Parmenter            13
1-SK    Nick "NIK" Neocleous         10
1-SK    Patrick Hamill               10
1-SK    Robert Hack                  20
1-SK    Scott Houseman               10
1-SK    Sean Pence                   10
1-SK    Wu Wei                       10

Autograph / Sketch Cards (SERIES 1-SK ACTOR)

        Gareth Thomas / Andy Fry              30
        Gareth Thomas / Carolyn Edwards        6
        Gareth Thomas / Gavin Hunt           <18
        Gareth Thomas / Jason Day
        Gareth Thomas / Marcia Dye            10
        Gareth Thomas / M. Jason Reed         18
        Gareth Thomas / Paul Cowan            16
        Jacqueline Pearce / Andy Fry
        Jacqueline Pearce / Carolyn Edwards
        Michael Keating / David Day            ?
        Michael Keating / Jay Pangan III      12
        Michael Keating / Marcia Dye
        Michael Keating / Richard Salvucci     6
        Paul Darrow / Andy Fry
        Paul Darrow / M. Jason Reed
        Paul Darrow / Marcia Dye
        Sally Knyvette / Andy Fry
        Sally Knyvette / Gavin Hunt
        Sally Knyvette / Jay Pangan III
        Sally Knyvette / M. Jason Reed
        Sally Knyvette / Paul Cowan
        Stephen Greif / Andy Fry
        Stephen Greif / Gavin Hunt
        Stephen Greif / Jay Pangan III
        Stephen Greif / Marcia Dye
        Stephen Greif / M. Jason Reed
        Stephen Greif / Paul Cowan
        Stephen Greif / Wu Wei            10

Case-Topper Cards

 SK     Sean Pence (sketch card)
 --     Servalan Made Costume Card (redemption card)
S1BB    Brian Blessed as Vargas (autograph; by redemption)
S1JP    Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan (autograph; by redemption)
S1PG    Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan / Stephen Greif as Travis (autograph; by redemption)

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive

  --    sketch card [5 cases, by redemption]


 AP1    Big Finish (Servalan in hat)
 AP1    (Blake; Applecards)
 AP1    (Servalan; Rydeclive)
 CT1    (crew; The Card Trove)
 NS1    (Avon, Blake, Vila; Non-Sports Trading Cards)
 P1     (Blake, 2012; limited to 500)
 P2     (Liberator, 2012; limited to 500)
 P3     (Avon, 2012; limited to 500)
 PT1    (Blake; Premier Trading Cards)
 TB1    (ship; Tom Breyer Unique)
 P1     Coming Soon (Strictly Ink; 2005)

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