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Blakes 7 Series 2
   Unstoppable Cards - 2014

Notes: Occasional cards used the Series 1 design. Thanks much to Mitch Singleton, 
John Walker, and Phil Hart for updates! Further information and scans are posted at 
the Unstoppable Cards website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case
Common sets (54): approx. 2.05 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                                Episode

   55   Blakes 7                             [title card]
   56   Avon with Dayna and her father       Aftemath
   57   Dayna                                Aftermath
   58   Tarrant arrests Avon                 Powerplay
   59   Cally on hospital ship               Powerplay
   60   Tarrant                              Volcano
   61   Servalan                             Volcano
   62   Onboard the Liberator                Dawn of the Gods
   63   Suit up                              Dawn of the Gods
   64   Servalan in command                  The Harvest of Kairos
   65   Alien on Kairos                      The Harvest of Kairos
   66   Jerruk                               City at the Edg of the World
   67   Bayban                               City at the Edg of the World
   68   Deadly disease                       Children of Auron
   69   Scheming                             Children of Auron
   70   Avon detained                        Rumours of Death
   71   Anna killed                          Rumours of Death
   72   Possessed                            Sarcophagus
   73   Vila in the tomb                     Sarcophagus
   74   Ultras                               Ultraworld
   75   Liberator                            Ultraworld
   76   Tarrant                              Moloch
   77   Cally                                Moloch
   78   Publicity Shot                       Death-Watch
   79   Death-Watch Publicity shot           Death-Watch
   80   Illusion                             Terminal
   81   Between takes!                       Terminal
   82   Tarrant and Avon                     Rescue
   83   Dorian                               Rescue
   84   Do as I say...                       Power
   85   Fight                                Power
   86   Hail Servalan                        Traitor
   87   Under fire                           Traitor
   88   Atlan and Vila                       Stardrive
   89   Avon and Soolin                      Stardrive
   90   Justin and Dayna                     Animals
   91   Confrontation                        Animals
   92   Vena                                 Headhunter
   93   Soolin and Orac                      Headhunter
   94   Scorpio                              Assassin
   95   Servalan and Verlis                  Assassin
   96   Servalan and Belkov                  Games
   97   Belkow                               Games
   98   Trapped?                             Sand
   99   A toast                              Sand
  100   Keiller and Soolin                   Gold
  101   Avon and Keiller                     Gold
  102   Behind the scenes [magnifying]       Orbit
  103   Behind the scenes [rolling shuttle]  Orbit
  104   Behind the scenes [compartments]     Warlord
  105   Behind the scenes [adjusting]        Warlord
  106   Blake [watching]                     Blake
  107   Blake [rotisserie]                   Blake
  108   Checklist


Gold-Foil-Stamped Chase Set

  F1    Avon
  F2    Dayna
  F3    Cally
  F4    Tarrant [blaster on elbow]
  F5    Servalan [head]
  F6    Soolin
  F7    Vila
  F8    Tarrant [blaster out]
  F9    Servalan [to waist]

Autograph Cards

 S1BB   Brian Blessed as Vargas [Series 1 design; also by redemption and case-topper]
 S1MB   Michael Briant - Director [Series 1 design]
 S2BC   Brian Croucher as Travis
 S2DT   Damien Thomas as Atlan
 S2GB   Glynis Barber as Soolin
 S2GT   Gareth Thomas as Blake
 S2JC   Jan Chappell as Cally
 S2JP   Jacqueline Pearce as Servalan
 S2JS   Josette Simon as Dayna
 S2MK   Michael Keating as Vila
 S2MT   Michael Troughton as Pilot
 S2PD   Paul Darrow as Avon
 S2RF   Richard Franklin as Trooper
 S2SP   Steven Pacey as Tarrant

     Dual Autograph Cards

 S2PK   Steven Pacey as Tarrant / Michael Keating as Vila
 S2SB   Josette Simon as Dayna / Glynis Barber as Soolin
 S2PD   Steven Pacey as Tarrant / Paul Darrow as Avon [50]

     Triple Auograph Card [c 2011]

S2KDP   Michael Keating as Vila / Paul Darrow as Avon / Steven Pacey as Tarrant [25 made]

     Late Autograph Cards [not in original packs; observed in 2015 Unstoppable Yearpack]

 S2BS   Barbara Shelley as Doctor Plaxton
 S2CB   Colin Baker as Bayban

Costume Card

 COS2   Jacqueline Pearce - Servalan
 COS3   Jacqueline Pearce - Servalan [signed; by redemption]

Case-Topper Autograph Card

 S2CH   Carol Hawkins as Kerril

Card Album (sold separately; limited to 199; 2014 also serves for Series 1)

  --    (binder)
 S2BS   Barbara Shelley as Dr. Plaxton (exclusive autograph)

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Card

 2-SK   (blank sketch card)

Printing Plate Cards

  --    (base, double autographs, single autographs)
  --    (signed, single autographs)

Autographed Sketch Cards

  --    Gareth Thomas / Gavin Hunt
  --    Gareth Thomas / Jay Pangan III
  --    Gareth Thomas / Michael Jason Reed
  --    Jacqueline Pearce / Danielle Ellison
  --    Jacqueline Pearce / David Day
  --    Jacqueline Pearce / Marcia Dye
  --    Jacqueline Pearce / Paul Cowan
  --    Jacqueline Pearce / Wu Wei
  --    Michael Keating / Andy Fry
  --    Michael Keating / M. Jason Reed
  --    Paul Darrow / Andy Fry
  --    Paul Darrow / Carolyn Edwards
  --    Paul Darrow / Jay Pangan III
  --    Paul Darrow / Wu Wei
  --    Sally Knyvette / Andy Fry

Artist Sketch Cards (usually marked Series 2-SK)

        Chris Henderson
        David Day
1-SK    Elfie Lebouleux
        Francois Chartier
        Gavin Hunt
1-SK    Huy Truong
1-SK    J.D. Seeber
        Jason "Fletch" Fletcher
2-SK    Lee Lightfoot
2-SK    M. Jason Reed
2-SK    Marcia Dye
        Matthew Parmenter
        Nick Neocleous
2-SK    Scott Houseman
        Wu Wei


APR1   (Tarrant; # to 100; AppleCards)
RPR1   (Avon and Soolin; # to 100; Radickal Trading Cards)
RPR2   (Servalan; Radickal Trading Cards)
RPR3   (Tarrant; Radickal Trading Cards)
SDPR1  (logo; # to 100; Non Sport Trading Cards UK)
SDPR2  (ship; Non Sport Trading Cards UK)
SDPR3  (6 cast; Non Sport Trading Cards UK)

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