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Blind Dates (for Women)
Exhibit Supply Co. - 1941

Notes: The 3-3/8" x 5-3/8" , blank-back cards were sold in vending machines, and were 
reprinted up through the 1970s. Featured are photos and humorous text for hypothetical 
connections. The inscription shows "Copr. 1941 Ex. Sup. Co., Chgo.,  - W-  Made in 
U.S.A.", but the year may have been suppressed for later reprints.

    Card Text

    Your blind date will reveal a couple of fine y
    This is ADENOID BEECH, D. D. (draft dodger) -
    This is BLACKIE KLINK, your blind date, a well
    BUCK PRIVATE HEVY PRATT - This is your blind d
    Here is CASTOR HOYLE, your blind date. Castor,
    CLARENCE DROOPSNOOT - This short, thick, stock
    Mr. D. TEASE - A Blind Date! Feel your heart t
    DIMMIE DUMMIE - This is not a jigsaw puzzle, l
    Please meet the DOCTOR, your blind date and a
    This is FRANKIE STEIN, Frankenstein's little b
    We present herewith a picture of banker GOTROX
    Here's HI WIDEN HANDSOME, your blind date - de
    HOGE BRISTOL - You don't know what a lucky gir
    This is HUBERT ICKEY, the gentleman with whom
    This is LAFFY ETTE, the well known athlete fro
    This is LEW DICKRUS, that tall, dark and good-
    This is LIEUTENANT TAILSPIN of the Airn Corps,
    Please meet LUCKY - your blind date. He has ju
    This is MADDERN L. FYRE, a toughie and a two-t
    Here's MR. DOUGHBOY and your blind date and ha
    This is NEWT DIEHL and your blind date. It app
    This dummy's name is OSCAR TWIDDLETWIRP, Jr. H
    Your blind date is with PEKIN KEYHOLES, the gr
    RARE PUSHOVER - There is no chance to back out
    Meet Mr. ROUNDER, your blind date. Roundie thi
    This is SEYMORE SISSPOTTS, a tired business ma
    The Fleet's In! And so is SHIPP MAIT a first c
    This is SHINE BUTTONS of the Marines. He's jus
    SLAPHAPPY LEATHERPUSHER, your blind date in th
    This is SLICKER BELLRINGER, an Ambassador of t
    This is TOUGHY BONEBUSTER, a tough mug and a w
    WILLIE MC TOOT - We know how you're going to f

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