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Block Busters
Exhibit Supply Co. - 1948

Notes: The 3-3/8" x 5-3/8" , blank-back cards were sold in vending machines, and 
were reprinted up through the 1970s. Featured are joke cartoons with captions.  The 
inscription shows "Copr. 1948 Ex. Sup. Co., Chgo.,  Made in U.S.A.", but the year 
may have been suppressed for later reprints.


    Clerk: "Anything I can show you, sir?"
    "Come on in, dear!"
    "Don't be so lazy, George. Bury it for him!"
    "Five thousand dollars! GENTLEMEN! Remember, M
    "Heck! The picture in the catalogue had a gal
    "I can't understand why R. S. just smiles at h
    "I don't know who to tell first, you or Ripley
    "I don't understand it. He's a teller in a ban
    "I think your son looks a lot like you, Mr. No
    I smell something burning. Which of you ladies
    "I'm NOT the husband - I'm the father!"
    "Is this the place that has the good food?"
    "It must be Autumn!"
    "Just as he reached for me he was overcome."
    "Now open your mouth and shut your eyes."
    "Now, Mother Robinson, no excuses - we both wa
    Ooh-h - "Dad", do you always put "Crosses" on
    "Oops . . . a bit rare."
    "Personally, I think it would be much more app
    "Please tell your daughter it's time for bed -
    Plumber - "Is your husband home?" Housewife -
    "Say, you! Keep your trunk where it bel;ongs!"
    "So she finally hooked him!"
    "Sorry - Mr. Blanke is out!"
    "The doctor says you're to avoid getting excit
    The Worm Will Turn
    There aren't any dresses left in any of the dr
    "What chart?"
    "Where's the fire, Mac?"
    "Who'd want to buy a giant?"
    "You can't charge me $2 for parking a little o
    "You see, she's a high diver with a carnival."

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