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Blood and Glory
   Asylum Studios - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Asylum blog.

350 sets produced.

  No.   Title                   Artist

   CL   Checklist

    1   Earned Freedom          Mike Babinski
    2   Ready for War           Danny Cruz
    3   Death Dealer            Dana Black
    4   To the Death            Meghan Hetrick
    5   The Killing Blow        Matt Campbell
    6   Malevolent Champion     Matt and Mick Glebe
    7   Uneven Odds             David Rabbitte
    8   Win the Crowd           Adam Geyer
    9   Undefeated              Eric Limas
   10   Last Man Standing       Grant Gould
   11   Fierce Warrior          Ashleigh Popplewell
   12   Satisfy the Mob         Chris Ozcar Fulton
   13   Unbeatable              Randy Siplon
   14   Struck Down             Gary Kezele
   15   Waiting for Judgement   Steven Miller


Sketch Cards (1:set)

        Adam Geyer
        Amber Shelton
        Anthony Gay
        Chris "Cabbie" Bradberry
        Chris Foreman
        Chris Ozcar Fulton
        Dana Black
        Daniel Wong
        Elfie Lebouleux
        François Chartier
        Frank A. Kadar
        Gary Kezele
        J.D. Seeber
        James "Bukshot" Bukauskas
        Jason Keith Phillips
        Jason Roussel
        Jerry Rascoe
        Jim Kyle
        Kris Cagle
        Matt Campbell
        Matt Glebe
        Meghan Hetrick
        Mel Uran
        Mick Glebe
        Mikey Babinski
        Mike Rooth
        Pablo Diaz
        Puis Calzada
        Rudy Vasquez
        Scott Zambelli
        Steven Miller
        Vo Nyugen

        (previously anticipated but not observed in final release)

      * Adeleso Corona
      * Chad Haverland
      * Randy Siplon
      * Tom Rasch

Asylum Studios Art Society Exclusive Base Card (Asylum Art Society Facebook Group members)

 EB1    Kris Cagle, Tommy Shelton


CNSP1   Dana Black (Chicago Non Sport Show)
PACP2   Tim Shay (Non-Sport Update, Pop Art Con)
PNSP3   (Philly Non-Sports Card Show)

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