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Blood & Roses
Sky Comics - 1994

Notes:  Distributed as a set in a factory box, with box autographed by Bob 
Hickey, containing one of the four bonus cards per box. Artwork is by Brad 
Gorby and Bob Hickey.

No.   Title

  1   Blood and Rose
  2   Time-Lord
  3   Hope LeBeck
  4   Vanessa
  5   Huntarr
  6   Marta
  7   The Eel
  8   Skorch
  9   Sky Car
 10   Tamara (Space Gear)
 11   Christiana (Space Gear)
 12   Christiana Blood
 13   Tamara Rose
 14   T-Rex
 15   Raptors
 16   Tamara (on Horse)
 17   Christiana (on Horse)
 18   Blood & Rose (Guns & Swords)
 19   Blood & Rose (Skirch & Huntarr)
 20   Vanessa (The Storyteller)
 21   Hope LeBeck (Under Fire)
 22   Christiana (vs. Huntarr)
 23   Skorch (Surprise!)
 24   Blood & Rose (vs. Raptor)

Sketch Series

 25   First Drawing by Gorby and Hickey
 26   Leaping into Danger
 27   Ready for Battle
 28   With Huntarr

 --   Check List
 --   Certificate of Authenticity
 --   Here's Your Chance to Complete Your Collection! (box insert)
 --   Blood & Roses (collector box, signed by Bob Hickey)


Gold-Foil Special Bonus Cards (blank backs; 1:box)

--    First Drawing by Gorby and Hickey
--    Leaping into Danger
--    Ready for Battle
--    With Huntarr

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