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1993 Blue Angels
Ryan Graphics - 1993

Notes:  Notes:  Packaged in hanging bubble pack.  Subtitled "47th 
Anniversary Set."  Many thanks to Tom Tyczkowski for the checklist!

No.   Title                             Role

 1A   Cmdr. Bob Stumpf, USN             Flight Leader 1
 1B   Capt. Greg Wooldridge, USN        Flight Leader 1
  2   Lt. Cmdr. Larry Packer, USN       Right Wing 2
  3   Lt. Scott Anderson, USN           Left Wing 3
  4   Lt. Doug Thompson, USN            Slot Pilot 4
  5   Capt. Ken Switzer, USMC           Lead Solo 5
  6   Lt. Cmdr. Dave Stewart, USN       Opposing Solo 6
  7   Lt. Rick Young, USN               Narrator 7
  8   Lt. Rob Surgeoner, USN            Events Coordinator 8
  9   C-130 Hercules Pilots
 10   Support Officers
 11   1993 Blue Angels
 12   Maintenance & Support
 13   Fat Albert
 14   Walkdown
 15   Diamond Roll
 16   Diamond Takeoff
 17   Line Abreast Flat Pass
 18   Sneak Pass
 19   Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornets
 20   Delta Flat Pass
 21   Year Pin (checklist)

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