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The Blue and the Gray:  Civil War Art By Mort Künstler
Keepsake Collection - 1996

Note:  Thanks much to Jim Goodwin for the updates!

Box: 48 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.31 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   The Waiting War
  2   Lincoln, Family Man
  3   The Blue and the Gray
  4   Lincoln's Inaugural Ball
  5   The Glorious Fourth
  6   It's All My Fault (left side)
  7   It's All My Fault (right side)
  8   There's the Devil to Pay
  9   Battle for the Shenandoah
 10   The Grand Review
 11   The High Water Mark (right side)
 12   the High Water Mark (left side)
 13   Lincoln-Douglas Debates
 14   Jackson at Antietam
 15   Grandest Charge Ever Seen
 16   Florida Secedes
 17   Gen. J.E.B. Stuart
 18   Oh, I Wish He Was Ours
 19   Col. Robert Shaw and the 54th Mass.
 20   Thaddeus Lowe and His Balloon
 21   Gen. John Bell Hood
 22   The Virginia Gentleman
 23   Old Pete
 24   Guns to the West
 25   The Road to Gettysburg
 26   Drummer Boy
 27   Steady, Boys, Steady!
 28   Chamberlain's Charge
 29   The Guns of Gettysburg
 30   Pickett's Salute
 31   We All Do Our Duty
 32   Virginia's Honored Sons
 33   Guides Center -- March!
 34   The Copse of Trees
 35   Gen. Reynolds and Staff
 36   A Soldier's Game
 37   The Wreckage of War
 38   A Long Way From Home
 39   Strike Up a Lively Air
 40   The Repulse
 41   Faster, Men, Faster!
 42   Try Them with the Bayonet!
 43   The Fence
 44   Rush to the Summit
 45   Follow Me!
 46   Hand to Hand
 47   Fix Bayonets!
 48   The Return of Stuart
 49   To the Wall!
 50   Model Partnership
 51   Virginia Orphan
 52   The Commanders of Manassas
 53   The Scouts of Fredericksburg
 54   General A.P. Hill
 55   Reconnaissance at Manassas
 56   On the Shoulders of Giants
 57   Lee on Traveller
 58   Jackson on Little Sorrel
 59   The Sweetest Music ...
 60   Decision at Manassas
 61   The Passing of Command
 62   I Order You Both to the Rear
 63   Old Jack's New Uniform
 64   Major Thomas J. Jackson Leaves V.M.I.
 65   Lee's Lieutenants
 66   His Supreme Moment
 67   Mr. President, This is Our Stonewall Jackson
 68   The Great Decision
 69   Night Crossing
 70   Rebel Sons of Erin
 71   The Charge at Trevilian Station
 72   The Blue and the Gray Checklist


Chromium Cards (1:24 packs)

 C1   Morgan's Raiders
 C2   Confederate Winter
 C3   Follow Me, Boys!
 C4   The Commanders of Manassas
 C5   Model Partnership
 C6   The Loneliness of Command

Autograph Card

 --   Mort Künstler

Card Album

 --   (binder)
 --   (exclusive 6-card panel)

PROMO CARDS (images do not appear in card set)

Promo Card 1
Promo Card 2

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