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Blue Ridge Parkway Playing Cards - 1st Edition
J. Scott Graham - 1998 (?)

Notes:  The set of playing cards features 53 photos by J. Scott Graham, and was 
issued as a boxed set. All playing cards have the same patterned backs.

 No.    Scene

 A S    Crabtree Falls waterfall
 2 S    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson National Forests
 3 S    Mabry Mill
 4 S    Puckett Cabin
 5 S    Pink lady slippers
 6 S    Rough Ridge
 7 S    Linville Gorge
 8 S    twenty-six tunnels
 9 S    forty-three peaks
10 S    Craggy Gardens
 J S    Jack-in-the-pulpit
 Q S    Graveyard Fields
 K S    Waterrock Knob

 A H    Peak autumn color
 2 H    Sharp Top
 3 H    E.B. Mabry's grist mill
 4 H    Five-pronged petals
 5 H    Moses Cone Estate
 6 H    visual experience
 7 H    Linville Falls
 8 H    Linville River
 9 H    Mount Mitchell
10 H    bluish haze
 J H    Bad Fork Valley
 Q H    Cold Mountain
 K H    Richland Balsam

 A D    red-tailed hawks
 2 D    Trail of Trees
 3 D    white-tailed deer
 4 D    Doughton Park
 5 D    Price Lake
 6 D    whistle pigs
 7 D    Hawksbill, Sitting Bear, the Chimneys, Table Rock
 8 D    Crabtree Falls trail
 9 D    Black Mountain range
10 D    July and October
 J D    Mt. Pisgah
 Q D    Devil's Courthouse
 K D    Redbuds bloom

 A C    Humpback Rocks
 2 C    Otter Creek
 3 C    Rock Castle Gorge Trail
 4 C    Groundhog Mountain
 5 C    Flat Top Manor
 6 C    Rosebay rhododendron
 7 C    Grandfather Mountain
 8 C    white trillium
 9 C    wildflowers usually bloom earlier
10 C    Fraser's magnolia blossom
 J C    Walnut Cove Overlook
 Q C    Looking Glass Falls
 K C    into the Great Smokies

Joker   diversity of flowering plants
Joker   diversity of flowering plants

  --    Blue Ridge Parkway [information card]
  --    J. Scott Graham [artist card]

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