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BMX Card Series
Donruss - 1984

Note:  Donruss also packaged them in 7-card packs with generic wrappers, for
use as Halloween handouts in lieu of candy.  The charming wrappers state "Your
Favorite Photo Cards or Stickers."

Box: 36 packs of 7(?) cards + 1 stick of bubble gum.
Common sets: approx. 4.27 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                           Team

  1   600B & 700P                                     Red Line
  2   500A                                            Red Line
  3   R. L. Osborn                                    Red Line
  4   D. D. Leone                                     Red Line
  5   Pro-Styler                                      Red Line
  6   1984 Factory Team                               Red Line
  7   Carrera II                                      Red Line
  8   280                                             Torker
  9   "Torker Magnum 200"                             Torker
 10   The Hutch Pro Star Complete Bike                Hutch
 11   Michael Joseph Buff (Buffy, Buff-O-Matic)       Hutch
 12   Joseph Durwood Itson                            Hutch
 13   Tim Judge (T.J.)                                Hutch
 14   Brian Deam                                      Hutch
 15   Christy Anderson                                Hutch
 16   Monte Gray (McMonte)                            Hutch
 17   Team Murray 330                                 Team Murray
 18   Team Murray X20R                                Team Murray
 19   Team Murray X20FS III                           Team Murray
 20   Team Murray                                     Team Murray
 21   Jeff Ruminer                                    Team Murray
 22   Keith Gaynor (amateur)                          Team Murray
 23   Jeff Botema                                     Team Murray
 24   Scott Clark                                     Team Murray
 25   Mike Horton (amateur)                           Team Murray
 26   Anthony Sewell                                  Team Murray
 27   Rusty Cable (amateur)                           Team Murray
 28   Predator P2600                                  Schwinn
 29   Predator Team                                   Schwinn
 30   Sting Frameset                                  Schwinn
 31   Schwinn BMX Action                              Schwinn
 32   Schwinn BMX Action                              Schwinn
 33   Schwinn BMX Action                              Schwinn
 34   Predator P2000                                  Schwinn
 35   Kuwahara Laser Lite                             Kuwahara
 36   Clint Miller - Brent Patterson - Turnell Henry  Kuwahara
 37   Clint Miller                                    Kuwahara
 38   Gary Ellis                                      Kuwahara
 39   Gary Ellis                                      Kuwahara
 40   Deric Garcia                                    Kuwahara
 41   Hyper                                           Hyper
 42   Doug Davis                                      Diamond Back
 43   Brent Romero                                    Diamond Back
 44   Brent Romero                                    Diamond Back
 45   Doug Davis                                      Diamond Back
 46   Turbo                                           Diamond Back
 47   Formula One                                     Diamond Back
 48   John Piant                                      Huffy Racing
 49   Andrew Soule                                    Huffy Racing
 50   Mike King                                       Huffy Racing
 51   Stu Thomsen                                     Huffy Racing
 52   Rodney Cooper                                   Huffy Racing
 53   Raleigh Airborne Division                       Raleigh Racing
 54   Sam Arellano                                    Raleigh Racing
 55   George Antill                                   Raleigh Racing
 56   Don Johle                                       Raleigh Racing
 57   Ron House                                       Raleigh Racing
 58   Sam Arellano                                    Raleigh Racing
 59   Check List - BMX Card Series                    Raleigh Racing

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