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Bogus Baseball
   Spoof Comics / Personality Comics - 1992

Notes: This boxed set features card fronts with color caricatures and card 
backs with spoofy text.

No.   Player                      Position

  0   Bogus Baseball [Checklist]
  1   Don Maidenly                1B
  2   Cal Ripskin                 SS
  3   Dave Megadumb               1B/3B
  4   vince Moleman               CF
  5   Paul Minotaur               2B
  6   Dave Righoofy               P
  7   Swollen Cryin'              P
  8   flayed Frogs                3B
  9   Tennis Exorcist             P
 10   Tony Goon                   OF
 11   Jack Clerk                  DH
 12   Ken Grisly, Jr.             OF
 13   Andy Can't Slide            OF
 14   Eric Dentist                OF
 15   Oozy Smith                  SS
 16   Danny Tantabull             OF
 17   Caughtsome Fish             C
 18   Knave Winfool               OF
 19   Roberto Malomar             2B
 20   Orel Hearsedriver           P
 21   Kevin Moose                 1B
 22   Jose Can't Say No           OF
 23   Bo Jinx 'Em                 OF
 24   Coward Johnson              OF
 25   Roberto Smelly              OF
 26   Handy Pliers                P
 27   Daryl Strawbunny            OF
 28   Bret Sauerbraten            P
 29   Dwight Wooden               P
 30   Roger Tremens               P
 31   Dave Bust This              OF
 32   Alan Camel                  SS
 33   Bobby Pigpen                P
 34   Ryne Sandbag                2B
 35   Roger McDull                P
 36   George Brat                 3B

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