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A Bombshell for the Sheriff (Robin Hood)
   Master Vending Co., Ltd. / Cardmaster - 1959

Notes: Cards were produced for use in vending machines, and feature color 
artwork on fronts with text and comic panels on card backs.

No.   Title

  1   The Sheriff Demands His Rent
  2   Hard Times in the Market!
  3   Little John Investigates!
  4   Melee in the Market!
  5   Little John to the Dungeons
  6   Maid Marion Meets Robin
  7   Outlaws Rack Their Brains
  8   The Hunchback of Vendome
  9   The Hunchback Laughs at Robin
 10   The Hunchback's Wager...
 11   The Tube of Thunder...
 12   Robin Pays His Wager!
 13   The Hunchback Dines with Robin
 14   The Hunchback Drops a Bombshell
 15   The Hunchback Shows His Secret
 16   Little John a Captive...
 17   Robin Visits the Blacksmith!
 18   Robin at the Castle!
 19   Robin in the Cells...
 20   Robin Breaks Prison!
 21   The Rescue of Little John
 22   Little John Loses His Chains
 23   Outlaws to The Rescue!
 24   Safe at Last!
 25   The Sheriff Freed - Too Late!

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