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Betty Boop
Dart Flipcards - 2001

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.92 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Card Text / Title / Picture                      Subset

  1    Doe-eyed and puffy-lipped, Betty Boop strutted   All About Betty
  2    Betty Boop made her first appearance on August   All About Betty
  3    Disney's combination live-action/animated 1988   All About Betty
  4    Betty Boop made the transformation from dog to   All About Betty
  5    Fleischer Studios, the New York City based gro   All About Betty
  6    The first Betty Boop comic strip, drawn by Bud   All About Betty
  7    The First Female President? Betty may have mad   All About Betty
  8    Betty's cartoons were somewhat risqué. From th   All About Betty
  9    Betty Boop has always been chased, yet chaste.   All About Betty
 10    (puzzle top left)                                Animal Magnetism
 11    (puzzle middle left)                             Animal Magnetism
 12    (puzzle bottom left)                             Animal Magnetism
 13    (puzzle top center)                              Animal Magnetism
 14    (puzzle middle center)                           Animal Magnetism
 15    (puzzle bottom center)                           Animal Magnetism
 16    (puzzle top right)                               Animal Magnetism
 17    (puzzle middle right)                            Animal Magnetism
 18    (puzzle bottom right)                            Animal Magnetism
 19    Over time, many women have been the voice of B   All About Betty
 20    Betty Boop always featured the hottest music,    All About Betty
 21    The handsome, singer/actor Rudy Vallee was Bet   All About Betty
 22    Betty Boop is more than an American star. Japa   All About Betty
 23    Betty Boop may have finished her time as a hea   All About Betty
 24    Betty Boop will soon make her return to televi   All About Betty
 25    August 9, 1930, 'Dizzy Dishes'
 26    1930, 'Barnacle Bill'
 27    1931, 'bimbo's Initiation'
 28    (puzzle, top right)                              Mona Betty
 29    (puzzle, top center)                             Mona Betty
 30    (puzzle, top left)                               Mona Betty
 31    (puzzle, middle right)                           Mona Betty
 32    (puzzle, middle center)                          Mona Betty
 33    (puzzle, middle left)                            Mona Betty
 34    (puzzle, bottom right)                           Mona Betty
 35    (puzzle, bottom center)                          Mona Betty
 36    (puzzle, bottom left)                            Mona Betty
 37    1932, 'Minnie the Moocher'
 38    1932, 'Betty Boop for President'
 39    1932, 'Boop-Oop-A-Doop'
 40    1932, 'Betty Boop, MD'
 41    1933, 'Old Man of the Mountain'
 42    1933, 'Is My Palm Read'
 43    1934, 'Red Hot Mama'
 44    1935, 'A Language All My Own'
 45    1936, 'Happy You and Merry Me'
 46    1937, 'House Cleaning Blues'
 47    1939, 'Musical Mountaineers'
 48    Who was Betty Boop's niece?                      Trivia
 49    When did Betty Boop first gain her full name?    Trivia
 50    Name one of the many actresses who gave Betty    Trivia
 51    On which leg did Betty's garter always appear?   Trivia
 52    How many 'O's' will you find in Betty's classi   Trivia
 53    The frequent voice of Betty Boop, Mae Questel,   Trivia
 54    Which Betty Boop short did the City of Philade   Trivia
 55    (puzzle left top)                                Dancing Boop
 56    (puzzle left middle)                             Dancing Boop
 57    (puzzle left bottom)                             Dancing Boop
 58    (puzzle center top)                              Dancing Boop
 59    (puzzle center middle)                           Dancing Boop
 60    (puzzle center bottom)                           Dancing Boop
 61    (puzzle right top)                               Dancing Boop
 62    (puzzle right middle)                            Dancing Boop
 63    (puzzle right bottom)                            Dancing Boop
 64    Which two Betty Boop friends are older than Be   Trivia
 65    What was the name of the first Betty Boop Cart   Trivia
 66    What was the title of Betty's final episode?     Trivia
 67    What was the name of Bimbo's younger brother?    Trivia
 68    In which Talkartoon did Betty make her first a   Trivia
 69    How many Fleischer brothers began Fleischer St   Trivia
 70    Betty may have turned many to a life of crime    Trivia
 71    In addition to Snow White, what other classic    Trivia
 72    Look what cards I've got!  [Checklist]           Trivia


All About Betty Risky Foils (1:11 packs)

RF-1   Even when she first appeared as a canine, Bett
RF-2   Animators were always aware of Betty Boop's se
RF-3   Betty may often have been pursuied, but she wa
RF-4   Betty Boop's skirt arrived long before Marilyn
RF-5   Much to her audience's disappointment, Betty's
RF-6   Because of the sugar coated cartoons being rel

Friends of Betty Boop Cards (1:16 packs)

FB-1   Pudgy
FB-2   Ko-ko The Clown
FB-3   Bimbo
FB-4   Grampy

Box Bonus Card

BT1    (Box Topper Holographic Foil)

Case Topper Card

CT1    (Max Fleischer)

Autograph Cards (1:case)

A-1    Richard Fleischer


P-1    (Not chromium)
PF-1   (Chromium, 1400 made)
C-C    (San Diego Comic Con)
 --    (Dealer sell sheet)

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©2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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