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Boy Scouts
   Goudey - 1933

Notes: Reference number R26. Card fronts identify the issuer as "Some Boy 
Bubble Gum."

No.   Title                                  Subset

  1   A Scout is Courteous                   Scout Code Series
  2   A Scout is Helpful                     Scout Code Series
  3   A Scout is Brave                       Scout Code Series
  4   A Scout is Clean                       Scout Code Series
  5   The North Star Compass                 Astronomy Series
  6   Cruising in a Canoe                    Boating Series
  7   The Sailboat                           Boating Series
  8   The Pheasant Family                    Bird Series
  9   Fire Prevention                        Woodcraft Series
 10   A Totem Pole for Your Camp             Indian Lore Series
 11   Map Making                             Pathfinding Series
 12   Archery                                Marksmanship Series
 13   Sheep Clouds                           Weather Wisdom Series
 14   Thunder Clouds                         Weather Wisdom Series
 15   The Great Ice Age                      Story of the Earth
 16   The Hooded Cobra                       Reptile Series
 17   Below the Earth's Surface              Story of the Earth
 18   Building an Indian Tepee               Handicraft Series
 19   The Yellow Perch                       Fish Series
 20   Homemade Moccasins                     Handicraft Series
 21   A Handy Fireplace                      Camp Life Series
 22   Sharks                                 Fish Series
 23   A Simple Sun Dial                      Astronomy Series
 24   A Broken Arm                           First Aid Series
 25   Trail Blazing                          Pathfinder Series
 26   Making an Eye Splice                   Rope and Knots
 27   The French Bowline                     Rope and Knots
 28   A Shelter for the Night                Woodcraft Series
 29   The Robin                              Bird Series
 30   Indian Sign Language                   Indian Lore Series
 31   Testing a Ford                         Safety Always Series
 32   Dinosaurs of Long Ago                  Reptile Series
 33   Wig Wag Signals                        Signs and Signals
 34   Sliced Meat and Potatoes on a Stick    Camp Cooking Series
 35   Boiling Corn                           Camp Cooking Series
 36   The Principle of Steam                 Experiment Series
 37   Talking with Smoke                     Signs and Signals
 38   Covered Wagon Days                     Travel Series
 39   The Knife                              Tool Series
 40   The Scout Axe                          Tool Series
 41   Field Hockey                           Outdoor Sports Series
 42   Hiking                                 Outdoor Sports Series
 43   Bringing Him Back to Life              First Aid Series
 44   Modern Air Travel                      Travel Series
 45   Pitching Horseshoes                    Marksmanship Series
 46   A Woodland Hut                         Camp Life Series
 47   The Law of Gravity                     Experiment Series
 48   Saving the Train                       Safety Always Series

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