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Lime Rock - 1994

Notes:  Also distributed as a limited factory set in binder, limited to 500 copies,
including all nine "prototypes" (six regular and three prismatic foils).  Three of
the prototypes and the checklist are part of the basic 54-card set.  Thanks much
to Todd Jordan and to LMA for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.96 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Scene                              Type

  1  Gorilla abduction                  Animation
  2  Lion larynx                        Animation
  3  Skunk doctor                       Animation
  4  Spaced helmets                     Animation
  5  Zapped by ripple rays              Animation
  6  Bozocoptor                         Animation
  7  Water ski periscope                Animation
  8  Flyin' orange hair                 Still
  9  Mariner                            On Tour
 10  Vomit comet                        On Tour
 11  Fire gantry                        On Tour
 12  Cycling ranger directions          On Tour
 13  Escape artist prep                 On Tour
 14  Oktoberfest lamp post              On Tour
 15  Hula attempts                      On Tour
 16  On the red stage                   On The Air
 17  Balloon hair style                 On The Air
 18  Grammophone toyroom                On The Air
 19  Nosing with bird puppet            On The Air
 20  Sketchboard artistry               On The Air
 21  Holding balloons                   On The Air
 22  Mimicking Bozo doll                On The Air
 23  Lineup with plaid & kids           On The Air
 24  Comfort the puppet                 On The Air
 25  Globe spinning                     Still
 26  King for a day                     Still
 27  The Prez                           On Tour
 28  Eiffel release                     On Tour
 29  White House victory                On Tour
 30  Down the long slide                On Tour
 31  Horses on parade                   On Tour
 32  Feigned surprise                   On The Air
 33  Surry with the fringe              On The Air
 34  Wheel of fortune                   On The Air
 35  Reach the clock                    On The Air
 36  At Bozo's Place                    On The Air
 37  What's happenin'                   Still
 38  Bananas                            Still
 39  Pilgrim poser                      On Tour
 40  Trading laps                       On The Air
 41  Pizza crust first                  On Tour
 42  In the Bozomobile                  On Tour
 43  Frog with the bison                On The Air
 44  Cutting the cake                   On Tour
 45  Tossing the first pitch            On Tour
 46  Kicking up a good time             On The Air
 47  Got milk?                          On The Air
 48  Filming the Big Top                On The Air
 49  Doing the Freddie                  On The Air
 50  A sly grin                         Still
 P1  Prototype (same image as Card 1)   Prototype
 P2  Prototype (same image as Card 2)   Prototype
 P3  Prototype (same image as Card 50)  Prototype
---  Check List                         Check List

---  Bozo Birthday Phone Card           Merchandise Offer


Prism Cards (1:18 packs)

1    (Football)
2    (Golf)
3    (Baseball)
P1   (Prototype; found in boxes/packs)

Card Album

--   (vinyl binder)
--   (9-pocket pages)
--   (distributed either with or without the 9 prototype cards below)

PROMO CARDS (marked "prototype")

P1   (Bozo with gorilla)
P2   (looking into lion's mouth)
P3   (Bozo photo)
P4   (Bozo with two women, photo)
P5   (Bozo and bananas, photo)
P6   (Water skiing)
P1   (Football; prism)
P2   (Golf; prism)
P3   (Baseball; prism)

©1999, 2000, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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