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Brainstorm Unlimited
Brainstorm Comics - 1993/1994

Note:  This set is made from cards that were, for the most part, inserts in comics.
Brainstorm repackaged them and sold them as "unlimited" boxed sets (similar to
the Luxura and Vamperotica 18-card sets), but these sets were not identical.

Title                         Artist

Blood Hunter [raised sword]   Kirk Lindo
Blood Hunter [lowered sword]  Kirk Lindo
Christian "Whitey" Black      Scott Harrison
Dawn                          Kirk Lindo
Drifter                       Kurt Wimberger, Franco Aureliani
Headhunter                    Kirk Lindo
Katbat                        Mike Halbleib
Linnea Steele                 Scott Harrison
Lucy Lee                      Scott Harrison
Luxura [eyes up]              Kirk Lindo
Luxura [eyes down]            Kirk Lindo
Nyght School                  Mike Halbleib
Parting Shots                 Mike Halbleib
Rescueman                     Kirk Lindo
Shotgun                       Kirk Lindo
The Captain
The Crew
The Doctor
The Matrix Plane              Scott Harrison
The Ship
Xena                          Kirk Lindo

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