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Brave (Disney) Album Stickers
   Panini - 2012

Notes: Set completion will often depend on acquiring the gold and canvas patterned 
stickers. Boxes and packs in USA had a single format, while sticker backs showed 
the title in one of seven languages: Brave - Brave: Coraggiosa e Ribelle - Brave: Indo-
mavel - Brave (Indomable) - Cesur - Merida: Legende der Highlands - Rebelle. Further 
information and scans are posted at the Panini website.

Box: 50 packs of 6 stickers + 1 gold or canvas sticker.
Common sets (204): approx. 1.39 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Description                             Type

  1   castle
  2   Merida with bow                         gold
  3   Mor'du, giant demon bear
  4   Merida chews apple
  5   Merida ponders with lyre
  6   Merida and Queen Elinor                 gold
  7   Merida ponders maps
  8   Merida and anthill
  9   climbing sheer cliff
 10   Angus, the horse                        gold
 11   riding into gate
 12   swordplay with King Fergus
 13   Merida smiling at table
 14   brother yawning
 15   Fergus with meal
 16   Merida with rolls
 17   Fergus raises right arm
 18   Fergus laughs
 19   Merida with Furgus and drumstick
 20   Elinor reads                            gold
 21   Merida purses lips
 22   Elinor smiles
 23   Merida is outraged
 24   Elinor speaks to Merida
 25   Elinor holds brush
 26   Fergus ponders
 27   Queen Elinor (portrait)                 gold
 28   King Fergus (portrait)                  gold
 29   Fergus looms behind Elinor
 30   Elinor holds tapestry
 31   Fergus over Elinor's shoulder
 32   tapestry behind Elinor
 33   Fergus grabs knuckles
 34   Elinor clutches chest
 35   three brothers                          gold
 36   Elinor ponders
 37   Merida sits with books
 38   Merida walks with Elinor
 39   Merida startled
 40   formal Merida with Elinor
 41   Lord Macintosh and sail
 42   sailing ship
 43   Elinor consoles formal Merida
 44   formal Merida walks away
 45   formal Merida (head shot)               gold
 46   Queen Elinor (head shot)
 47   King Fergus (head and chest)
 48   Elinor leaving throne room
 49   Fergus opens Highland Games
 50   Young Macintosh raises nose
 51   Young MacGuffin raises nose
 52   Young Macintosh (portrait)              gold
 53   Lord Macintosh speaks
 54   Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin
 55   Lord Dingwall and guard
 56   crowd around banner (left)
 57   crowd around banner (right)
 58   ?                                       gold
 59   Wee Dingwall
 60   ?                                       gold
 61   Wee Dingwall pounds head
 62   Lord MacGuffin punches
 63   Young Macintosh aims sword
 64   Fergus and Macintosh
 65   Elinor hands on hips
 66   formal Merida hand on face
 67   Fergus flops on populace
 68   formal Merida leans on wrist
 69   Elinor orates (left)
 70   Elinor orates (right)
 71   formal Merida waves
 72   Elinor and Fergus delighted
 73   Young MacGuffin raises bow
 74   formal Merida whispers to Fergus
 75   Young Macintosh aims bow
 76   Lord Macintosh hollers
 77   Wee Dingwall aims bow
 78   Lord Dingwall moons Fergus
 79   Merida and Elinor face to face
 80   Merida aims bow
 81   Merida drawing bow (portrait)           gold
 82   Elinor shocked
 83   Merida aims bow at target
 84   arrow in bullseye
 85   Elinor views pyle
 86   Merida leans on sword
 87   Elinor points
 88   Merida, concerned
 89   tapestry behind Merida
 90   Merida points sword                     gold
 91   Elinor oh-my
 92   sword pierces tapestry
 93   Elinor horrified
 94   Elinor hands over face
 95   Merida injured on Angus
 96   Merida hands over face
 97   galloping over landscape
 98   Merida and Angus survey
 99   Merida on ground
100   Merida in stone circle
101   Merida head shot
102   Merida and Argo enter forest
103   Merida walks in clearing
104   Merida approaches will-o-the-wisp
105   regoliths loom
106   Angus in forest
107   Merida creeps forward
108   Merida and candles
109   Witch and raven
110   Witch and ring
111   Witch leads the way
112   drawing cake from cauldron
113   Queen eats cake
114   Merida smiles
115   Merida pours tea
116   holding cake                            gold
117   presenting cake to Elinor
118   Merida holds Elinor up
119   Elinor feeling faint
120   Elinor transformed to bear
121   Merida points to tapestry
122   Fergus concerned                        gold
123   Macintosh, Dingell, MacGuffin
124   triplets with roast fowl
125   Merida holds bow
126   Queen Bear with owl
127   Merida at crypt
128   Queen Bear concerned
129   Queen Bear examines claws
130   Merida raises arrowed fish
131   Queen Bear holds dignity
132   Merida examines broken plate
133   Merida carries bow
134   Bear catches fish
135   Merida smiles at feat
136   Merida concerned with quiver
137   Merida leads Bear
138   Merida watchful in dark
139   concerned Bear
140   Merida views statues
141   Merida views shipwreck
142   Mor'du snarls
143   Mor'du snarls (profile)
144   Queen Bear defends                      gold
145   Merida amazed
146   Merida reaches out
147   Merida reaches upward
148   hand on Queen Bear back
149   clans prepare for war
150   Merida addresses clans
151   Merida peers upward
152   Fergus wields spear at Queen Bear
153   Queen Bear snarls
154   Merida approaches Fergus
155   Triplets ogle cake
156   Triplets as Cubs
157   Brother peers through window
158   Lady with key
159   Cub takes key
160   Merida spreads tapestry
161   Merida mends tapestry
162   horseback with torch
163   Bear head over paw
164   Dingwall, Fergus, Macintosh ride
165   roping Queen Bear
166   Cubs light Merida's repairs
167   Merida raises sword to Fergus
168   Mor'du threatens Merida
169   Dingwall, MacGuffin lead Bear
170   ghostly figure
171   Queen Bear fights Mor'du
172   tapestry over Queen Bear
173   happy family, all transformed back
174   Elinor and Merida tapestry (left)
175   Elinor and Merida tapestry (right)
176   Elinor and Merida ride to cliff

B1    Cubs                                    gold
B2    sword in tapestry
B3    Merida and Angus (top)                  gold
B4    Merida and Angus (bottom)               gold
B5    horse in tapestry
B6    Merida (top)                            canvas
B7    Merida (center)                         canvas
B8    Merida (bottom)                         canvas
B9    bird in tapestry
B10   deer in tapestry
B11   Bear and Merida (left)                  canvas
B12   Bear and Merida (middle)                canvas
B13   Bear and Merida (right)                 canvas
B14   Queen Elinor before tapestry
B15   King Fergus before tapestry
B16   predator in tapestry
B17   cauldron in tapestry
B18   Cubs (portrait)                         gold
B19   Merida, Fergus, Elinor (top left)       canvas
B20   Merida, Fergus, Elinor (top right)      canvas
B21   Merida, Fergus, Elinor (center left)    canvas
B22   Merida, Fergus, Elinor (center right    canvas
B23   Merida, Fergus, Elinor (bottom left)    canvas
B24   Merida, Fergus, Elinor (bottom right)   canvas
B25   Elinor, Merida, Fergus (top left)       gold
B26   Elinor, Merida, Fergus (top right)      gold
B27   Elinor, Merida, Fergus (bottom left)    gold
B28   Elinor, Merida, Fergus (bottom right)   gold

--    (sticker album)

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©2012 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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