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Breygent Super Special Sketch Packs 2016
   Breygent Marketing - 2016

Notes: 250 packs were made, 1 sketch per pack in toploaders with gold seal, for the 
2016 San Diego Comic Con.


 1/1    Achilleas Kokkinakis
 1/1    Carolyn Edwards
 1/1    Chris Hoffman
 1/1    Gabe Farber
 1/1    Helga Wojik
 1/1    J.D. Seeber               Includes Patrick Macnee as John Steed: Memoriam Tribute Sketch x of 10
 1/1    Jennifer Allyn
 1/1    Keith Carter
 1/1    Kimberly Dunaway
 1/1    Kris Penix
 1/1    Kristin Allen
 1/1    Lak Lim
 1/1    Melike Acar
 1/1    Mick + Matt Glebe
 1/1    Rhiannon Owens
 1/1    Scott Rorie
 1/1    Tim Levandoski
 1/1    Tim Shay
 1/1    Veronica O'COnnell
 1/1    Wu Wei

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