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(Frank Buck's) Bring 'Em Back Alive
   Topps - 1950

Notes: Reference number R714-2. The set is based in part on Gum Inc.'s 1938 
Frank Buck set. It was followed in numbered sequence by cards 101-200 from 
Animals of the World.

No.   Title                         Subset

  1   Avenging Teeth                Fighting Animals
  2   A Coward Strikes              Fighting Animals
  3   Tons of Death                 Fighting Animals
  4   Food for the Killer           Fighting Animals
  5   Jungle Fear                   Fighting Animals
  6   Fight for Life                Man Against Beast
  7   The Blazing Destroyer         Dangerous Living
  8   Deadly Darts                  Dangerous Living
  9   Giants of the Jungle          Dangerous Living
 10   Jungle Expedition             Civilization Farewell
 11   Enemy Invasion                Dangerous Living
 12   Flight over the Jungle        Civilization Farewell
 13   Lost among the Head Hungers   Dangerous Living
 14   Tribal Frenzy                 Dangerous Living
 15   Dangerous Living              Dangerous Living
 16   Jungle War                    Dangerous Living
 17   Deadly Fire                   Dangerous Living
 18   Cornered by Wolves            Fighting Animals
 19   Roaring Fury                  Civilization Farewell
 20   The Lioness Springs           Fighting Animals
 21   Race against Death            Fighting Animals
 22   Flying Featehrs               Fighting Animals
 23   Antelope Battle               Fighting Animals
 24   Dragged to Death              Man Against Beast
 25   The Killer Escapes            Homeward Bound
 26   Challenge to Battle           Fighting Animals
 27   Killer of the North           Fighting Animals
 28   Snake Woman                   Dangerous Living
 29   Fighting Men of Africa        Dangerous Living
 30   River Kings of the Jungle     Dangerous Living
 31   Jungle Telegraph              Dangerous Living
 32   The Great Adventurer          Civilization Farewell
 33   The Wolf Pack Attacks         Fighting Animals
 34   "Turtle Monster"              Man Against Beast
 35   The Hunter Is Hunted          Dangerous Living
 36   Flirting with Death           Man Against Beast
 37   Call for Help                 Dangerous Living
 38   The King's Helper             Dangerous Living
 39   Test of Strength              Dangerous Living
 40   Witch Doctor                  Dangerous Living
 41   Land of Evil Spirits          Dangerous Living
 42   Drums in the Night            Dangerous Living
 43   Helped by Pygmies             Civilization Farewell
 44   Jungle Night                  Dangerous Living
 45   Quicksand                     Dangerous Living
 46   Raid for Slaves               Dangerous Living
 47   Drums                         Dangerous Living
 48   Gods of the Fire              Dangerous Living
 49   Plea for Mercy                Dangerous Living
 50   Night Attack                  Dangerous Living
 51   Cannibal Torture              Dangerous Living
 52   Sudden Death                  Dangerous Living
 53   Unexpected Danger             Man Against Beast
 54   Lassoing a Leopard            Homeward Bound
 55   Jungle King's Capture         Man Against Beast
 56   Silent Killer                 Man Against Beast
 57   The Ape Is Tricked            Man Against Beast
 58   Death Comes Close             Man Against Beast
 59   The Deadly Cobra Strikes      Homeward Bound
 60   A Killer Is Created           Fighting Animals
 61   Leopard Overboard             Homeward Bound
 62   A Monster Trapped             Man Against Beast
 63   Struggle for Life             Fighting Animals
 64   A Jungle Fight                Fighting Animals
 65   Food for an Elephant          Homeward Bound
 66   Jungle Trick                  Man Against Beast
 67   Tiger on the Hunt             Man Against Beast
 68   Snaring a Monster Lizard      Man Against Beast
 69   Water Is the Enemy            Homeward Bound
 70   Trapped by Greed              Man Against Beast
 71   Race with a Python            Man Against Beast
 72   Ape in the Tree-Top           Man Against Beast
 73   Terror of the Jungle          Fighting Animals
 74   Deadly Jaws                   Fighting Animals
 75   Ripping Claws                 Fighting Animals
 76   Tracks of a Killer            Man Against Beast
 77   Monkeys on the Loose          Homeward Bound
 78   Tiny Killer                   Fighting Animals
 79   Slashing Teeth                Fighting Animals
 80   The Python's Coils Crush      Fighting Animals
 81   Curing a Tiger                Homeward Bound
 82   A Leopard Is Caught           Man Against Beast
 83   A Wild Elephant Noosed        Man Against Beast
 84   Dashed to Death               Dangerous Living
 85   Cowboy on Shipbord            Homeward Bound
 86   Back to the Wild              Man Against Beast
 87   The Tigers Feud               Homeward Bound
 88   A Night with a Tiger          Man Against Beast
 89   Hero of the Swamp             Dangerous Living
 90   A Tiger Leaps                 Man Against Beast
 91   Tossed by an Elephant         Homeward Bound
 92   Trapping an Orang-utang       Man Against Beast
 93   Suspense at the Trap          Man Against Beast
 94   A Knife Saves a Child         Dangerous Living
 95   An Ape Takes the Count        Homeward Bound
 96   Swallowed Alive               Man Against Beast
 97   Lightning Claws               Homeward Bound
 98   Chased by a Bear              Man Against Beast
 99   Desperation and Death         Man Against Beast
100   Jungle Emergency              Man Against Beast

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