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Fantasy Art of Michael Bruinsma
   NostalgiCards - 2001

Notes: Well, it looks like it is useful to provide information on sets that were
cancelled or postponed, but for which cards at least 3 cards are available.  Thanks 
much to Uschi Lohnes for the tip! I had really been looking forward to this set ... 
The original plan was to produce 1500 factory sets of 36 cards plus an autographed 
card, with an autographed P-1 promo inserted in only 100 6-set "cases."

Distribution of this set has been postponed.

No.   Title


 P-1  (scarce; only 150 printed; most distributed to pre-order customers)
 P-2  Coming Fall 2001 (general distribution)
 P-2  Coming Fall 2001 (general distribution)

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