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Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Connections
   Inkworks - 2003

Notes:  In one pack, I found a "mirror" card -- totally blank, but with a shiny
silver surface.  Maybe this was a test to see if I could see my own reflection.
Did anybody else find one of these oddities (probably a printing/packaging
error)?  Thanks to Joann Girard and Dori Smith for updates!  Further information
and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards + 1 parallel card.
Common sets: approx. 1.59 per box if collation were perfect.
Parallel sets: approximately 1 per 3.0 boxes.

 No.    Title


   1    Connections [Title Card]
   2    Buffy + Dad: Early Connection
   3    Buffy + Angel: First Love Connection
   4    Buffy + Angelus: Dangerous Connection
   5    Buffy + Angel : Magical Connection
   6    Buffy + Riley: Tender Connection
   7    Buffy + Mom + Dawn: Family Connection
   8    Buffy + Giles: Fatherly Connection
   9    Buffy + Spike: Evil Connection


  10    Angel + Darla: Early Connection
  11    Angel + Darla: Lust Connection
  12    Angel + Drusilla : Passionate Connection
  13    Angel + Buffy: Fated Connection
  14    Angel + Buffy: Magical Connection
  15    Angel + Buffy: Redeeming Connection
  16    Angel + Buffy: Sundered Connection
  17    Angel + Buffy: Comforting Connection
  18    Angel + Faith: Dangerous Connection


  19    Spike + Drusilla : Early Connection
  20    Spike + Buffy: Unexpected Connection
  21    Spike + Joyce: Motherly Connection
  22    Spike + Willow: Unexpected Connection
  23    Spike + Buffy: Magical Connection
  24    Spike + Harmony: Lust Connection
  25    Spike + Buffy: Tender Connection
  26    Spike + Buffy: Passionate Connection
  27    Spike + The First: Evil Connection


  28    Willow + Xander: Early Connection
  29    Willow + Oz : First Love Connection
  30    Willow + Tara: Unexpected Connection
  31    Willow + Tara: Magical Connection
  32    Willow + Buffy: Central Connection
  33    Willow + Tara : Eternal Connection
  34    Willow + Xander: Enduring Connection
  35    Willow + Giles: Redeeming Connection
  36    Willow + Warren: Evil Connection


  37    Xander + Willow: Early Connection
  38    Xander + Cordelia: Lust Connection
  39    Xander + Faith: Dangerous Connection
  40    Xander + Xander: Magical Connection
  41    Xander + Buffy: Central Connection
  42    Xander + Anya: Passionate Connection
  43    Xander + Spike: Hate Connection
  44    Xander + Anya: Enduring Connection
  45    Xander + Willow: Evil Connection


  46    Giles + Buffy: Early Connection
  47    Giles + Jenny: First Love Connection
  48    Giles + Ethan Rayne: Hate Connection
  49    Giles + Jenny: Tragic Connection
  50    Giles + Buffy: Central Connection
  51    Giles + Joyce: Magical Connection
  52    Giles + Spike: Tentative Connection
  53    Giles + The Watcher's Council: Enduring Connection
  54    Giles + Glory/Ben: Evil Connection


  55    Anya + Olaf: Early Connection
  56    Anya + Xander: Desperate Connection
  57    Anya + Capitalism: Unexpected Connection
  58    Anya + Giles: Magical Connection
  59    Anya + Buffy: Tentative Connection
  60    Anya + Xander: Passionate Connection
  61    Anya + Spike: Lust Connection
  62    Anya + Halfrek: Enduring Connection
  63    Anya + D'Hoffryn: Evil Connection


  64    Dawn + Mom: Early Connection
  65    Dawn + Xander: Crush Connection
  66    Dawn + Tara: Understanding Connection
  67    Dawn + Spike : Brotherly Connection
  68    Dawn + Buffy: Central Connection
  69    Dawn + Sweet: Magical Connection
  70    Dawn + Justin: First Kiss Connection
  71    Dawn + Ben/Glory: Evil Connection
  72    Checklist


Slayer's Circle Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

 SC1    Angel: I can stay in town as long as you want
 SC2    Giles: Sorry to barge in. We have a slight Apo
 SC3    Spike: But we're not best friends anymore, so
 SC4    Xander: Seven years, Dawn. Working with the Sl
 SC5    Buffy: There is only one thing on this earth m
 SC6    Willow: Well, that's what I do.
 SC7    Dawn: No, she's MY sister.
 SC8    Buffy: This whole thing is all about death. ..
 SC9    Willow: When did you get all insightful?

Heartbreaks Foil Cards (1:14 packs)

 HB1    Spike + Buffy
 HB2    Xander + Anya
 HB3    Willow + Tara
 HB4    Angel + Buffy
 HB5    Dawn + Buffy + Joyce
 HB6    Buffy

Pieceworks Dual Costume Cards (1:24 packs)

PWC-1   Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy and James Marsters as Spike ("Dead Things")
           [skirt; pants]
           [top; shirt]
           [skirt; shirt]
           [top; pants]
PWC-2   Emma Caulfield as Anya and Nicholas Brendan as Xander ("As You Were")
           [top, full lace; pants]
           [top, half lace half green; pants]
           [skirt; shirt]
           [top, full lace; shirt]
           [top, half lace half green; shirt]
           [skirt; pants]
PWC-3   Alyson Hannigan as Willow and Amber Benson as Tara ("Seeing Red")
           [jeans; skirt]
           [top; top]
           [top; skirt]
           [jeans; top]

Box Loader (Foil) Cards

BL-1    First Love ("Surprise")
BL-2    Doomed Love ("Into the Woods")
BL-3    Mad Love ("Dead Things")

Case Loader (Die-Cut) Card

CL-1    "We have been here since the beginning..." (Coffin Card)

Collector Album (sold separately)

  --    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Connections (padded binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

  --    Slayer's Circle (9 Card Puzzle)

PARALLEL SET (1 card per pack)

BC1     Connections [Title Card]
BC2     Buffy + Dad: Early Connection
BC3     Buffy + Angel: First Love Connection
BC4     Buffy + Angelus: Dangerous Connection
BC5     Buffy + Angel : Magical Connection
BC6     Buffy + Riley: Tender Connection
BC7     Buffy + Mom + Dawn: Family Connection
BC8     Buffy + Giles: Fatherly Connection
BC9     Buffy + Spike: Evil Connection
BC10    Angel + Darla: Early Connection
BC11    Angel + Darla: Lust Connection
BC12    Angel + Drusilla : Passionate Connection
BC13    Angel + Buffy: Fated Connection
BC14    Angel + Buffy: Magical Connection
BC15    Angel + Buffy: Redeeming Connection
BC16    Angel + Buffy: Sundered Connection
BC17    Angel + Buffy: Comforting Connection
BC18    Angel + Faith: Dangerous Connection
BC19    Spike + Drusilla : Early Connection
BC20    Spike + Buffy: Unexpected Connection
BC21    Spike + Joyce: Motherly Connection
BC22    Spike + Willow: Unexpected Connection
BC23    Spike + Buffy: Magical Connection
BC24    Spike + Harmony: Lust Connection
BC25    Spike + Buffy: Tender Connection
BC26    Spike + Buffy: Passionate Connection
BC27    Spike + The First: Evil Connection
BC28    Willow + Xander: Early Connection
BC29    Willow + Oz : First Love Connection
BC30    Willow + Tara: Unexpected Connection
BC31    Willow + Tara: Magical Connection
BC32    Willow + Buffy: Central Connection
BC33    Willow + Tara : Eternal Connection
BC34    Willow + Xander: Enduring Connection
BC35    Willow + Giles: Redeeming Connection
BC36    Willow + Warren: Evil Connection
BC37    Xander + Willow: Early Connection
BC38    Xander + Cordelia: Lust Connection
BC39    Xander + Faith: Dangerous Connection
BC40    Xander + Xander: Magical Connection
BC41    Xander + Buffy: Central Connection
BC42    Xander + Anya: Passionate Connection
BC43    Xander + Spike: Hate Connection
BC44    Xander + Anya: Enduring Connection
BC45    Xander + Willow: Evil Connection
BC46    Giles + Buffy: Early Connection
BC47    Giles + Jenny: First Love Connection
BC48    Giles + Ethan Rayne: Hate Connection
BC49    Giles + Jenny: Tragic Connection
BC50    Giles + Buffy: Central Connection
BC51    Giles + Joyce: Magical Connection
BC52    Giles + Spike: Tentative Connection
BC53    Giles + The Watchers' Council: Enduring Connection
BC54    Giles + Glory/Ben: Evil Connection
BC55    Anya + Olaf: Early Connection
BC56    Anya + Xander: Desperate Connection
BC57    Anya + Capitalism: Unexpected Connection
BC58    Anya + Giles: Magical Connection
BC59    Anya + Buffy: Tentative Connection
BC60    Anya + Xander: Passionate Connection
BC61    Anya + Spike: Lust Connection
BC62    Anya + Halfrek: Enduring Connection
BC63    Anya + D'Hoffryn: Evil Connection
BC64    Dawn + Mom: Early Connection
BC65    Dawn + Xander: Crush Connection
BC66    Dawn + Tara: Understanding Connection
BC67    Dawn + Spike : Brotherly Connection
BC68    Dawn + Buffy: Central Connection
BC69    Dawn + Sweet: Magical Connection
BC70    Dawn + Justin: First Kiss Connection
BC71    Dawn + Ben/Glory: Evil Connection
BC72    Checklist


P-1     (Dawn and Buffy; general distribution)
P-1P    (parallel; general distribution)
P-UK    (Giles and Buffy; UK distribution)
P-UKP   (Giles and Buffy; parallel blue; UK distribution)
P-i     (Angel and Buffy; exclusive)
P-FOA   Friends of Allan's (scarce; sent to selected dealers for continued support,
          or presented to fans who registered at the Inkworks booth at cons.
          Allan Caplan is the president and founder of Inkworks.)
 --     Available April 2003! (dealer sell sheet)

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©2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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