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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Palz
   Inkworks - 2004/2005

Notes: These cards were issued with Palisades Palz block action figures. 
Many thanks to Mario van Ginkel for the lists and to David Rosciszewski 
for updates!

No.   Title


 01   Buffy
 02   Giles
 03   Xander & Giles & Willow
 04   Xander
 05   Darla
 06   The Master
 07   Buffy & Angel
 08   Evil Clown   [Nightmare Xander lunchbox exclusive]
 09   Buffy


 10   Buffy
 11   Cordelia
 12   Oz
 13   Jenny Calendar
 14   Drusilla
 15   Spike
 16   Kendra
 17   Willow   [also in AFX Halloween pack]

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