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Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Memories
   Inkworks - 2006

Note: Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards. 10 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.67 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Title                                     Subtitle / Episode

      1    Buffy Memories [title card]


      2    Arrival                                   Early Memory
      3    Kiss                                      Passionate Memory
      4    Angelus                                   Sorrowful Memory
      5    Friend or Foe?                            Bitter Memory
      6    Alive Again                               Frightening Memory
      7    Kitten Poker                              Funny Memory
      8    Drawn to Spike                            Passionate Memory
      9    Final Battle                              Fateful Memory


     10    New Blood                                 Early Memory
     11    Losing Jenny                              Sorrowful Memory
     12    Working Retail                            Funny Memory
     13    Watcher's Nightmare                       Sorrowful Memory
     14    Watcher Turned Slayer                     Frightening Memory
     15    Buffy Lives                               Joyful Memory
     16    Channel of Power                          Fateful Memory
     17    Last Watcher                              Dutiful Memory
     18    Leaving the Hellmouth                     Fond Memory


     19    Volunteer                                 Early Memory
     20    Fluke                                     Fond Memory
     21    Doubled                                   Funny Memory
     22    Anya                                      Passionate Memory
     23    Proposing                                 Fond Memory
     24    Duped                                     Sorrowful Memory
     25    Jealous                                   Angry Memory
     26    Facing Willow                             Frightening Memory
     27    Wounded                                   Fateful Memory


     28    Befriending Buffy                         Early Memory
     29    Doppelganger                              Frightening Memory
     30    Oz                                        Passionate Memory
     31    Captive                                   Funny Memory
     32    Raising Buffy                             Fateful Memory
     33    Reunited                                  Passionate Memory
     34    Dark                                      Frightening Memory
     35    New Love                                  Passionate Memory
     36    Transcendent                              Fateful Memory


     37    Popular                                   Early Memory
     38    Bound                                     Frightening Memory
     39    Xander                                    Fond Memory
     40    Disrespected                              Angry Memory
     41    Discovered                                Shocking Memory
     42    Together                                  Frightening Memory
     43    Broke                                     Sad Memory
     44    Prom                                      Fond Memory
     45    Graduation                                Fateful Memory


     46    Liam                                      Early Memory
     47    Evil                                      Guilty Memory
     48    Slain                                     Sorrowful Memory
     49    Together                                  Passionate Memory
     50    Breaking Off                              Sad Memory
     51    Ideal                                     Dream Memory
     52    Poor Apologies                            Sad Memory
     53    Forever                                   Sorrowful Memory
     54    Leaving                                   Fateful Memory


     55    Another Day                               Early Memory
     56    Loss                                      Sorrowful Memory
     57    Returned                                  Desperate Memory
     58    Menaced                                   Fearful Memory
     59    Resolved                                  Sorrowful Memory
     60    Neglected                                 Sad Memory
     61    Bride                                     Fearful Memory
     62    Clem                                      Fond Memory
     63    Sister                                    Proud Memory


     64    Aud                                       Early Memory
     65    Stuck                                     Frightening Memory
     66    Capitalist                                Fond Memory
     67    Singing Bride                             Dream Memory
     68    Demon                                     Sorrowful Memory
     69    Bunny Fear                                Funny Memory
     70    Slain                                     Fearful Memory
     71    Halfrek                                   Guilty Memory
     72    Gone                                      Sorrowful Memory


     73    Poet                                      Early Memory
     74    Drusilla                                  Passionate Memory
     75    Good Day                                  Fond Memory
     76    Harmony                                   Funny Memory
     77    Niblet                                    Fond Memory
     78    Ensouled                                  Fateful Memory
     79    Mum                                       Frightening Memory
     80    Enchanted Evening                         Fond Memory
     81    Champion                                  Fateful Memory


     82    Willow                                    Early Memory
     83    Commitement                               Fond Memory
     84    Attacked                                  Fearful Memory
     85    Cared For                                 Fond Memory
     86    Enchanted                                 Passionate Memory
     87    Dawn's Friend                             Fond Memory
     88    Leaving                                   Sorrowful Memory
     89    Cut Down                                  Fateful Memory

     90    Checklist


Reinforcements Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

   R1      Giles                                     Season 5: The Gift
   R2      Xander                                    Season 3: Graduation Day, Pt. 2
   R3      Teamwork                                  Season 2: School Hard
   R4      Willow                                    Season 2: Becoming, Pt. 2
   R5      Willow                                    Season 5: Tough Love
   R6      Dawn                                      Season 7: Chosen
   R7      Faith                                     Season 7: Dirty Girls
   R8      Angel                                     Season 7: Chosen
   R9      Spike                                     Season 7: Chosen

Apocalypses Cards (1:17 packs)

   AP1     The Master                                Season 1: The Harvest
   AP2     Angelus/Acathla                           Season 2: Becoming, Pt. 2
   AP3     The Mayor/Olvikan                         Season 3: Graduation Day, Pt. 1
   AP4     Glory                                     Season 5: The Gift
   AP5     Dark Willow                               Season 6: Two To Go
   AP6     First Evil/Caleb                          Season 7: Dirty Girls

Memories & Memorabilia Pieceworks Cards (1:18 packs)

   PW1     Pants worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy                  Season 4: Something Blue
   PW2     Sweater and camisole worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy   Season 4: New Man
   PW3     Leather jacket worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy         Season 5: Buffy vs. Dracula
   PW4     Dress and slip worn by Emma Caulfield as Anya                 Season 5: Into The Woods
   PW5     Shirt worn by Anthony Stewart Head as Giles                   Season 5: Triangle
   PW6     Pajama top worn by Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn              Season 6: Once More, With Feeling
   PW7     Top worn by Alyson Hannigan as Willow                         Season 6: Normal Again
   PW8     Bloody sweater worn by Amber Benson as Tara                   Season 6: Seeing Red
   PW9     Suit pants worn by DB Woodside as Principal Wood              Season 7: Lessons
   PW10    Jeans worn by Nicholas Brendon as Xander                      Season 7: Same Time, Same Place
   PW11    Pajama top worn by Iyari Limon as Kennedy [VL]                Season 7: Showtime
   PW12    Pajama bottoms worn by Clara Bryant as Molly                  Season 7: Showtime
   PW13    T-shirt worn by Felicia Day as Vi                             Season 7: Potential
   PW14    Tunic worn by Daniel Wilson as Shadow Man                     Season 7: Get It Done
   PW15    Overalls worn by Indigo as Rona                               Season 7: Lies My Parents Told Me
   PW16    Jacket worn by Tom Lenk as Andrew                             Season 7: Dirty Girls
   PW16    Jacket worn by Tom Lenk as Andrew (stripe variant;            Season 7: Dirty Girls
               by redemption)
   PR1     Congratulations - Pieceworks Redemption Card

"Potentials" Multi-Case-Purchase Incentive Pieceworks Cards

  PW17A    Costumes worn by Clara Bryant as Molly and Iyari Limon as Kennedy
  PW17B    Costumes worn by Sarah Hagan as Amanda, Felicia Day as Vi, and Indigo as Rona

Inkplates Printing Plate Cards (4 colors for each of 90 base cards, 360 total)

     B#    Black Plate
     C#    Cyan Plate
     M#    Magenta Plate
     Y#    Yellow Plate

Three Slayers Box-Loader Cards

    BL1    Buffy                                     Season 2: Becoming, Part II
    BL2    Kendra                                    Season 3: What's My Line, Pt. 2
    BL3    Faith                                     Season 7: Dirty Girls

Legacy Case-Loader Card

    CL1    Buffy, from now on, every girl ...        Season 7: Chosen

Card Album (sold separately)

     --    (binder)

Uncut Sheet (sold separately; # to 299)

     --    (9-card panel of Reinforcements Puzzle)


  B-1      (general distribution)
  B-2      (Non-Sport Update)
  B-UK     (UK distribution)
B-SD2006   (San Diego Comic Con 2006)
  B-i      ( exclusive)
   --      (dealer sell sheet)

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