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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reflections:
The High School Years
   Inkworks - 2000

Notes: Thanks to Ian Johnson for the update! Further information and scans are posted at the 
Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.61 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                         Subset

    1   Reflections ...               Title Card
    2   Destiny Free                  The Slayer
    3   Not Again                     The Slayer
    4   Beautiful Stranger            The Slayer
    5   A Little Death                The Slayer
    6   Lost Innocence                The Slayer
    7   Slayer's Duty                 The Slayer
    8   Tested                        The Slayer
    9   Protector                     The Slayer
   10   Librarian                     The Watcher
   11   Romantic                      The Watcher
   12   Magician                      The Watcher
   13   Wounded                       The Watcher
   14   Ripper                        The Watcher
   15   Devoted                       The Watcher
   16   Fighter                       The Watcher
   17   Dedicated                     The Watcher
   18   Closing                       The Watcher
   19   Shopper                       Slayer's Best Friend
   20   Digital Gal                   Slayer's Best Friend
   21   Xander's Pal                  Slayer's Best Friend
   22   Invisible Girl                Slayer's Best Friend
   23   Disillusioned                 Slayer's Best Friend
   24   Wicked Willow                 Slayer's Best Friend
   25   Oz's Girlfriend               Slayer's Best Friend
   26   Tough Cookie                  Slayer's Best Friend
   27   Worthy Wicca                  Slayer's Best Friend
   28   Doofus                        Slayer's Cavalier
   29   Savior                        Slayer's Cavalier
   30   G.I. Guy                      Slayer's Cavalier
   31   Jock                          Slayer's Cavalier
   32   Xander and Cordie             Slayer's Cavalier
   33   Xander and Willow             Slayer's Cavalier
   34   Xander and Faith              Slayer's Cavalier
   35   Xander and Anya               Slayer's Cavalier
   36   True                          Slayer's Cavalier
   37   Leader                        Slayer's Rival
   38   Spirited                      Slayer's Rival
   39   Lonely                        Slayer's Rival
   40   Loving                        Slayer's Rival
   41   Vicious                       Slayer's Rival
   42   Wounded                       Slayer's Rival
   43   Wronged                       Slayer's Rival
   44   Watching the Watcher          Slayer's Rival
   45   Working Class                 Slayer's Rival
   46   Starcrossed                   Slayer's Love
   47   Rescuer                       Slayer's Love
   48   Ageless                       Slayer's Love
   49   Killer                        Slayer's Love
   50   To Hell                       Slayer's Love
   51   And Back                      Slayer's Love
   52   Redeemed                      Slayer's Love
   53   Renewed                       Slayer's Love
   54   Farewell                      Slayer's Love
   55   The Master                    Legends of Evil
   56   The Anointed One              Legends of Evil
   57   Spike                         Legends of Evil
   58   Drusilla                      Legends of Evil
   59   Ethan Rayne                   Legends of Evil
   60   Acathla                       Legends of Evil
   61   Kakistos                      Legends of Evil
   62   Faith                         Legends of Evil
   63   Mayor Wilkins                 Legends of Evil
   64   Joyce, Her Mom                Friends and Associates
   65   Harmony, The Snob             Friends and Associates
   66   Jenny, The Gypsy              Friends and Associates
   67   Amy, The Witch                Friends and Associates
   68   Kendra, The Other Slayer      Friends and Associates
   69   Wesley, The Watcher           Friends and Associates
   70   Oz, The Guitarist             Friends and Associates
   71   Jonathan Levenson, Classmate  Friends and Associates
   72   Checklist


Portrait of a Slayer Cards (1:11 packs)

  S1    Giles: "You two go. I'll concentrate on demon killing."
  S2    Xander: "I can help. I'll whittle stakes. And while I whittle, I'll whistle a jaunty tune."
  S3    Buffy: "It's just fate, Mom. I'm the slayer. Accept it."
  S4    Willow: "That's right, Big Boy. Come and get it."
  S5    Buffy: "Could you stop with the slayer thing? I'm the damn slayer."
  S6    Buffy: "A cranky slayer is a careless slayer."
  S7    Willow: "Hey, I eat danger for breakfast."
  S8    "Once again - the Hellmouth puts the 'special' in special occasion."
  S9    Cordelia: "See how YOU like it."

Slayer's Journal Die-Cut Cards (1:17 packs)

  J1    First Look
  J2    First Kiss
  J3    Lost Innocence
  J4    Lost Hope
  J5    Big Choice
  J6    Graduation Day

Bonus Card (Case-Topper)


Autographed Cards

  A1    Anthony Stewart Head as Rupert Giles
  A2    Eliza Dushku as Faith
  A3    Armin Shimerman as Principal Snyder
  A4    Harry Groener as Mayor Wilkins
  A5    Serena Scott Thomas as Gwendolyn Post
  A6    Juliet Landau as Drusilla

Card Album

  --    (Binder, same as binder for Buffy Season 3 and Photocards)

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 500)

  --    Portrait of a Slayer (9-card sheet, S1-S9)


  P1    Coming May 2000
  P2    Coming May 2000 (only 2000 made)
  P3    Coming May 2000 (Cards Inc., UK only)
  --    (original printing plate for card #1, blank back; unreleased)
  --    The Most Limited Buffy Series Yet (Dealer sell sheet)

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