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The Ultimate Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection
   Inkworks - 2004

Notes:  This series includes all seven "seasons" sets, reprinted in 20-point, foil-
stamped card stock. Sold as a factory set including collector album and special card 
coffin, numbered to 2500 copies. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Inkworks website.

No.   Title                                    Episode / Subset

Season One

  U1    Buffy, The Vampire Slayer              Title Card
  U2    'New Girl'                             Welcome to the Hellmouth
  U3    'I Got Hungry'                         Welcome to the Hellmouth
  U4    "Who Are You?'                         Welcome to the Hellmouth
  U5    'Amen'                                 Welcome to the Hellmouth
  U6    In the Beginning                       The Harvest
  U7    First Reaction                         The Harvest
  U8    The Prophecy                           The Harvest
  U9    Be Afraid                              The Harvest
  U10   'Release the Unworthy'                 Witch
  U11   'Take Her!'                            Witch
  U12   Catherine, The Great                   Witch
  U13   Sweet Dreams                           Teacher's Pet
  U14   The Substitute                         Teacher's Pet
  U15   'It Just Bugs Me'                      Teacher's Pet
  U16   Instant Chemistry                      Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
  U17   'A Fairly Slim Lead'                   Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
  U18   'You Killed My Date!'                  Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
  U19   Absolutely No Admittance               The Pack
  U20   Leader of the Pack                     The Pack
  U21   An Act of Agression                    The Pack
  U22   First Aid                              Angel
  U23   'I Better Go'                          Angel
  U24   'I Miss Him'                           Angel
  U25   Betrayal                               Angel
  U26   'Let's Get It Done'                    Angel
  U27   'Where Am I?'                          I Robot, You Jane
  U28   'This Is Very Bad'                     I Robot, You Jane
  U29   'You Have Mail!'                       I Robot, You Jane
  U30   The Digital Circle                     I Robot, You Jane
  U31   'She's the Last'                       Puppet Show
  U32   'I Got It'                             Puppet Show
  U33   He's Coming, Right?                    Nightmares
  U34   Fear                                   Nightmares
  U35   Send In the Clown                      Nightmares
  U36   'No More Hiding'                       Nightmares
  U37   Queen Cordelia                         Out of Mind, Out of Sight
  U38   'You're the Lesson'                    Out of Mind, Out of Sight
  U39   'This Is a Sign'                       Prophecy Girl
  U40   Apocalypse Stuff                       Prophecy Girl
  U41   'Think It'll Hurt?'                    Prophecy Girl
  U42   A Child Shall Lead Them                Prophecy Girl
  U43   I Like Your Dress                      Prophecy Girl
  U44   I Have No Breath                       Prophecy Girl
  U45   Welcome Back                           The Gathering
  U46   Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)  Cast
  U47   Rupert Giles (Anthony Steward Head)    Cast
  U48   Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan)     Cast
  U49   Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon)       Cast
  U50   Angel (David Boreanaz)                 Cast
  U51   Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter)    Cast
  U52   Vampyr                                 Critters
  U53   Daemons                                Critters
  U54   Lycanthropes                           Critters
  U55   Becoming a Vampire                     Slayer Speak
  U56   Dating                                 Slayer Speak
  U57   Starting Over                          Slayer Speak
  U58   Privacy                                Slayer Speak
  U59   Rivals                                 Slayer Speak
  U60   Helping Others                         Slayer Speak
  U61   Knowledge                              Slayer Speak
  U62   Decorating                             Slayer Speak
  U63   Strategy                               Slayer Speak
  U64   The Master                             The Bestiary
  U65   Luke                                   The Bestiary
  U66   Darla                                  The Bestiary
  U67   Thomas                                 The Bestiary
  U68   the Witch                              The Bestiary
  U69   Moloch, the corruptor                  The Bestiary
  U70   The Anointed One                       The Bestiary
  U71   The Birthday Clown                     The Bestiary
  U72   Season One Premium Trading Cards       Checklist

Season Two

  U1    Buffy the Vampire Slayer               All New - Season Two
  U2    "She's Posessed!"                      2.1 - When She Was Bad
  U3    "It's a Trap!"                         2.1 - When She Was Bad
  U4    "If they hurt Willow ..."              2.1 - When She Was Bad
  U5    "Speaking of Love"                     2.2 - Some Assembly Required
  U6    The Science Project                    2.2 - Some Assembly Required
  U7    Dream Girl                             2.2 - Some Assembly Required
  U8    New in Town                            2.3 - School Hard
  U9    Studying                               2.3 - School Hard
  U10   On Target                              2.3 - School Hard
  U11   Just One More                          2.4 - Inca Mummy Girl
  U12   "This Won't Hurt"                      2.4 - Inca Mummy Girl
  U13   Some Party!                            2.5 - Reptile Boy
  U14   True Believers                         2.5 - Reptile Boy
  U15   "Receive Our Offering"                 2.5 - Reptile Boy
  U16   On Patrol                              2.6 - Halloween
  U17   Showtime                               2.6 - Halloween
  U18   "You Don't Know Me?"                   2.6 - Halloween
  U19   An Old Acquaintance                    2.7 - Lie to Me
  U20   The Lonely Ones                        2.7 - Lie to Me
  U21   Let's Make a Deal                      2.7 - Lie to Me
  U22   Let's Stay In                          2.8 - The Dark Age
  U23   "Was It Good for You?"                 2.8 - The Dark Age
  U24   Winner & Still Champion                2.8 - The Dark Age
  U25   Career Week                            2.9 - What's My Line?, Part 1
  U26   "Something's Coming"                   2.9 - What's My Line?, Part 1
  U27   The Order of Taraka                    2.9 - What's My Line?, Part 1
  U28   Flexibility Is Required                2.10 - What's My Line?, Part 2
  U29   Innocent Bystander                     2.10 - What's My Line?, Part 2
  U30   Two Slayers; No Waiting                2.10 - What's My Line?, Part 2
  U31   Beg To Differ                          2.11 - Ted
  U32   Rules Are Rules                        2.11 - Ted
  U33   Responsibility                         2.12 - Bad Eggs
  U34   The Drones Are Coming                  2.12 - Bad Eggs
  U35   "It Wasn't Real"                       2.13 - Surprise
  U36   "It Explains a Lot"                    2.13 - Surprise
  U37   Happy Birthday                         2.13 - Surprise
  U38   "More Music"                           2.13 - Surprise
  U39   Crashers                               2.13 - Surprise
  U40   "Take Me Instead"                      2.13 - Surprise
  U41   Heeee's Back!                          2.14 - Innocence
  U42   "Was It Good?"                         2.14 - Innocence
  U43   "Give Me Time"                         2.14 - Innocence
  U44   The Hunter                             2.15 - Phases
  U45   The Hunted                             2.15 - Phases
  U46   "Angel Sends His Love"                 2.15 - Phases
  U47   A Disturbing Trend                     2.16 - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  U48   "Is This Love?"                        2.16 - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  U49   The Orb of Thessulah                   2.17 - Passion
  U50   Everything's Under Control             2.17 - Passion
  U51   "Visiting Hours Are Over"              2.18 - Killed By Death
  U52   "Can't Fight Death"                    2.18 - Killed By Death
  U53   "We're Not Finished!"                  2.19 - I Only Have Eyes For You
  U54   "Love Is Forever"                      2.19 - I Only Have Eyes For You
  U55   "No More Tears"                        2.19 - I Only Have Eyes For You
  U56   Next!                                  2.20 - Go Fish
  U57   Undercover                             2.20 - Go Fish
  U58   "It's a Big Rock"                      2.21 - Becoming, part 1
  U59   "Someone Wasn't Worthy"                2.21 - Becoming, part 1
  U60   "Freeze!"                              2.21 - Becoming, part 1
  U61   "I'm All You Got"                      2.22 - Becoming, part 2
  U62   "It's Just Fate"                       2.22 - Becoming, part 2
  U63   "Close Your Eyes"                      2.22 - Becoming, part 2
  U64   Buffy Summers                          Normal Humans
  U65   Rupert Giles                           Normal Humans
  U66   Willow Rosenberg                       Normal Humans
  U67   Xander Harris & Cordelia Chase         Normal Humans
  U68   Jenny Calendar                         Normal Humans
  U69   Oz                                     Normal Humans
  U70   Kendra                                 Normal Humans
  U71   Joyce Summer                           Normal Humans
  U72   Principal Snyder                       Normal Humans
  U73   Angelus                                Immortals & Beasts
  U74   Spike                                  Immortals & Beasts
  U75   Drusilla                               Immortals & Beasts
  U76   Ampata                                 Immortals & Beasts
  U77   Machida                                Immortals & Beasts
  U78   Eyghon                                 Immortals & Beasts
  U79   Ted                                    Immortals & Beasts
  U80   Bezoar                                 Immortals & Beasts
  U81   the Judge                              Immortals & Beasts
  U82   Werewolf                               Immortals & Beasts
  U83   Amy Madison                            Immortals & Beasts
  U84   the Kindestod                          Immortals & Beasts
  U85   James Stanley                          Immortals & Beasts
  U86   Gill Monsters                          Immortals & Beasts
  U87   Acathla                                Immortals & Beasts
  U88   Big Ugly                               Immortals & Beasts
  U89   The Spell of Restoration               Jenny Calendar Backup Disk
  U90   Checklist

Season Three

  U1    Senior Year                            Title Card
  U2    "Pay at the Counter"                   3.1 - Anne
  U3    No One                                 3.1 - Anne
  U4    You Fought Back!                       3.1 - Anne
  U5    Kicking Undead Booty                   3.2 - Dead Man's Party
  U6    Shindig or Hootenanny?                 3.2 - Dead Man's Party
  U7    New Slayer in Town                     3.3 - Faith, Hope and Trick
  U8    Get a Life                             3.3 - Faith, Hope and Trick
  U9    Kissing Toast                          3.3 - Faith, Hope and Trick
  U10   Call of the Wild                       3.4 - Beauty and the Beasts
  U11   Super Mas Macho                        3.4 - Beauty and the Beasts
  U12   Beauty Tames the Beast                 3.4 - Beauty and the Beasts
  U13   Competition                            3.5 - Homecoming
  U14   Slayerfest '98                         3.5 - Homecoming
  U15   Work It Out                            3.5 - Homecoming
  U16   Milk Bars                              3.6 - Band Candy
  U17   Fun City                               3.6 - Band Candy
  U18   I Want Candy                           3.6 - Band Candy
  U19   New Watcher                            3.7 - Revelations
  U20   Guiltfest                              3.7 - Revelations
  U21   Betrayal                               3.7 - Revelations
  U22   My Way                                 3.8 - Lovers Walk
  U23   Love Worn                              3.8 - Lovers Walk
  U24   Love Hurts                             3.8 - Lovers Walk
  U25   Make It So                             3.9 - The Wish
  U26   Dynamic Duo                            3.9 - The Wish
  U27   The Real World                         3.9 - The Wish
  U28   Deck the Halls                         3.10 - Amends
  U29   Destiny                                3.10 - Amends
  U30   Hope for the Holidays                  3.10 - Amends
  U31   The Bad Thing                          3.11 - Gingerbread
  U32   Mob Rules                              3.11 - Gingerbread
  U33   Eighteen                               3.12 - Helpless
  U34   The Testing                            3.12 - Helpless
  U35   Uncool                                 3.13 - The Zeppo
  U36   Zero to Hero                           3.13 - The Zeppo
  U37   It's a Slayer Thing                    3.14 - Bad Girls
  U38   No Limits                              3.14 - Bad Girls
  U39   Guilty                                 3.15 - Consequences
  U40   Unrepentant                            3.15 - Consequences
  U41   Deja Voodoo                            3.16 - Doppelgängland
  U42   Nothing Changes                        3.16 - Doppelgängland
  U43   Tease                                  3.17 - Enemies
  U44   For the Taking                         3.17 - Enemies
  U45   Fake                                   3.17 - Enemies
  U46   I Hear You                             3.18 - Earshot
  U47   Mulligan Stew                          3.18 - Earshot
  U48   Proactive with Pep                     3.19 - Choices
  U49   Tradeoff                               3.19 - Choices
  U50   Last Dance                             3.20 - The Prom
  U51   Ladies Choice                          3.20 - The Prom
  U52   Wallflowers                            3.20 - The Prom
  U53   Shall We Dance?                        3.20 - The Prom
  U54   Daddy's Grrl                           3.21 - Graduation Day, Part One
  U55   Panic Time                             3.21 - Graduation Day, Part One
  U56   Avenging Angel                         3.21 - Graduation Day, Part One
  U57   Engagement                             3.22 - Graduation Day, Part Two
  U58   Armament                               3.22 - Graduation Day, Part Two
  U59   Battle                                 3.22 - Graduation Day, Part Two
  U60   Survivors                              3.22 - Graduation Day, Part Two
  U61   Rupert Giles                           Watcher's Council
  U62   Quentin Travers                        Watcher's Council
  U63   Wesley Wyndham-Bryce                   Watcher's Council
  U64   The Right Ingredients                  Willow's Spells and Whistles
  U65   The Right Attitude                     Willow's Spells and Whistles
  U66   The Right Purpose                      Willow's Spells and Whistles
  U67   Undying Love                           The Dreaming
  U68   Love Is Hell                           The Dreaming
  U69   Doomed Love                            The Dreaming
  U70   Balthazar                              The Beastiary
  U71   Gingerbread Demon                      The Beastiary
  U72   Mr. Trick                              The Beastiary
  U73   Anyanka                                The Beastiary
  U74   Lagos                                  The Beastiary
  U75   Bringers                               The Beastiary
  U76   Ovu Mobani                             The Beastiary
  U77   The Mayor                              The Beastiary
  U78   D'Hoffryn                              The Beastiary
  U79   Hell Hound                             The Beastiary
  U80   Kulak                                  The Beastiary
  U81   Candy and Lyle Gortch                  The Beastiary
  U82   Buffy Summers                          Class of '99
  U83   Willow and Oz                          Class of '99
  U84   Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase       Class of '99
  U85   Willow Rosenberg                       Class of '99
  U86   Principal Snyder                       Class of '99
  U87   He's over two hundred forty years ...  Angel
  U88   "It Started with a Girl."              Angel
  U89   Watch the WB Network's ...             Angel
  U90   Checklist                              Checklist

Season Four

  U1    Freshman Year
  U2    Disorientation                         4.1 - The Freshman
  U3    Uprooted                               4.1 - The Freshman
  U4    Settling In                            4.1 - The Freshman
  U5    Roomies                                4.2 - Living Conditions
  U6    Uncompromising                         4.2 - Living Conditions
  U7    Unacceptable                           4.2 - Living Conditions
  U8    Relationship Issues                    4.3 - The Harsh Light Of Day
  U9    Lack of Commitment                     4.3 - The Harsh Light Of Day
  U10   Aftermath                              4.3 - The Harsh Light Of Day
  U11   Scary Stuff                            4.4 - Fear, Itself
  U12   Convincing Illusion                    4.4 - Fear, Itself
  U13   Unimposing                             4.4 - Fear, Itself
  U14   Basic Instincts                        4.5 - Beer Bad
  U15   Hair of the Dog                        4.5 - Beer Bad
  U16   Blunt Object                           4.5 - Beer Bad
  U17   Tracking the Scent                     4.6 - Wild At Heart
  U18   Animal Magnetism                       4.6 - Wild At Heart
  U19   Blood Will Tell                        4.6 - Wild At Heart
  U20   Situation                              4.7 - The Initiative
  U21   Strategy                               4.7 - The Initiative
  U22   Containment                            4.7 - The Initiative
  U23   Guardian Angel                         4.8 - Pangs
  U24   Huddled Masses                         4.8 - Pangs
  U25   Avenging Spirit                        4.8 - Pangs
  U26   Hello Heartbreak                       4.9 - Something Blue
  U27   Topsy-Turvy                            4.9 - Something Blue
  U28   Love Is Blind                          4.9 - Something Blue
  U29   Talk, Talk                             4.10 - Hush
  U30   Kind of a Hush                         4.10 - Hush
  U31   Say My Name                            4.10 - Hush
  U32   I Feel the Earth Move                  4.11 - Doomed
  U33   End of the World as We Know It         4.11 - Doomed
  U34   Apocalypse, Now                        4.11 - Doomed
  U35   Old and in the Way                     4.12 - A New Man
  U36   Testing Limits                         4.12 - A New Man
  U37   Caught in the Middle                   4.12 - A New Man
  U38   Team Player?                           4.13 - The I In Team
  U39   Maggie's Farm                          4.13 - The I In Team
  U40   Endgame                                4.13 - The I In Team
  U41   No Trust                               4.14 - Goodbye Iowa
  U42   No Refuge                              4.14 - Goodbye Iowa
  U43   No Answers                             4.14 - Goodbye Iowa
  U44   These Dreams                           4.15 - The Year's Girl
  U45   She's Baaack!                          4.15 - The Year's Girl
  U46   Parting Gift                           4.15 - The Year's Girl
  U47   Mirror, Mirror                         4.16 - Who Are You
  U48   Walk This Way                          4.16 - Who Are You
  U49   Goody Two Shoes                        4.16 - Who Are You
  U50   Mr. Perfect                            4.17 - Superstar
  U51   The Dark Side                          4.17 - Superstar
  U52   Reality Check                          4.17 - Superstar
  U53   Fever                                  4.18 - Where the Wild Things Are
  U54   Frenzy                                 4.18 - Where the Wild Things Are
  U55   Phantoms                               4.18 - Where the Wild Things Are
  U56   Self-Control                           4.19 - New Moon Rising
  U57   Prejudice                              4.19 - New Moon Rising
  U58   Ironic                                 4.19 - New Moon Rising
  U59   Minor Details                          4.20 - The Yoko Factor
  U60   Insidious                              4.20 - The Yoko Factor
  U61   Discord                                4.20 - The Yoko Factor
  U62   Lonely                                 4.21 - Primeval
  U63   Unity                                  4.21 - Primeval
  U64   The One                                4.21 - Primeval
  U65   To Sleep                               4.22 - Restless
  U66   Perchance To Dream                     4.22 - Restless
  U67   Buffy Summers                          Scooby Gang
  U68   Willow Rosenberg                       Scooby Gang
  U69   Rupert Giles                           Scooby Gang
  U70   Xander Harris                          Scooby Gang
  U71   Anya                                   Scooby Gang
  U72   Tara                                   Scooby Gang
  U73   Slayer Engaged to Foe                  Strange Sightings in Sunnyvale
  U74   Lovelorn Wicca Seeks New Friend        Strange Sightings in Sunnyvale
  U75   Jonathanapalooza                       Strange Sightings in Sunnyvale
  U76   Jonathan: Uncovered                    Strange Sightings in Sunnyvale
  U77   Fashion Emergency                      Strange Sightings in Sunnyvale
  U78   Ex-Watcher Goes Native                 Strange Sightings in Sunnyvale
  U79   Prof. Maggie Walsh                     Inside the Initiative
  U80   Riley Finn                             Inside the Initiative
  U81   Col. McNamara                          Inside the Initiative
  U82   Close to the Edge                      Obsessions
  U83   Dangerous Liaisons                     Obsessions
  U84   Identity Crisis                        Obsessions
  U85   Gachnar                                The Beastiary
  U86   D'Hoffryn                              The Beastiary
  U87   The Gentlemen                          The Beastiary
  U88   Vahrall Demon                          The Beastiary
  U89   Adam                                   The Beastiary
  U90   Now Leaving Sunnydale                  Checklist

Season Five

  U1    This Is Growing Up                     Title Card
  U2    In This Corner                         5.1 - Buffy vs. Dracula
  U3    First Blood                            5.1 - Buffy vs. Dracula
  U4    Winner and Still Slayer                5.1 - Buffy vs. Dracula
  U5    Sibling Rivalry                        5.2 - Real Me
  U6    Gang Warfare                           5.2 - Real Me
  U7    Saving Dawn                            5.2 - Real Me
  U8    Misfire                                5.3 - The Replacement
  U9    Torn                                   5.3 - The Replacement
  U10   Double or Nothing                      5.3 - The Replacement
  U11   Zany Brainy                            5.4 - Out Of My Mind
  U12   Joe Normal                             5.4 - Out Of My Mind
  U13   Fake Out                               5.4 - Out Of My Mind
  U14   Monkish Business                       5.5 - No Place Like Home
  U15   Glory Most Peculiar                    5.5 - No Place Like Home
  U16   Nothing But the Truth                  5.5 - No Place Like Home
  U17   Secrets                                5.6 - Family
  U18   Lies                                   5.6 - Family
  U19   Belonging                              5.6 - Family
  U20   Close Call                             5.7 - Fool For Love
  U21   Inspiration                            5.7 - Fool For Love
  U22   Beneath                                5.7 - Fool For Love
  U23   Bad News                               5.8 - Shadow
  U24   Damage Done                            5.8 - Shadow
  U25   On the Edge                            5.8 - Shadow
  U26   Going Home                             5.9 - Listening To Fear
  U27   Enter Night                            5.9 - Listening To Fear
  U28   Summoner                               5.9 - Listening To Fear
  U29   So Low                                 5.10 - Into The Woods
  U30   So Distant                             5.10 - Into The Woods
  U31   So Gone                                5.10 - Into The Woods
  U32   At Odds                                5.11 - Triangle
  U33   Trolling                               5.11 - Triangle
  U34   Old Flames                             5.11 - Triangle
  U35   Inside Job                             5.12 - Checkpoint
  U36   British Invasion                       5.12 - Checkpoint
  U37   Revolution                             5.12 - Checkpoint
  U38   Mad God                                5.13 - Blood Ties
  U39   Nothing But Truth                      5.13 - Blood Ties
  U40   Switcheroo                             5.13 - Blood Ties
  U41   Tainted Love                           5.14 - Crush
  U42   Dangerous                              5.14 - Crush
  U43   Never Ever                             5.14 - Crush
  U44   Living Doll                            5.15 - I Was Made To Love You
  U45   Dating Game                            5.15 - I Was Made To Love You
  U46   Unwanted                               5.15 - I Was Made To Love You
  U47   Unexpected                             5.16 - The Body
  U48   Unimaginable                           5.16 - The Body
  U49   Forever                                5.16 - The Body
  U50   Final                                  5.17 - Forever
  U51   Comfort                                5.17 - Forever
  U52   Reanimator                             5.17 - Forever
  U53   Nookie                                 5.18 - Intervention
  U54   The One                                5.18 - Intervention
  U55   My Way                                 5.18 - Intervention
  U56   Relinquish                             5.19 - Tough Love
  U57   Taken                                  5.19 - Tough Love
  U58   Payback                                5.19 - Tough Love
  U59   Flight                                 5.20 - Spiral
  U60   Pursuit                                5.20 - Spiral
  U61   Defeat                                 5.20 - Spiral
  U62   Breakdown                              5.21 - The Weight Of The World
  U63   Inside                                 5.21 - The Weight Of The World
  U64   Enemy                                  5.21 - The Weight Of The World
  U65   Battle                                 5.22 - The Gift
  U66   Blood                                  5.22 - The Gift
  U67   Sacrifice                              5.22 - The Gift
  U68   Dracula                                The Beastiary
  U69   Glory                                  The Beastiary
  U70   Glory's Minions                        The Beastiary
  U71   Harmony                                The Beastiary
  U72   Drusilla                               The Beastiary
  U73   The Knights of Byzantium               The Beastiary
  U74   Ghora Demon                            The Beastiary
  U75   Doc                                    The Beastiary
  U76   Willow                                 Evolution
  U77   Xander                                 Evolution
  U78   Anya                                   Evolution
  U79   Giles                                  Evolution
  U80   Tara                                   Evolution
  U81   Spike                                  Evolution
  U82   Willow                                 BotVision
  U83   Anya                                   BotVision
  U84   Xander                                 BotVision
  U85   Buffy                                  BotVision
  U86   Riley                                  Losses
  U87   Joyce                                  Losses
  U88   Willow + Tara                          Losses
  U89   The Slayer's Life                      Losses
  U90   Checklist

Season Six

  U1    There and Back Again                   Title Card
  U2    Keeping Up Appearances                 6.1 - Bargaining Part 1
  U3    Goodbye, Hello                         6.1 - Bargaining Part 1
  U4    Incomplete                             6.1 - Bargaining Part 1
  U5    Underground                            6.2 - Bargaining Part 2
  U6    On Instinct                            6.2 - Bargaining Part 2
  U7    Reunited                               6.2 - Bargaining Part 2
  U8    New Again                              6.3 - Afterlife
  U9    The Price                              6.3 - Afterlife
  U10   In Hell                                6.3 - Afterlife
  U11   Held Up                                6.4 - Flooded
  U12   Homecoming                             6.4 - Flooded
  U13   Overwhelmed                            6.4 - Flooded
  U14   Tested                                 6.5 - Life Serial
  U15   Heavy Lifting                          6.5 - Life Serial
  U16   Smoke and Mirrors                      6.5 - Life Serial
  U17   Big Night                              6.6 - All The Way
  U18   Big Trouble                            6.6 - All The Way
  U19   Slayage                                6.6 - All The Way
  U20   Prelude                                6.7 - Once More, With Feeling
  U21   Counterpoint                           6.7 - Once More, With Feeling
  U22   Concerto                               6.7 - Once More, With Feeling
  U23   Too Much Talk                          6.8 - Tabula Rasa
  U24   All Shook Up                           6.8 - Tabula Rasa
  U25   More Action                            6.8 - Tabula Rasa
  U26   Restored                               6.9 - Smashed
  U27   Defective                              6.9 - Smashed
  U28   Overboard                              6.9 - Smashed
  U29   Morning After                          6.10 - Wrecked
  U30   Out of Control                         6.10 - Wrecked
  U31   Remorseful                             6.10 - Wrecked
  U32   Vanished                               6.11 - Gone
  U33   Outta Sight                            6.11 - Gone
  U34   Fading Fast                            6.11 - Gone
  U35   Happy Face                             6.12 - DoubleMeat Palace
  U36   Mystery Meat                           6.12 - DoubleMeat Palace
  U37   Surprise Inside                        6.12 - DoubleMeat Palace
  U38   Makin' It                              6.13 - Dead Things
  U39   Fakin' It                              6.13 - Dead Things
  U40   She's Gone                             6.13 - Dead Things
  U41   Celebration                            6.14 - Older and Far Away
  U42   Grounded                               6.14 - Older and Far Away
  U43   Venegance  <sic>                       6.14 - Older and Far Away
  U44   Signs of Life                          6.15 - As You Were
  U45   Just Perfect                           6.15 - As You Were
  U46   Guilty as Charged                      6.15 - As You Were
  U47   Marry Me                               6.16 - Hell's Bells
  U48   Deceived                               6.16 - Hell's Bells
  U49   Unhappily Ever After                   6.16 - Hell's Bells
  U50   Delusions                              6.17 - Normal Again
  U51   Violent                                6.17 - Normal Again
  U52   Paranoid                               6.17 - Normal Again
  U53   Disenchanted                           6.18 - Entropy
  U54   Consolation                            6.18 - Entropy
  U55   Caught on Tape                         6.18 - Entropy
  U56   Hideout                                6.19 - Seeing Red
  U57   Big Bad                                6.19 - Seeing Red
  U58   Payback                                6.19 - Seeing Red
  U59   Critical                               6.20 - Villians <sic>
  U60   Desperate                              6.20 - Villians
  U61   Deadly                                 6.20 - Villians
  U62   Rampage                                6.21 - Two To Go
  U63   Gauntlet                               6.21 - Two To Go
  U64   Unstoppable                            6.21 - Two To Go
  U65   The Cavalry                            6.22 - Grave
  U66   Knight of Hearts                       6.22 - Grave
  U67   Redeemed                               6.22 - Grave
  U68   Dreadful Dresses                       Wedding Album
  U69   Nervous Groom                          Wedding Album
  U70   Beautiful Bride                        Wedding Album
  U71   Friends and Family                     Wedding Album
  U72   The Big Moment                         Wedding Album
  U73   Buffy Summers                          Characters
  U74   Xander Harris                          Characters
  U75   Willow Rosenberg                       Characters
  U76   Tara                                   Characters
  U77   Anya                                   Characters
  U78   Dawn Summers                           Characters
  U79   Rupert Giles                           Characters
  U80   Spike                                  Characters
  U81   Clem                                   Characters
  U82   Formidable                             Evil Trio
  U83   Irresistible                           Evil Trio
  U84   Indomitable                            Evil Trio
  U85   Almost Ordinary                        Power of Willow
  U86   In Too Deep                            Power of Willow
  U87   Dark Willow                            Power of Willow
  U88   Tara                                   Goodbyes
  U89   Giles                                  Goodbyes
  U90   The End                                Checklist

Season Seven

  U1    The Slayer
  U2    My Old School                          7.1 - Lessons
  U3    All Related                            7.1 - Lessons
  U4    Pretzel Logic                          7.1 - Lessons
  U5    Underground                            7.2 - Beneath You
  U6    Entangled                              7.2 - Beneath You
  U7    Tortured                               7.2 - Beneath You
  U8    Missing                                7.3 - Same Time, Same Place
  U9    Suspect                                7.3 - Same Time, Same Place
  U10   Healed                                 7.3 - Same Time, Same Place
  U11   Doomed                                 7.4 - Help
  U12   Intervention                           7.4 - Help
  U13   Inevitable                             7.4 - Help
  U14   Heartless                              7.5 - Selfless
  U15   Vengeance Personified                  7.5 - Selfless
  U16   Not Herself                            7.5 - Selfless
  U17   Boy Crazy                              7.6 - Him
  U18   Smitten                                7.6 - Him
  U19   Girls Gone Wild                        7.6 - Him
  U20   Returned                               7.7 - Conversations With Dead People
  U21   Visions                                7.7 - Conversations With Dead People
  U22   Deceiving                              7.7 - Conversations With Dead People
  U23   Unconscious                            7.8 - Sleeper
  U24   Suspicious                             7.8 - Sleeper
  U25   Deadly                                 7.8 - Sleeper
  U26   Detox                                  7.9 - Never Leave Me
  U27   Interrogation                          7.9 - Never Leave Me
  U28   Captive                                7.9 - Never Leave Me
  U29   Overwhelmed                            7.10 - Bring On The Night
  U30   Potentials                             7.10 - Bring On The Night
  U31   Turok-Han                              7.10 - Bring On The Night
  U32   Taunted                                7.11 - Showtime
  U33   Insight                                7.11 - Showtime
  U34   Victory                                7.11 - Showtime
  U35   Slayer Camp                            7.12 - Potential
  U36   Revealed                               7.12 - Potential
  U37   Surprising                             7.12 - Potential
  U38   Chip Flips                             7.13 - The Killer In Me
  U39   Sweet Kiss                             7.13 - The Killer In Me
  U40   Dire Consequence                       7.13 - The Killer In Me
  U41   Voodoo                                 7.14 - First Date
  U42   Jealousy                               7.14 - First Date
  U43   Rescue                                 7.14 - First Date
  U44   Bag of Tricks                          7.15 - Get It Done
  U45   Days of Old                            7.15 - Get It Done
  U46   Conduit                                7.15 - Get It Done
  U47   Filmmaker                              7.16 - Storyteller
  U48   Afterglow                              7.16 - Storyteller
  U49   Remorse                                7.16 - Storyteller
  U50   Set Up                                 7.17 - Lies My Parents Told Me
  U51   Cornered                               7.17 - Lies My Parents Told Me
  U52   Knocked Down                           7.17 - Lies My Parents Told Me
  U53   Preacher Man                           7.18 - Dirty Girls
  U54   Have Faith                             7.18 - Dirty Girls
  U55   Touch of Evil                          7.18 - Dirty Girls
  U56   Loss of Vision                         7.19 - Empty Places
  U57   Lack of Trust                          7.19 - Empty Places
  U58   Sign of Hope                           7.19 - Empty Places
  U59   The New Boss                           7.20 - Touched
  U60   Tender Moment                          7.20 - Touched
  U61   Buffy's Back                           7.20 - Touched
  U62   Recharged                              7.21 - End Of Days
  U63   Guardian Angel                         7.21 - End Of Days
  U64   Woman's Work                           7.21 - End Of Days
  U65   Key to Victory                         7.22 - Chosen
  U66   Slayer in Battle                       7.22 - Chosen
  U67   His Finest Moment                      7.22 - Chosen
  U68   Buffy Summers
  U69   Xander Harris
  U70   Willow Rosenberg
  U71   Rupert Giles
  U72   Spike
  U73   Dawn Summers
  U74   Anya
  U75   Robin Wood
  U76   Faith
  U77   The Master                             Faces of the First
  U78   Jonathan                               Faces of the First
  U79   The Mayor                              Faces of the First
  U80   Buffy                                  Faces of the First
  U81   Hellmouth                              Andrew's World
  U82   Ideal Slayer                           Andrew's World
  U83   Living Like Gods                       Andrew's World
  U84   Kennedy                                Potential Slayers
  U85   Amanda                                 Potential Slayers
  U86   Rona                                   Potential Slayers
  U87   Chloe                                  Potential Slayers
  U88   Vi                                     Potential Slayers
  U89   Molly                                  Potential Slayers
  U90   Checklist

Bonus Cards

BUC-1   Season One
BUC-2   Season Two
BUC-3   Season Three
BUC-4   Season Four
BUC-5   Season Five
BUC-6   Season Six
BUC-7   Season Seven

Bonus Items

 --     Ultimate Buffy Coffin (8-1/2" x 11-7/8" x 4-3/4")
 --     Certificate of Authenticity (numbered to 2500)
 --     Ultimate Buffy Collector Album


UBC-1   You are invited to participate (2-fold oversized, 7-1/2" tall; coffin-shaped; dealer incentive)
 --     Just in Time for the Holidays! (dealer sell sheet)

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