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A Bug's Life
Small Town Toys Ltd. - 1998

Note:  This unusual format measures 1-7/8" x 4". Card fronts 1-45 are "story cards"
that follow the descriptions in the paper Card Story/Checklist pack-insert. Stand-Ups
46-60 tend to separate easily at the perforations, so be gentle when handling.

No.   Text (from Card Story)                               Card Back

 1    Our epic of miniature proportions opens with the t   Puzzle A (row 1 column 1)
 2    The Queen of the Ant Colony reminds her daughter,    Puzzle A (row 1 column 2)
 3    The unlikely hero of our epic, Flik, tries to impr   Puzzle A (row 1 column 3)
 4    When Flik's harvester invention doesn't work, the    Puzzle A (row 2 column 1)
 5    Suddenly, the ants sound off the dreaded Snail She   Puzzle A (row 2 column 2)
 6    The sinister Hopper, leader of the grasshoppers, r   Puzzle A (row 2 column 3)
 7    The Ant Council hold a meeting to figure out how t   Puzzle A (row 3 column 1)
 8    Unaware that his fellow ants just want to be rid o   Puzzle A (row 3 column 2)
 9    Using a dandelion puff as quick transportation, Fl   Puzzle A (row 3 column 3)
10    In the City, a rag-tag troupe of Circus Bugs prepa   Puzzle B (row 1 column 1)
11    As PT Flea's Circus Bug Show begins, two very bore   Puzzle B (row 1 column 2)
12    The opening act of the Bug Circus is a bad "Bees-a   Puzzle B (row 1 column 3)
13    Francis, a male ladybug, has a problem with loud-m   Puzzle B (row 1 column 4)
14    Manny, (or Manto the Magnificent, as PT Flea calls   Puzzle B (row 2 column 1)
15    Tuck and Roll, the gibberish-talking Hungarian Pil   Puzzle B (row 2 column 2)
16    The Flaming Death finale goes disastrously wrong,    Puzzle B (row 2 column 3)
17    The Flaming Death finale goes from bad to worse, a   Puzzle B (row 2 column 4)
18    After their last disastrous performance, PT Flea f   Puzzle B (row 3 column 1)
19    A fight breaks out between Francis, his fellow Cir   Puzzle B (row 3 column 2)
20    Flik tells the Circus Bugts that they are "just th   Puzzle B (row 3 column 3)
21    Princess Dot, the Queen's youngest daughter and th   Puzzle B (row 3 column 4)
22    Flik introduces the Circus Bugs to a sceptical Pri   Puzzle C (row 1 column 1)
23    The Ant Colony throws a banquet to welcome their f   Puzzle C (row 1 column 2)
24    As the children's pageant unfolds, Heimlich, Slim,   Puzzle C (row 1 column 3)
25    "CIRCUS BUGS! How can you be Circus Bugs?" yells F   Puzzle C (row 1 column 4)
26    While Flik argues with the Circus Bugs, Princess D   Puzzle C (row 2 column 1)
27    The deadliest enemy of all insects, a huge red spa   Puzzle C (row 2 column 2)
28    The sparrow gives up trying to eat Princess Dot an   Puzzle C (row 2 column 3)
29    Meanwhile, the grasshoppers laze around their Mexi   Puzzle C (row 2 column 4)
30    Hopper rejects Molt's plan, as well as Molt himsel   Puzzle C (row 3 column 1)
31    Like a squadron of jet fighter planes, Hopper and    Puzzle C (row 3 column 2)
32    Flik and the Circus Bugs design a mechanical sparr   Puzzle C (row 3 column 3)
33    After finishing the mechanical bird, the ants thro   Puzzle C (row 3 column 4)
34    PT Flea unwittingly reveals that the Circus Bugs a   Puzzle D (row 1 column 1)
35    Rising out of the misty red dawn, the grasshoppers   Puzzle D (row 1 column 2)
36    The Ants have not collected enough food for the gr   Puzzle D (row 1 column 3)
37    Princess Dot knows the only hope for the Colony is   Puzzle D (row 1 column 4)
38    Flik, Dot and the Circus Bugs sneak back into the    Puzzle D (row 2 column 1)
39    The Circus Bugs divert the grasshoppers' attention   Puzzle D (row 2 column 2)
40    The mechanical bird, with Flik, Dot and the Bluebe   Puzzle D (row 2 column 3)
41    PT Flea, thinking the bird is real, attempts to sa   Puzzle D (row 2 column 4)
42    Flik and the children ants survive the crash of th   Puzzle D (row 3 column 1)
43    But Hopper doesn't count on one thing - Flik's pri   Puzzle D (row 3 column 2)
44    Flik's bravery inspires the entire ant colony to a   Puzzle D (row 3 column 3)
45    Springtime. The colony gathers together to say the   Puzzle D (row 3 column 4)
46    (Stand-Up Card)
47    (Stand-Up Card)
48    (Stand-Up Card)
49    (Stand-Up Card)
50    (Stand-Up Card)
51    (Stand-Up Card)
52    (Stand-Up Card)
53    (Stand-Up Card)
54    (Stand-Up Card)
55    (Stand-Up Card)
56    (Stand-Up Card)
57    (Stand-Up Card)
58    (Stand-Up Card)
59    (Stand-Up Card)
60    (Stand-Up Card)

--    Card Story / Checklist #1                            Résumé de l'action / liste de contrôle #1
--    Card Story / Checklist #2                            Résumé de l'action / liste de contrôle #2

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