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Happy Birthday Bugs Collectible Stickers
Panini - 1990

Note:  The front-peel lettered clear stickers are slightly more common than the
numbered stickers, and are part of the basic set.

Box: 100 packs of 6 stickers.
Common sets of stickers 1-216: approx. 2.46 per box.
Clear stickers A-X: approx. 2.83 per box.

No.   Scene                          Story

  1   Elmer takes aim at Bugs        "Rabbit Fire"
  2   Bugs, Elmer, Daffy             "Rabbit Fire"
  3   Elmer takes aim at Daffy       "Rabbit Fire"
  4   Daffy                          "Rabbit Fire"
  5   Duck Season Open               "Rabbit Fire"
  6   Elmer (left)                   "Rabbit Fire"
  7   Daffy in rabbit ears (right)   "Rabbit Fire"
  8   1000 Ways to Cook a Duck       "Rabbit Fire"
  9   Bugs & book (left)             "Rabbit Fire"
 10   Daffy & book (right)           "Rabbit Fire"
 11   Bugs & Elmer                   "Rabbit Fire"
 12   Daffy in tennis ghi            "Rabbit Fire"
 13   Daffy & unstrung racquet       "Rabbit Fire"
 14   Bugs in hole & Elmer           "Rabbit Fire"
 15   Elmer & elephant               "Rabbit Fire"
 16   Lady Bugs, Elmer, Daffy        "Rabbit Fire"
 17   Lady Bugs kisses Elmer         "Rabbit Fire"
 18   Elmer aims at Lady Bugs        "Rabbit Fire"
 19   Elmer Season                   "Rabbit Fire"
 20   Uncle Bugs Wants You           "Rabbit Fire"
 21   Uncle Daffy Wants You          "Rabbit Fire"
 22   Dog eats cat                   "Feed the Kitty"
 23   Dog scares cat                 "Feed the Kitty"
 24   Kitten on balance ball         "Feed the Kitty"
 25   Dog cuddles kitten             "Feed the Kitty"
 26   Balancing cat and vacuum       "Feed the Kitty"
 27   Dog winds up cat               "Feed the Kitty"
 28   Dog prepares to pounce         "Feed the Kitty"
 29   Into the flour bin             "Feed the Kitty"
 30   Cup of cat flour               "Feed the Kitty"
 31   Aghast doggie                  "Feed the Kitty"
 32   Unplugged pooch                "Feed the Kitty"
 33   Bubble bearded dog             "Feed the Kitty"
 34   Bubbles dragging               "Feed the Kitty"
 35   Cat mixer                      "Feed the Kitty"
 36   Mirror mongrel                 "Feed the Kitty"
 37   Cookie prep                    "Feed the Kitty"
 38   Sweatin' dog                   "Feed the Kitty"
 39   Cookie cat                     "Feed the Kitty"
 40   Friendship renewed             "Feed the Kitty"
 41   Cryin' cur                     "Feed the Kitty"
 42   Happier hound                  "Feed the Kitty"
 43   Sylvester snoozing             "Birds of a Feather"
 44   Bluebird & Junior              "Birds of a Feather"
 45   Sylvester (left)               "Birds of a Feather"
 46   Junior (right)                 "Birds of a Feather"
 47   Cat-bird chase                 "Birds of a Feather"
 48   Sylvester listens              "Birds of a Feather"
 49   Kitten whackin'                "Birds of a Feather"
 50   Junior (left)                  "Birds of a Feather"
 51   Radio-Controlled Jet Plane     "Birds of a Feather"
 52   Bluebird                       "Birds of a Feather"
 53   Flyers chase Sylvester         "Birds of a Feather"
 54   Danger Dynamite                "Birds of a Feather"
 55   Cratered Sylvester             "Birds of a Feather"
 56   Junior & friend                "Birds of a Feather"
 57   Foghorn & grandma              "Strangled Eggs"
 58   Foghorn's basket               "Strangled Eggs"
 59   Foundling Henery               "Strangled Eggs"
 60   Foghorn takes aim at Henery    "Strangled Eggs"
 61   Grandma (left)                 "Strangled Eggs"
 62   Foghorn (right)                "Strangled Eggs"
 63   Foghorn places egg             "Strangled Eggs"
 64   Henery hatches egg grenade     "Strangled Eggs"
 65   Foghorn pulls grenade          "Strangled Eggs"
 66   Foghorn after blast            "Strangled Eggs"
 67   Foghorn's mine field           "Strangled Eggs"
 68   Foghorn scolds Henery          "Strangled Eggs"
 69   Foghorn elevated               "Strangled Eggs"
 70   Early Bugs                     "Devil May Hare"
 71   Monkey                         "Devil May Hare"
 72   Turtle & Bugs                  "Devil May Hare"
 73   Devil at mailbox               "Devil May Hare"
 74   Devil & Bugs                   "Devil May Hare"
 75   Skinny legs Bugs               "Devil May Hare"
 76   Xylo pink chicken              "Devil May Hare"
 77   Devil and bubble               "Devil May Hare"
 78   Bugs's slingshot               "Devil May Hare"
 79   Barrel horse                   "Devil May Hare"
 80   Hammering Bugs                 "Devil May Hare"
 81   Goo-Hanging Devil              "Devil May Hare"
 82   Swinging rock                  "Devil May Hare"
 83   Devil sees stars               "Devil May Hare"
 84   Bambi, Bugs, Devil             "Devil May Hare"
 85   Sick Devil grin                "Devil May Hare"
 86   Bugs, phone home               "Devil May Hare"
 87   Tasmanian Air Lines            "Devil May Hare"
 88   Tasmanian babe                 "Devil May Hare"
 89   Bride & Devil (left)           "Devil May Hare"
 90   Ricemonger Bugs (right)        "Devil May Hare"
 91   Talking to Tweety              "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
 92   Sylvester                      "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
 93   Gondolas                       "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
 94   Paddling Sylvester             "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
 95   Sinking feeling                "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
 96   Sylvester ballooning           "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
 97   Tweety slingshooting           "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
 98   Sidewalk splat                 "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
 99   Tarzan Sylvester               "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
100   Shark attack                   "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
101   Mama (left)                    "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
102   Tweety (right)                 "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
103   Sylvester fishing              "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
104   Snagging a speedboat           "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
105   Unwitting water skier          "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
106   Ducka You Head                 "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
107   Spaghetti lariat               "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
108   Noose-Neck Tweety              "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
109   Reeling in pasta               "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
110   Nailed with hammer             "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
111   Seeing fishes                  "A Pizza Tweety-Pie"
112   Wile E. & Road Runner          "Zoom and Bored"
113   Road Runner (left)             "Zoom and Bored"
114   Wile E. Coyote (right)         "Zoom and Bored"
115   Embedded in rock               "Zoom and Bored"
116   Anvil coarsing                 "Zoom and Bored"
117   Road Runner pecks feed         "Zoom and Bored"
118   Anvil descends                 "Zoom and Bored"
119   Sneaking to free seed          "Zoom and Bored"
120   Mesa viaduct                   "Zoom and Bored"
121   Bomb launching                 "Zoom and Bored"
122   Oops                           "Zoom and Bored"
123   Ahab Harpoon Gun               "Zoom and Bored"
124   Rope caught Coyote ankle       "Zoom and Bored"
125   Smashed into red truck         "Zoom and Bored"
126   Sylvester chases Speedy        "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
127   S & S on diving board          "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
128   Only Speedy remains            "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
129   Phone call                     "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
130   Daffy exterminator             "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
131   Cheese banquet                 "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
132   Speedy netted                  "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
133   Net stretching                 "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
134   Clogged mousehole              "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
135   TV plugged                     "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
136   Wanted poster                  "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
137   Mouse Disposal                 "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
138   Daffy Duck Comics              "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
139   Street chasing                 "It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"
140   Bugs stadium                   "Bully for Bugs"
141   Ready bull                     "Bully for Bugs"
142   Toreador                       "Bully for Bugs"
143   Bugs mapping                   "Bully for Bugs"
144   Consulting on map              "Bully for Bugs"
145   Horn prep                      "Bully for Bugs"
146   Flying through clouds          "Bully for Bugs"
147   Bugs as toreador               "Bully for Bugs"
148   Bull charging boards           "Bully for Bugs"
149   Bent horns                     "Bully for Bugs"
150   Horn sharpening                "Bully for Bugs"
151   Bugs                           "Bully for Bugs"
152   Bull charging                  "Bully for Bugs"
153   Nose honking                   "Bully for Bugs"
154   Bugs chuckles                  "Bully for Bugs"
155   Tunnel trap                    "Bully for Bugs"
156   Road race                      "Bully for Bugs"
157   Grease prep                    "Bully for Bugs"
158   Bull slide                     "Bully for Bugs"
159   Bull skids                     "Bully for Bugs"
160   The End                        "Bully for Bugs"
161   Daffy sweeps                   "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
162   Gift broom (left)              "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
163   Daffy (right)                  "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
164   Inn painting                   "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
165   Dude Daffy & cowboy            "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
166   Daffy                          "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
167   No Sale                        "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
168   Bristle Inn                    "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
169   The show is on                 "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
170   Dancin' Daffy                  "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
171   Eggs & vegetables              "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
172   Levering the rock              "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
173   Rock reaches Inn               "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
174   Donkey Duck                    "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
175   Porky (left)                   "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
176   Daffy Dame (right)             "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
177   Trap door                      "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
178   Duck directions                "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
179   Gusher under Inn               "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
180   Rich Porky & Daffy             "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
181   Bigger brooms for Daffy        "Daffy's Inn Trouble"
182   Parfums                        "Scent-Imental Reasons"
183   Pepe samples                   "Scent-Imental Reasons"
184   Man and Sylvester              "Scent-Imental Reasons"
185   Painted Syl                    "Scent-Imental Reasons"
186   Pepe's new love interest       "Scent-Imental Reasons"
187   Pepe (left)                    "Scent-Imental Reasons"
188   Sylvester Skunk (right)        "Scent-Imental Reasons"
189   See no evil                    "Scent-Imental Reasons"
190   Skunk retrieval                "Scent-Imental Reasons"
191   Romance again                  "Scent-Imental Reasons"
192   Defenestration                 "Scent-Imental Reasons"
193   Chasing out window             "Scent-Imental Reasons"
194   Blue paint special             "Scent-Imental Reasons"
195   Bulging heart                  "Scent-Imental Reasons"
196   Moneybags Sam                  "Devil's Feud Cake"
197   Escalator                      "Devil's Feud Cake"
198   Sam holds up Bugs              "Devil's Feud Cake"
199   Learn to Fly                   "Devil's Feud Cake"
200   Sam's non-parachute            "Devil's Feud Cake"
201   Read devil reader              "Devil's Feud Cake"
202   Penitent Sam                   "Devil's Feud Cake"
203   Street Sam                     "Devil's Feud Cake"
204   Gladiator Bugs & Sam           "Devil's Feud Cake"
205   Bugs & lions                   "Devil's Feud Cake"
206   Lions notice Sam               "Devil's Feud Cake"
207   Sam escaping                   "Devil's Feud Cake"
208   Sam off the cliff              "Devil's Feud Cake"
209   Devil Sam                      "Devil's Feud Cake"
210   Balloon Porky
211   Balloon Tweety
212   Balloon Sylvester
213   Balloon Elmer
214   Balloon Daffy
215   Balloon Pepe
216   Balloon Sylvester Jr.

Clear Stickers

 A    Foghorn Leghorn
 B    Wile E. Coyote
 C    Yosemite Sam smiling
 D    Barnyard Dog
 E    Speedy Gonzalez smiling
 F    Daffy Duck backpacking
 G    Bugs Bunny archer
 H    Three birds
 I    Sylvester Jr.
 J    Sylvester considering
 K    Tweety's Mom
 L    Sylvester stalking
 M    Urn of flowers
 N    Daffy diving
 O    Speedy pointing
 P    Patio furniture
 Q    Sylvester sitting
 R    Daffy moneybags
 S    Porky Pig pointing
 T    Porky duded up
 U    Daffy dancing
 V    Bugs walking
 W    Bugs banner
 X    Sam scowling

---   (Sticker Album)

©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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