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Bull Durham (Topps Archives)
   Topps - 2016

Notes: These cards were inserts for the 2016 Topps Archives Baseball release. 
Further information and scans are posted at the Beckett website.

    No.    Character          Signer

Insert Cards

           Parallels include red border, # to 50, 1:1629 packs; and 1/1 black borders.

  BD-B     Bobby              Not Even Magic...                  unn      50
  BD-J     Jimmy              Pitching the Gospel                unn      50
  BD-LH    Larry Hockett      Hilarity on the Hill               unn      50
  BD-M     Millie             Marriage for Millie                unn      50      1
  BD-NL    Nuke LaLoosh       Million Dollar Arm, 1-Cent Head    unn      50
  BD-RS    Ron Shelton        From Bluefield to the Big Screen   unn      50      1
  BD-T     Tony               Rain Dance                         unn      50

Autograph Cards

   BDA-AS   Annie Savoy        Susan Sarandon                     unn
   BDA-B    Bobby              David Neidorf                      595     50
   BDA-CD   "Crash Davis"      Kevin Costner                      unn              1
   BDA-J    Jimmy              William O'Leary                    595     50
   BDA-LH   Larry Hockett      Robert Wuhl                        145     50
   BDA-M    Millie             Jenny Robertson                    695     50      1
   BDA-NL   Nuke LaLoosh       Tim Robbins                        295     50
   BDA-RS   Ron Shelton        Director                           345     50
   BDA-T    Tony               Tom Silardi                        595     50

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