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Bush League
Eclipse - 1989

Note: Features personalities from the Bush White House and current events.  Originally
distributed in a boxed factory set; text by Paul Brancato and artwork by Salim Yaqub.
Cards are oversized, 2-3/4" x 3-3/4".

No.   Title                                Nickname or Player         Type              Role

 1    George Bush                          "Poppy"                    AllStar - P       President
 2    J. Danforth Quayle                   "Peewee"                   AllStar - RP      Vice President
 3    Prescott Bush                        "The Senator"              Father and Son    Former Republican Senator
 4    Hugh Liedtke & George Bush           The Gas Pump Gang          Teams of Yore     Partners in Oil
 5    Richard Nixon                        "Tricky Dick"              Hall of Fame      Former President
 6    Gerald Ford                          "Trog"                     Hall of Fame      Former President
 7    Langley Longhorns                                               Teams of Yore     CIA Director
 8    Manuel Noriega                       "La Pina"                  AllStar - P       Panamanian Dictator
 9    Secord - Wilson - Clines - Shackley  Murderer's Row             Teams of Yore     "The Secret Team"
10    Paula Parkinson                      "Par 3"                    Ball Girl         Insurance Lobbyist
11    World Series                         October Surprise           1980 Highlight    The Reagan Campaign
12    Oliver North                         "Ollie Hustle"             Hall of Fame - ?  The Black House Scandal
13    Lee Atwater                          "Staggerlee"               Batting Coach     GOP Chairman
14    Jackson Benched                      Rainbow Coalition Leader   1988 Highlight    Jesse Jackson
15    Stu Spencer                          "Sandman"                  Pitching Coach    GOP Campaigner
16    Free Agents Released                 American Nationalities     1988 Highlight    Ethnic Leaders
17    Duke Strikes Out                     Michael Dukakis            1988 Highlight    Democratic Presidential Candidate
18    John Sununu                          "Schoolboy"                AllStar - RP      White House Chief of Staff
19    James Baker                          "Bubba"                    AllStar - 1B      Secretary of State
20    C. Boyden Gray                       "Pine Tar"                 Bat Boy           White House Counsel
21    The Bush Brothers                    George W. and Jeb          Future Stars      The President's Sons
22    Robert Mosbacher                     "Smoochie"                 AllStar - LF      Secretary of Commerce
23    Tower Out-- Cheney In                                           1989 Highlight    Secretary of Defense
24    William Webster                      "Spook"                    AllStar - SS      CIA Director
25    William Sessions                     "The Judge"                AllStar - 2B      FBI Director
26    Henry Kissinger                      "Hammerin' Hank"           Hall of Fame      International Power-Broker
27    Brent Scowcroft                      "Babycakes"                AllStar - 3B      National Security Advisor
28    Edward Derwinski                     "Moose"                    AllStar - PH      Veterans' Affairs Chief
29    William Bennett                      "The Thrill"               Team Trainer      Drug Czar
30    Nicholas Brady                       "The Connecticut Yankee"   AllStar - CF      Treasury Secretary
31    Dick Thornburgh                      "Nuke"                     AllStar - DH      Attorney General
32    Dole - Sullivan - Lujan              "Dizzy" - "Doc" - "Manny"  The Bench         Cabinet Members
33    Donald Gregg                         "Gopher"                   Asian Scout       Ambassador to South Korea
34    Jack Kemp                            "Jocko"                    AllStar - RF      HUD Secretary
35    Farm Club Brawl                      Gingrich versus Wright     1989 Highlight    Ethics Battle in Congress
36    Peewee Takes the Mound               President Dan Quayle       199? Highlight    Nightmare Scenario

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