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Calendar Girls
   Chadpops Entertainment - 2015

Notes: This series is aimed primarily at fans of sketch art..

Pack: 4 base cards + 1 sketch + promo, chase, or second sketch.
600 packs total.

  No.    Artist                Month / # made    Caption

Base Cards (limited to 200 each)

   01    Nathan Szerdy         January 2016      Tittly bit Nipply
   02    Michael Duron         February 2016     The best part of Valentines Day is unwrapping your special gifts!
   03    Mario Chavez          March 2016        Who's your lucky charm?
   04    James Hill            April 2016        Every bunny needs some bunny sometimes.
   05    Courtney Rose         May 2016          Star Spangled Beauty
   06    Walter D rice Jr.     June 2016         Splashing in the Waves.
   07    Bill Maus             July 2016         July Jungle Heat
   08    Huy Truong            August 2016       August to me, means hot summer days.
   09    Joe Pekar             September 2016    Back to School.
   10    Rhiannon Owens        October 2016      Drawing a sexy witch, is a good excuse to draw a kitty.
   11    Amos Madruga          November 2016     Care for a slice of heaven?
   12    Cliff Thomas          December 2016     Blue Christmas Without You.

Chase Cards (limited to 100)

  SP1    Helga Wojik                             Spring is Blooming.
  SP2    George Webber                           Summer Cruising.
  SP3    Michael Duron                           Fall Festivals.
  SP4    Bill Maus                               Winter Can be Frosty.

Pack-Insert Promo Card

   --    Nathan Szerdy                           Cute as a Button

Sketch Card Artists

         Achilleas Kokkinakis          10
         Amos Madruga                  20
         Anastasia Budarina            20
         Anastasia Catris             <20
         Andy Gray                    <20
         Ashon Wynn                    20
         Bill Maus                     20
         Brad Utterstrom               10
         Chris Chamberlain             20
         Chris Papantoniou             20
         Cliff Thomas                  20
         Courtney Rose Hennessy        20
         Dan Gorman                    20
         Elisa Chong                   20
         Emmett Taylor                 20
         Fer Galicia                   20
         Gary Rudisill                 20
         George Webber                 10
         Helga Wojik                   20
         Hon Bun Leung                 20
         Huy Truong                    20
         James Hill                    20
         James Morgan                  10
         Jasmine Anderson              20
         Jenni Gregory                 20
         Joe Pekar                      5
         Josh Dykstra                  20
         Kate Carleton                 20
         Keir Knikia Lyles             20
         Kevin Munroe                  10
         Kristin Allen                 20
         Louis Small Jr                20
         Mario Chavez                   5
         Mark Martino                  10
         Michael Duron                 20
         Mike James                     5
         Nathan Szerdy                 20
         Rhiannon Owens                 5
         Rusty Gilligan                10
         Ryan Van Der Draaij           10
         Shawn Conn                    20
         Solly Mohamed                 20
         Steven Burch                  20
         Tobias Gebhardt               10
         Vanessa "Banky" Farano        20
         Victoria Gedvillas            20
         Walter D. Rice Jr.            20

Mini-Calendar Incentive Sketch Card (8" x 3-1/2", magnetic back; first 15 orders of 30 packs)

         Reportedly, 19 artists participated.

         Bill Maus
         George Webber
         Huy Truong
         Jasmine Anderson
         Kristin Allen
         Louis Small Jr
         Michael Duron
         Nathan Szerdy
         Rhiannon Owens


Promo    December 2015         Nathan Szerdy

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©2015, 2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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