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Captain America: The First Avenger [movie]
   Upper Deck - 2011

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Upper Deck website.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 7 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets (99): approx. 1.41 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 16 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approximately 0.88 per box.

No.    Title / Card Text                                Artist(s)

  1    Movie Credits
  2    Johann Schmidt, leader of the subversive organ
  3    The Tesseract is an ancient artifact from Nors
  4    Now that Schmidt has acquired the legendary Te
  5    Steve Rogers will do almost anything to get in
  6    Looks can be deceiving. Within the diminutive
  7    Continuous rejections by the U.S. Army may dam
  8    Steve wants to join his best friend Bucky in t
  9    Even at the grand event of the World Exhibitio
 10    Luck is on Steve's side at this particular rec
 11    Peggy Carter is as tough as she is beautiful.
 12    Without question, Steve isn't from the same ph
 13    It takes all of Steve's heart and will to make
 14    When all is said and done, Steve proves himsel
 15    Even when faced with the unknown, Steve is rea
 16    Dr. Erskine rpepares the chamber for Project R
 17    Steve settles into the Rebirth chamber, hopefu
 18    Peggy looks on with both optimism and concern
 19    Many are in attendance for the unveiling of Pr
 20    As Steve awaits final preparations, Dr. Erskin
 21    Anticipation mounts as attendants watch the Re
 22    The strain on Steve is almost unbearable as th
 23    Everyone looks on in awe as Steve emerges from
 24    Even renowned inventor Howard Stark can hardly
 25    Treachery! Among those in attendance of Projec
 26    For the first time, Steve's physical capabilit
 27    Heinz Kruger, the HYDRA spy, takes aim at his
 28    Peggy is in hot pursuit of Kruger as she fires
 29    Kruger makes his way to the hidden HYDRA sub t
 30    Johann Schmidt and Dr. Arnim Zola are hard at
 31    The Tesseract's enormous power was successfull
 32    Howard Stark is given the task of reverse engi
 33    Peggy and Steve meet with Senator Brandt to de
 34    Senator Brandt is greatly impressed with the t
 35    Steve got his wish to be able to help out the
 36    The Captain America show eventually makes its
 37    Captain America isn't greeted as warmly as he
 38    Steve is discouraged in his current role and w
 39    With the help of Howard Stark and Peggy Carter
 40    Steve roams the HYDRA compound in search of th
 41    Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan is the first POW that
 42    Cap is able to infiltrate Dr. Zola's HYDRA lab
 43    Steve finally finds Bucky locked up separate f
 44    Col. Chester Phillips is appalled by Peggy's a
 45    Steve and the prisoners return! Without warnin
 46    Walking at Steve's side is his friend james "B
 47    Among the returning 107th is Gabe Jones. He is
 48    It seems the POWs were very industrious in the
 49    Steve's brass shield that was made for his sho
 50    The troops shower Steve with congratulations a
 51    Bucky can't thank his friend enough for helpin
 52    Peggy does her best to keep her emotions in ch
 53    Like many of the other members of the 107th th
 54    Captain America has officially gone from a tra
 55    Based on Steve's actions at the HYDRA compound
 56    Steve approaches Dum Dum and the other members
 57    Peggy notices that the remaining shows of the
 58    Howard Stark is determined to unlock the secre
 59    During the rescue of the POWs, Steve was able
 60    Peggy and Steve listen in as they develop a pl
 61    Jacques Dernier was among the POWs that were f
 62    In order for Captain America to perform at his
 63    Among the gear enhancements that Stark present
 64    The Howling Commandos have been formed and are
 65    Cap and the Howling Commandos lay out their at
 66    Captain America dons his upgraded gear. His ba
 67    Bucky displays his sniping prowess by firing a
 68    One of the HYDRA troopers assesses the carnage
 69    Beneath the mask that is Johann Schmidt lies t
 70    The Red Skull's appearance is an adverse side
 71    The Red Skull is not at all pleased with the d
 72    Dum Dum, Falsworth and Jones lie in wait to am
 73    The HYDRA tank is unsuspecting of the Howling
 74    The Howling Commandos are tipped off about a t
 75    The HYDRA train has been located, and now it's
 76    With Captain America coming closer and closer
 77    HYDRA unleashes its motorcycle troops in an ef
 78    As Cap invades the HYDRA HQ, he realizes he ma
 79    Surrounded by dozens of troops, tanks and flam
 80    Captured, Cap learns the plan of HYDRA: bombs
 81    Sensing that HYDRA is on the brink of defeat,
 82    Determined to find their fearless leader, the
 83    Knowing that it's do-or-die time, Peggy and he
 84    The HYDRA bomber pilots are preparing to board
 85    With HYDRA and The Red Skull defeated, it's up
 86    With HYDRA defeated, the tide of the war is ch
 87    The Howling Commandos gather to celebrate the

    Characters of Captain America

 88    Steve Rogers/Captain America: Chris Evans
 89    Johann Schmidt/Red Skull: Hugo Weaving
 90    Peggy Carter: Hayley Atwell
 91    James "Bucky"+C156 Barnes: Sebastian Stan
 92    Dr. Abraham Erskine: Stanley Tucci
 93    Howard Stark: Dominic Cooper
 94    Dr. Arnim Zola: Toby Jones
 95    Dum Dum Dugan: Neal McDonough
 96    Gabe Jones: Derek Luke
 97    Jacques Dernier: Bruno Ricci
 98    Montgomery Falsworth: JJ Feild
 99    Jim Morita: Kenneth Choi


Comic Covers Cards (1:2 packs)

C-1    Captain America Comics vol. 1 #1                 Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Al Liederman
C-2    Tales of Suspense vol. 1 #59                     Don Heck, Chic Stone, Jack Kirby, Sol Brodsky
C-3    Captain America vol. 1 #100                      Jack Kirby, Syd Shores
C-4    Captain America vol. 1 #110                      Jim Steranko, Joe Sinnott
C-5    Captain America vol. 1 #111                      Jim Steranko, Joe Sinnott
C-6    Captain America vol. 1 #193                      Jack Kirby, Frank Giacola, John Romita
C-7    Captain America vol. 1 #321                      Paul Neary, John Beatty, Mike Zeck, Ken Fedunlewicz
C-8    Captain America Annual vol. 1 #8                 Mike Zeck, John Beatty, Josef Rubinstein, Glynis Oliver
C-9    Captain America vol. 1 #332                      Tom Morgan, Bob McLeod, Mike Zeck, Klaus Janson, Ken Fedunlewicz
C-10   Captain America vol. 1 #405                      Rik Levins, Steve Alexandrov, Rik Levins, Gina Going
C-11   Captain America vol. 1 #445                      Ron Garney, Scott Koblish, John Kalisz, Paul Becton, Malibu
C-12   Captain America vol. 5 #1                        Steve Epting, Frank D'Armata
C-13   Captain America vol. 5 #25                       Steve Epting, Ed McGuinness, Frank D'Armata

Poster Series Cards (1:2 packs)

P-1    Victory
P-2    The First Avenger
P-3    Super-Soldier: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
P-4    Super Soldier: The Nazis are quivering in thei
P-5    Fighting Friend of Freedom!: In lockstep with
P-6    Sock Evil in the Jaw!: Captain America is taki
P-7    Sock Evil in the Jaw!: Help keep freedom your
P-8    Sentinel of Liberty
P-9    Fighting Friend of Freedom: A beacon of light
P-10   Captain A
P-11   Captain America
P-12   (no title): A pillar of justice, our nation's

Memorabilia Cards (1:12 Hobby packs, 1:48 Retail packs)

M-1    Golden Age Captain America
M-2    Bucky Barnes
M-3    Peggy Carter
M-4    Dr. Erskine
M-5    Howard Stark
M-6    Red Skull
M-7    Dr. Zola
M-8    Heinz Kruger
M-9    Dum Dum Dugan
M-10   Gabe Jones
M-11   Jacques Dernier
M-12   Steve Rogers
M-13   Captain America

Insignia Patch Cards (1:16 Hobby packs, 1:96 Retail packs)

I-1    Johann Schmidt
I-2    Captain America [A]
I-3    Red Skull
I-4    Captain America [Avengers Assemble]
I-5    Steve Rogers
I-6    Golden Age Captain America

Autograph Cards (1:288 Hobby packs, 1:2500 Retail packs)

 JO    Toby Jones as Dr. Zola
 KC    Kenneth Choi as Jim Morita
 NM    Neal McDonough
 ST    Stanley Tucci as Dr. Abraham Erskine

       Unreleased Autograph Card (included with Avengers Additions set)

       BR    Bruno Ricci

Printing Plate Cards

 --    (99 base cards) x (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Sketch Cards (1:48 Hobby packs)

 --    Melike Acar                                     21
 --    Jason Adams                                     35
 --    Matt Grigsby                                    10
 --    Irma Ahmed                                      99
 --    Kate Bradley                                    18
 --    George Calloway                                 22
 --    Joel Carroll                                    63
 --    Wendy Chew                                      18
 --    Joyce Chin                                      28
 --    Jim Cheung                                      27
 --    Hamilton Cline                                  86
 --    Eugene Commodore                                47
 --    Katie Cook                                      22
 --    Roy Cover                                       79
 --    George "GEO" Davis                              40
 --    George Deep                                     33
 --    Zane Donnellan                                  36
 --    Remi Dousset                                    37
 --    Michael Duran                                   96
 --    John "ACE" Evangelista                          74
 --    Chris Foreman                                   63
 --    Jerry Gaylord                                   40
 --    Kevin Gentilcore                                77
 --    Bruce Gerlach                                   45
 --    Dan Gorman                                      86
 --    Kevin Graham                                    27
 --    Danielle Gransaull / Soloud                     42
 --    Charles Hall                                    38
 --    Mark Henry                                      32
 --    Ben Herrera                                     48
 --    John Huan                                       39
 --    Jon Hughes                                      85
 --    Jose Jaro                                       12
 --    Frank Kadar                                     39
 --    Ryan Kincaid                                    87
 --    Brian Kong                                      45
 --    Lak Lim                                         44
 --    Andy MacDonald                                  56
 --    David Mack                                      55
 --    Butch Mapa                                      85
 --    Billy Martin                                    54
 --    Sebastian Mazuera                               45
 --    Mark McKenna                                    44
 --    Lord Mesa                                       99
 --    Jonboy Meyers                                   45
 --    Mike Miller                                     22
 --    Jake Minor                                      18
 --    Matthew Minor                                   86
 --    Hanie Mohd                                      82
 --    Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar                             81
 --    Richard Molinelli                               96
 --    Gilbert Monsanto                               101
 --    Eric Ninaltowski                                45
 --    Dan Panosian                                    27
 --    Joe Pekar                                       54
 --    Jason Keith Phillips                           119
 --    Bill Pulkovski                                  43
 --    Lawrence Reynolds                               84
 --    Dave Ryan                                       53
 --    Hector Sevilla                                  12
 --    Brandon Singleton                               10
 --    Cal Slayton                                     45
 --    Tod Smith                                       45
 --    Cat Staggs                                      25
 --    Ken Steacy                                      29
 --    Bryan Turner                                    24
 --    Travis Walton                                   99
 --    Frankie B. Washington                           92
 --    Sarah Wilkinson                                 53
 --    Ben Young                                       27

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