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Captain Rochester Collector Card Set 1
   Rochester Electronics - 2010

Notes: Captain Rochester is a corporate superhero, a "strong and knowledgeable industry 
hero who promotes safe and secure methods for procuring semiconductors through 
authorized sources." Card fronts illustrate themes, while card backs give artist caricatures 
or photos and bios plus information snippets on semiconductor marketing. Issued as a 
complete set in plastic case. Further information and scans are posted at the Captain 
Rochester website.

No.   Title                                     Artist

 T1   Captain Rochester Collector Card Set 1    [title card]

  1   Job Well Done                             Jack Davis
  2   The Scam                                  Keith Knight
  3   Too Good to Be True                       Gary Fields
  4   Diligence                                 Gene Colan
  5   Grounded!                                 Mort Drucker
  6   Pest Control                              Willie Ito
  7   Tentacles of Danger                       Stan Sakai
  8   Are You Creating the Problem?             Paul Gerrish
  9   Fear and Loathing                         Sergio Aragonés
 10   Benny Knows the Tune                      Floyd Norman
 11   A Pair of Jokers                          Doug Gray
 12   Be a Hero!                                Stephanie Buscema
 13   Call to Duty                              Fred Hembeck
 14   Don't Be Duped!                           Chris Gerrish
 15   Unbelievable, But True - Nightmares!      Chris Wisnia
 16   Semmy "Smokey" Flushmount                 Mike Gray
 17   The Right Choice                          Al Jaffee
 18   Dog Daze                                  Scott Shaw!
 19   Titan of the Industry                     Art Baltazar
 20   Reading the Signs                         Dan Parent
 21   Protected from the Unexpected             Grace Gerrish
 22   Torn Asunder                              Rich Koslowski
 23   Don't Be Tricked!                         George Karalias
 24   Leap into Action                          Batton Lash
 25   Decisions ... decisions ...               Bobby London
 26   Get Angry!                                Peter Bagge
 27   The Only Tool You Need!                   Mike Kazaleh
 28   Parts of Unknown Regions                  Gordon Kent
 29   Our Gallant Hero!                         Paul Power
 30   International Alliances                   Daxiong
 31   Incredible Power                          Dave Alvarez
 32   Authorization is the Best Strategy        Jon Murakami
 33   You Can't Hide Behind that Disguise!      Bob Foster
 34   Zany, Razy, and Dangerous                 B. K. Taylor

 C1   Checklist Number One

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