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Captain Rochester Collector Card Set 2
   Rochester Electronics - 2010

Notes: Captain Rochester is a corporate superhero, a "strong and knowledgeable industry 
hero who promotes safe and secure methods for procuring semiconductors through 
authorized sources." Card fronts illustrate themes, while card backs give artist caricatures 
or photos and bios plus information snippets on semiconductor marketing. Issued as a 
complete set in plastic case. Further information and scans are posted at the Captain 
Rochester website.

No.   Title                                     Artist

 T2   Captain Rochester Collector Card Set 2    [title card]

 35   Charged and Ready                         Sergio Aragonés
 36   Hero Worship                              Jeff Keane
 37   Electrifying!                             Dean Yeagle
 38   All in a Day's Work!                      Tom Richmond
 39   The Device Kingdom                        Jack Katz
 40   Staking a Claim                           Brent Anderson
 41   Pride                                     Ken Steacy
 42   Re-creation, yes! Emulation, no!          Garrett Ho
 43   Caught in the Act!                        Chari Pere
 44   Did You Buy that Trash?                   Dave Bennett
 45   War and Pieces                            Steve Rude
 46   If It Smells Like Vinnie ...              Jim MacQuarrie
 47   Short-Lived High                          Art Baltazar
 48   Klawed!                                   Dan Nakrosis
 49   Buy Now, Pay Later                        Stephen Silver
 50   Time for Device Assessment                Jerry Eisenberg
 51   The Incredible Captain Rochester          Tone Rodriguez
 52   Hand-Me-Downs                             Rick Detorie
 53   Two-Timing Team                           Batton Lash
 54   Electronic Help                           Scott Shaw!
 55   Don't Get Zapped!                         Dave Alvarez
 56   Download Jack Secures The Data            Scott Jeralds
 57   Headed for the Hills                      David Coulson
 58   Unwanted Surprises!                       Jon Murakami
 59   Losing Control                            Tracy Buck
 60   No Imitations Accepted                    Stephen Notley
 61   Time To Throw Out The Trash               Rick Geary
 62   Conspiracy!                               Jim Mahfood
 63   On the Hunt for Some Raw Material         Tom Luth
 64   From Out of the Chaos                     Leo Leibelman
 65   Environmental Concerns                    Todd Kurosawa
 66   Rating Out on Bad Parts!                  Doug McCoy
 67   I am what I am!                           Hy Eisman
 68   Authorization Breeds Confidence           Gary Owens

 C2   Checklist Number Two
 --   The Adventures of Captain Rochester       [paper insert]

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