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Captain Scarlet
   Unstoppable Cards - 2015

Notes: Some purchasers found fewer "hits" than originally planned, about 
1 autograph per box and 1 sketch per case. Thanks to David Rosciszewski 
for assistance! Further information and scans are posted at the Unstoppable 

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 1800 numbered boxes.
Common sets: approx. xxxx per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Title                                 Episode

     1    Captain Scarlet                       Main Voice Cast
     2    Mysteron Base                         The Mysterons
     3    Airliner                              Winged Assasin
     4    Escort                                Big Ben Strikes Again
     5    Scarlet and Blue                      Manhunt
     6    SPV                                   Avalanche
     7    Transfer                              White as Snow
     8    Hands Up!                             The Trap
     9    Operate                               Operation Time
    10    Captain Blue & Colonel White          Spectrum Strikes Back
    11    Evil Personified...                   Special Assignment
    12    Robbery                               Heart of New York
    13    Moon Buggy                            Lunaville 7
    14    Supertank                             Point 783
    15    Relax                                 Model Spy
    16    Fire                                  Seek and Destroy
    17    Captain Black                         Renegade Robot
    18    Moon Mission                          Crater 101
    19    Observatory                           The Shadow of Fear
    20    Under Protection                      Dangerous Rendezvous
    21    In the Desert                         Fire at Rig 15
    22    Scarlet in Charge?                    Treble Cross
    23    Crash                                 Flight 104
    24    Down... But Not Out                   Place of Angels
    25    Mine                                  Noose of Ice
    26    Jet Pack                              Expo 2068
    27    Angel                                 The Launching
    28    Discussion                            Codename Europa
    29    Stake Out                             Inferno
    30    Enquiry                               The Traitor
    31    Atlantica Control                     Flight to Atlantica
    32    Under Attack                          Attack on Cloudbase
    33    Investigation                         The Inquisition
    34    Captain Scarlet [hovering]            Voiced by Francis Matthews
    35    Captain Scarlet [standing]
    36    Captain Blue [portrait]               Voiced by Ed Bishop
    37    Captain Blue [upper body]
    38    Colonel White [control panel]         Voiced by Donald Gray
    39    Colonel White [baton]
    40    Captain Black [binoculars]            Voiced by Donald Gray
    41    Captain Black [portrait]
    42    Lt Green [upper body]                 Voiced by Cy Grant
    43    Lt Green [control panel]
    44    The Angels [2]                        Elizabeth Morgan: Destiny Angel, Rhapsody Angel, Harmony Angel
    45    The Angels [3]                        Janna Hill: Symphony Angel -- Sylvia Anderson: Melody Angel
    46    Behind the Scenes [posing safari suit]
    47    Behind the Scenes [hover suit]
    48    Behind the Scenes [recreation room]
    49    Behind the Scenes [scaffold]
    50    Behind the Scenes [bunker]
    51    Behind the Scenes [Spectrum landing]
    52    Behind the Scenes [Mysteron Base]
    53    Checklist [1-50]
    54    Checklist [51-52, Chase]


Mirror Foil Cards

   F1     (Special Walls)
   F2     (Attacked by Snake)
   F3     (Crushed by Tank)
   F4     (Swamp)
   F5     (Falling from Car)
   F6     (Falling from Skyscraper)
   F7     (Fire)
   F8     (Crushed by Rocks)
   F9     (Falling Boxes)
   F10    (Shark Attack)

Autograph Cards (1:22 packs)

   EM     Elizabeth Morgan - The Voice of Destiny Angel
   EM2    Elizabeth Morgan - The Voice of Harmony Angel
   EM3    Elizabeth Morgan - The Voice of Rhapsody Angel
   JW     Jeremy Wilkin - The Voice of Captain Ochre
   JW2    Jeremy Wilkin - The Voice of Captain Black
   SR1    Shane Rimmer - Writer-Avalanche
   SR2    Shane Rimmer - Various Voices
   SA     Sylvia Anderson - The Voice of Melody Angel
   SA2    Sylvia Anderson - Co-Creator

Postage Stamp Card (limited to 40)

   PS1    Genuine Mint Postage Stamp

Cut Autograph Card

   GA2    Gerry Anderson - Co-Creator

Sketch Cards (1:64 packs, vertical or horizontal)

          Adam Cleveland                        vertical  horizontal
          Andy Fry                              vertical  horizontal
          Bruce Gerlach                         vertical  horizontal
          Clinton Yeager                        vertical  horizontal
          Danielle Ellison                                horizontal
          Enid-Elvin Ramos                      vertical  horizontal
          Graham Bleathman                                horizontal
          j(ay)                                 vertical  horizontal
          Jason Westlake                        vertical
          Jeff Abar                             vertical  horizontal
          Jerry Fleming                         vertical  horizontal
          Joe Miller                            vertical
          Kevin Meinert                         vertical  horizontal
          Kitty Lydia-Dye                       vertical  horizontal
          Laura Inglis                          vertical  horizontal
          Louise Draper                         vertical  horizontal
          Nik Neocleous                                   horizontal
          Paul Cowan                            vertical
          Paul Williams                         vertical  horizontal
          Rich Molinelli                        vertical  horizontal
          Rupam Gupta                           vertical  horizontal
          Scott Fellowes                        vertical  horizontal
          Solly Mohamed                         vertical  horizontal
          Steven Burch                          vertical  horizontal
          Tom Savage                            vertical  horizontal
          Westley James Smith                   vertical  horizontal

Case-Topper Autograph Card

   GF1    Gary Files - The Voice of Captain Magenta

Card Album (199 made; sold separately)

    --    (binder)
   GF2    Gary Files - The Voice of Captain Indigo (exclusive autograph card)

Pre-Order Case Topper Incentives Pack

    --    Printing Plate Cards (2:pack)

       UFO Preview Set (# to 199)

   PR1    Coming in 2016
   PR2    Coming in 2016
   PR3    Coming in 2016
   PR4    Coming in 2016
   PR5    Coming in 2016
   PR6    Coming in 2016

       Space 1999 Preview Set (# to 199)

   PR1    Coming in 2016
   PR2    Coming in 2016
   PR3    Coming in 2016
   PR4    Coming in 2016
   PR5    Coming in 2016
   PR6    Coming in 2016

       Promo Card Set

   CP1    Space: 1999 (promo card)              also SP2
   CP2    UFO (promo card)                      also UP1
   CP3    Captain Scarlet (promo card)
   CP4    My Favorite Martian (promo card)
   CP5    The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson (promo card)
   CP6    British Horror Collection (promo card)

Autograph Cards (in Unstoppable Cards 2017 Yearset)

   EM4    Elizabeth Morgan - The voice of the Tannoy     Flight 104
   GF4   Gary Files - The voice of Captain Magenta       


  CCP1    Dealer Promo (The Cyber Cellar)
  CP3     Promo (Mysteron Base)
  CTP1 +  Dealer Promo (Coastsidetoys)
  CTP1 +  Dealer Promo (Tom Breyer Unique Cards)   
  DTP1    Dealer Promo (Derek's Trading Cards)
  GP1     Dealer Promo (Gazza Games)
  MP1     Dealer Promo (mitchy9210)
  NSP1    Dealer Promo (
  NSP2    Dealer Promo (
  NSP3    Dealer Promo (
  PCP1    Dealer Promo (Premier Cards; # to 30)
  PCP2    Dealer Promo (Premier Cards; # to 30)
  PHP1    Dealer Promo (Paul Hart Trading Cards)
  RAD1    Dealer Promo (Radickal Trading Cards; # to 50)
  RP1  +  Dealer Promo (Rydeclive)
  SFP1 +  Dealer Promo (SciFi Cards)
  SFP1    Dealer Promo (Tom Breyer Unique Cards)
  UMP1    Dealer Promo (Umbrella Trading Cafds)
  UP1     (general distribution)
  UP1     Dealer Promo (
  WEB1    Web Promo

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