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Captain Action
Captain Action Enterprises - 2010

Notes:  The set is generally distributed as a factory set in a collector box with 
extras. Further information and scans are posted at the Captain Action 
Enterprises website.

No.    Title                                          Artist(s)

    Captain Action

   1   Jump Into Action                               Art Thibert, Sean Ellery
   2   Partners in Action                             Mike Allred
   3   Let Justice Be Done                            Ron Frenz, James Brown
   4   Evil Invaders                                  Scott Brooks
   5   Sculpted Action                                Ruben Procopio, Masked Avenger Studios
   6   Call To Action                                 Mariano Nicieza, Brian Roll
   7   Zeroids Attack                                 Roberto Castro, Mariano Nicieza
   8   Man of Action                                  Joe Ahearn, Ruben Procopio, Tom Smith
   9   Action Underwater                              Mariano Nicieza
  10   Faces Of Evil                                  Jim Alexander
  11   Another Vision                                 Gil Kane, Mariano Nicieza, Tom Smith

    Action Boy

  12   Kid Action                                     Scott R. Brooks
  13   Jungle Action                                  Scott R. Brooks, James Brown
  14   Moon Mission                                   Mariano Nicieza, Raymond Flores
  15   Brave Allies                                   Mariano Nicieza, Brian Roll

    Concept Art

  16   1001 Action Poses                              Carmine Infantino
  17   Action Super Spy                               Scott R. Brooks
  18   Captain Magic                                  Scott R. Brooks
  19   Action Weapons                                 Scott R. Brooks
  20   Reimagined Action                              Mike Lilly
  21   Crescent                                       Mike Lilly
  22   Flashpoint                                     Mike Lilly
  23   Green Circle                                   Mike Lilly
  24   Savior                                         Mike Lilly
  25   Ideal Action                                   Ruben Procopio, Masked Avenger Studios
  26   Face of Action                                 Scott R. Brooks

    Cover Gallery

  27   Nightly Patrol                                 Murphy Anderson, Scott R. Brooks
  28   Captive Prisoner                               Ruben Procopio, Masked Avenger Studios
  29   Fearsome Fight                                 Mark Sparacio
  30   New Captain Action                             Marat Mychaels, Frank M. Cuonzo
  31   Narrow Escape                                  Thomas Yeates, Ken Wolak
  32   Trajedy Strikes                                Dick Giordano, Ken Wolak
  33   Tangled Web                                    John Lucas, Ken Wolak
  34   Fearless Leap                                  Rooks, James Brown
  35   Explosive Danger                               Paul Gulacy, Laurie Kronenberg
  36   British Sensation [Paul Gulacy, James Brown]   Lady Action
  37   Deadly Beauty                                  Ed Catto, Jim Alexander
  38   Facing Evil                                    Mariano Nicieza, Brian Roll
  39   Defiant                                        Mariano Nicieza, Carl Maiorino, Anthony Quarino
  40   First Appearance [Norm Saunders]               Vintage Art
  41   A New Partner                                  Norm Saunders
  42   Deadly Enemy                                   John Detrich
  43   Alien Invasion                                 Chic Stone
  44   Destroy All Monsters                           Chic Stone
  45   Carrying Case                                  Captain Action Enterprises, LLC
  46   Air Recon                                      Murphy Anderson, Mariano Nicieza
  47   Storage Locker                                 Captain Action Enterprises, LLC
  48   Jungle Survival                                Murphy Anderson, Mariano Nicieza
  49   Silver Streak                                  Captain Action Enterprises, LLC
  50   Card Set Checklist

 --    Certificate of Authenticity (paper; box insert)
 --    (gold foil plastic container; collector's box)
 (51)  Silver Streak Edition (bonus magnet card)
 --    (Creator Autographed Card; one of above)
 --    Mariano Nicieza; others (Sketch Card)

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