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Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
Anglo Confectionery Ltd. - 1968

Notes:  The set was issued following the release the previous year of the TV series of the 
same name. The cards show scenes from the TV Series and cartoon representations by 
Ron Emblerton. The card positions relate to the large scene that was made on the back 
of the cards (6 cards across by 11 rows). Thanks much to Ron Dowd for the list!

No.   Card Title                                           Puzzle Back     Position

  1   Captain Scarlet And A Mysteron Tank                  Poster Row A    A-6
  2   Captain Scarlet's Parachute Peril                    Poster Row A    A-5
  3   Captain Black & Hostage at the TVR-17 Control        Poster Row A    A-4
  4   Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue                     Poster Row A    A-3
  5   Captain Scarlet In Surgery                           Poster Row A    A-2
  6   Colonel White and Lieutenant Green In The            Poster Row A    A-1
         Cloudbase Control Room
  7   Captain Scarlet Running From Flood                   Poster Row B    B-6
  8   Captain Blue Attacks                                 Poster Row B    B-5
  9   Captain Ochre and the Mysteron Detection Machine     Poster Row B    B-4
 10   Captain Scarlet with a Mysteron Gun                  Poster Row B    B-3
 11   Captain Black Takes out A Spectrum Team              Poster Row B    B-2
 12   Rescued by the Spectrum Helicopter                   Poster Row B    B-1
 13   The SPV Races To The Scene                           Poster Row C    C-6
 14   An Angel Interceptor Destroys The Target             Poster Row C    C-5
 15   Ejecting From The Angel Interceptor                  Poster Row C    C-4
 16   Cloudbase                                            Poster Row C    C-3
 17   Captain Scarlet Hangs From a Cliff Face              Poster Row C    C-2
 18   Captain Magenta Fights The Enemy                     Poster Row C    C-1
 19   Helicopter Crashes Into The London Vu                Poster Row D    D-6
 20   Destiny Angel Shoots The Enemy                       Poster Row D    D-5
 21   Captain Magenta and a Rhinoceros                     Poster Row D    D-4
 22   Captain Blue Assists Captain Ochre                   Poster Row D    D-3
 23   Captain Scarlet And Shark                            Poster Row D    D-2
 24   Captain Scarlet in Space                             Poster Row D    D-1
 25   Destiny and Rhapsody Angels "Scramble"               Poster Row E    E-6
 26   Captain Magenta in a Jet Pack                        Poster Row E    E-5
 27   Spectrum Passenger Jet (SPJ) Crash Landing on        Poster Row E    E-4
         Cloud Base
 28   Angel Interceptor Attacks                            Poster Row E    E-3
 29   The Spectrum Saloon Car (SSC)                        Poster Row E    E-2
 30   Avalanche Rescue                                     Poster Row E    E-1
 31   The Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV)                   Poster Row F    F-6
 32   Destiny Angel on a Mission                           Poster Row F    F-5
 33   Captain Scarlet in Pursuit                           Poster Row F    F-4
 34   Mysteron Mars Base                                   Poster Row F    F-3
 35   Captain Scarlet, Destiny Angel and Captain Blue      Poster Row F    F-2
 36   Captain Scarlet Takes The World President Hostage    Poster Row F    F-1
 37   Captain Scarlet and Lieutenant Green Arrive On       Poster Row G    G-6
         The Scene
 38   Colonel White and Spectrum Agents Meeting            Poster Row G    G-5
 39   Captain Ochre Rescues Captain Scarlet                Poster Row G    G-4
 40   Captain Scarlet in The Jaws Of Death                 Poster Row G    G-3
 41   Harmony, Destiny and Melody Angels                   Poster Row G    G-2
 42   Angels Recreation Room                               Poster Row G    G-1
 43   A Romantic Dinner                                    Poster Row H    H-6
 44   Lieutenant Green At The Desk                         Poster Row H    H-5
 45   Spectrum Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV)              Poster Row H    H-4
 46   A Spectrum SPV Races To The Scene                    Poster Row H    H-3
 47   Angels Flypast                                       Poster Row H    H-2
 48   An Angel Interceptor Attacks                         Poster Row H    H-1
 49   Captain Scarlet Races From The Explosion             Poster Row I    I-6
 50   Captain Scarlet Thwarts Captain Black                Poster Row I    I-5
 51   An Angel Interceptor Finds It's Target               Poster Row I    I-4
 52   A Spectrum SPV Leaves The Scene                      Poster Row I    I-3
 53   Ejecting to Safety                                   Poster Row I    I-2
 54   Symphony Angel Fights The Enemy                      Poster Row I    I-1
 55   Captain Scarlet Rescued By Helicopter                Poster Row I    J-6
 56   Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue in Sectrum          Poster Row J    J-5
 57   Spectrum Saloon Vehicle (SSV)                        Poster Row J    J-4
 58   Captain Black                                        Poster Row J    J-3
 59   Colonel White and Spectrum Agents Meeting            Poster Row J    J-2
 60   Mr Snow on the Submarine Bridge                      Poster Row J    J-1
 61   Captain Blue And Destiny Angel                       Poster Row K    K-6
 62   Captain Scarlet and Lieutenant Green To The Rescue   Poster Row K    K-5
 63   Captain Scarlet Stopping The Explosion               Poster Row K    K-4
 64   Spectrum Badge                                       Poster Row K    K-3
 65   Captain Blue in a Jet Pack                           Poster Row K    K-2
 66   Captain Scarlet Taken Prisioner                      Poster Row K    K-1

N/A   Wrapper - Green                                      N/A             N/A
N/A   Wrapper - Yellow                                     N/A             N/A
N/A   Wrapper - Purple                                     N/A             N/A

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